MALALA gets a well deserved Peace Nobel Prize!!!

astro_245ast_486_malala_yousafzai_20141010.32899.18233Malala Yousafzai was born only 17 years ago, on 12 July 1997 in Mingora, Pakistan, and according to Astrotheme at 8:15 hrs, and today she makes history for being the youngest person ever to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, and absolutely deserved.

This girl, now a young woman, was taking the bus to go to school like every day, exactly 2 years ago and a few Taliban hopped on the bus and after calling her name they discharged three shots in the head, of which one only reached destination.

The rest is already history, after recovering sufficiently to be able to be moved to Birmingham in the United Kingdom, where she miraculously recovered, decided to continue in her struggle for the right to education of girls at home and then in all those countries where women still do not enjoy this basic right.

The most impressive thing about this young woman or adolescent, who I have heard in several interviews is that nothing of what she says, seems to be a rehearsed speech, but you can immediately sense that her words come directly out of her heart and that extraordinary mind she has, both, mind and heart united in the belief that what she is doing is what she should be doing. Few things are more powerful than this. The certainty that one is on the right track, that one is living one’s own destiny.

According to Astrotheme, this time of birth was facilitated by Malala and her family, which leads us to see a Sun in Cancer in the eleventh House, which can not be more descriptive of her extraordinary struggle to improve humanity.

The conjunction of Moon with Mars in Libra is astrological poetry. A born Warrior, who will not give up her journey even after being shot in the head, a journey she transmits through words, diplomacy and peace – but, this combination is part of a T-square involving Saturn, opposing the Moon-Mars conjunction, two malefics (as astrologers used to call Mars and Saturn) in Cardinal signs and both forming a square to the Sun. This speaks of the dramatic event which almost sent her to the world of the dead, aggression at the hands of the masculine, a karmic violence I would say, that expresses the war between the masculine and the feminine. Vesta in conjunction to Saturn, talks about her relationship with her father and her focus on this extraordinary arduous task of defending the rights of women in a country like Pakistan. Chiron opposition Saturn, another example of astrological poetry, since she was born in a culture where women are dominated by the masculine, her deep wound, that drives her to fight against it. Her Sun in Cancer, would say: “you won’t win with me”, a true expression of the cardinal energy.

In this chart, there are two T-square, typical symbol of people who are Warriors and fighter, both containing a Sun-Saturn square, and without delving into Malala’s psyche in this article, something I will do later, her struggle is supported by her father, who doesn’t leave alone for one second. He is her mentor, inspiring agent and somehow the engine behind her fight, she is the carrier and writer/director of her father’s ideals.

Venus and Mercury in Leo describe her natural talent for public speaking and have everyone fascinated when she does. Her Sun opposite Neptune, speaks of their high ideals and longings to be the “lamb” even if that means that she should be sacrificed for the cause. She knows that it is not yet safe, and that at any time the taliban can return to attack her, as they have expressed it publicly via Twitter more than once.

It is also significant that coinciding with the moment in which her progressed Moon joins her progressed MC in the House 10, of her public image, she is granted this important award and since everything is in Gemini, obviously not by herself, but in the company of another, Kailash Satyarthi, also an activist, who has saved thousands of children from labor slavery.

With Jupiter in house 6, of work and health matters and which has to do with the expansion, traveling abroad and publishing, last year, when this great planet by transit passed over her natal Sun in Cancer, Malala published her book, with great success at the international level. Now in Leo, passing over Venus, ruler of the MC, she gets a Nobel Peace Prize.

To conclude this brief overview of Malala chart, I would add that she was born with Juno in conjunction to the Sun, a wonderful expression of female power that places her at the forefront of this struggle for the education of young women, with only 17 years old. What a girl!

Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries – October 8, 2014

Luna EclipseThis full moon in the Aries-Libra angle, or in other words the angle, YOU and ME or put still another way, the balance between masculine and feminine within the self, a fundamental issue in personal relationships. This eclipse is the second of a series of four so-called Bloody Moon eclipses. You will see it in some parts of the USA and Hawaii in the early hours of the morning, before sunrise. To the South East of the planet, Australia, New Zealand, the East Asia can be seen after the sunset. For South America will be a partial Eclipse before the dawn on the 8th . It will be exact although not visible for Spain and Central Europe at 12:50.
This eclipse in particular defines the games of power between two people, whether they are husband and wife, business partners, boyfriend-girlfriend, etc.This is defined by the fact that the Moon at 15 ° Aries 05′ for this eclipse, is in conjunction to Uranus Aries 14 ° 29′, who as we know is in square to Pluto, itself at 11 ° 03′ Capricorn. The Sun at 15 ° Libra 05′ for this eclipse, which of course is opposing the Moon, is also squaring Pluto and opposed to Uranus. Venus is part of this equation also in Libra next to the Sun.
Human relations is the subject of this Eclipse and the situation in Syria and Iraq with Isis and the forces of the coalition and also with the Kurds on the border with Turkey, a very eloquent description of the power of the current Uranus-Pluto square and in combination with this lunar eclipse.
Many wars have started for eclipses, which since ancient times are considered to be a dark, negative influence, and also manifest themselves in cycles. The name itself: Eclipse comes from the Greek and means, “abandonment”, fall or obscuring of one celestial body. Something stops being seen for a few moments. Something moves into the dark section, or in the shadow of another body. As shown in this diagram, in a total lunar eclipse, like this one, the Moon (our emotions, our relationship to the feminine) pass through the shadow of the Earth, or umbra. Symbolically, something within us comes into the shadow of our consciousness, in the darkness of the psyche, so that we can bring light to these areas, see what is hidden in the depths of our emotions, which does not allows us to evolve. A moment to Reconsider (with the help of retrograde Mercury)about what needs to transform within ourselves, to make progress, evolve, conclude situations afflicting us, to be able to move to the next chapter of our lives. It will make clear what cycle is ending and what is starting. An eclipse in Cardinal signs like this, calls to action, to overcome, to the conclusion of something, to a new beginning.
Eclipses occur when the lunations form next to the Lunar nodes, these imaginary but relevant points where the plane of the Moon crosses the ecliptic, or line that marks the passage of the earth around the Sun (or the Sun around the Earth, from our vantage point). In the birthchart the North Node (or Rahu or Dragon’s head) marks the qualities that we are trying to develop in this lifetime and the South node (Ketu or tail of the Dragon), describes, those qualities that we are trying to move away from, patterns that we need to transform.
In this eclipse of Wednesday October 8 occurring in Libra with the Sun next to the North node and Venus (ruler of Libra) and Pallas in opposition to Eris, the subject of personal freedom within the relationship seems to emanate from it. The lesson that freedom is not something that you claim or demand from another, but rather something we are all entitled to, is eloquent. If you have to demand it from another, it means you have relinquished your own freedom to that other. We have all have come to this life to develop our own destiny and it is our absolute obligation to do so. If you cannot master your own talents, your own decisions, by relying on the approval of another, this is perhaps the issue in darkness of your psyche that needs light. Why do we relinquish our power of decision, our self-esteem, our self-acceptance, our freedom to be to another?
This cardinal eclipse involving Eris and Uranus and Pluto and Pallas will make us feel stronger , braver and more determined that ever before, to confront what life brings to our table and claim freedom of action, the need to free ourselves mentally and emotionally. If you are still dragging a relationship that no longer works, or a dependency on another, either emotionally or financially that it making you feel a prisoner, use the energies of this eclipse for RE-flect and RE-valuate “why” or rather “what” you’re in this situation “for”. In the majority of cases, the dependency is a part of our own psyche that we do not know, that it is kept in the dark and we project on our spouse or partner.
The Moon in Aries for this eclipse, is located next to Uranus and Eris, combination that shouts: freedom! Eris is he one left out, who lives in darkness, her name means “discord”, she represents Malificent in the Sleeping Beauty, and similar energy as that of Lilith who was expelled from Eden for refusing to blindly obey Adam.
The good news is that the Moon alongside Uranus form a Grand Trine to Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo, although this can be an explosive combination by an excess of Ego, it can at the same time make us feel, far more optimistic and bring opportunities to expand ourselves and travel or make progress on whatever it is that we do, which will help in the process of liberation. Remember that freedom does not necessarily mean divorce, true liberation occurs at the mental level, when one is finally decides to Be, who one really IS and not who others want or expect one to be. Although it is not an easy task, it is our absolute duty, as it is, to live our male and female aspects of our psyche in a balanced way and what better opportunity than the Sun and Venus in Libra to do so or at least understand this?
Man must make peace with his feminine side or “anima” to not expect his wife to be what he wants her to be and women must accept and express their masculine side or “animus” not to expect their man to be something he is not.
Enjoy these process and share your experiences if you wish.

MERCURY RETROGRADE from the 4th til the 26th of October, 2014

Mercury RetrogradeLike with all cosmic events, even if Mercury has 3 retrograde periods a year, this one in particular, the last of this year, is not equal to any other.
We already know that since this small planet takes 88 days to go around the Sun, 3 or 4 times a year, it aligns itself with the Earth, and from our vantage point it looks as if it turns back on itself, for a period of 3 weeks. Such motion is measured and is what we call the retrograde of Mercury.
This particular time, it stations retrograde and begins its apparent backward motion at 2º of Scorpio on October 4 and goes back to the 16º of Libra, where it was on September 14th, therefore from that day until October 4, is what we call its pre-shadow period, which in many cases marks the beginning of the whole cycle. On October 11th re-enters Libra, and on that day, Venus, Libra’s and Taurus ruler,opposes Uranus in Aries.
This retrograde cycle as all the others, incline us, to RE-structure, RE-think, Re-view, different situations of our lives, especially those that most concerns us at the time. The House of your birthchart where this retrograde occurs, will indicate to you the situation to meditate on. A good question in these cases is: “Is this what I really want?”, “How do I resolve this, to finish it in the best possible way?”
The Solar eclipse or new moon of October 23, three days before Mercury stations direct once again, is in 0 – 2 degrees of Scorpio, where Mercury first stationes retrograde. Where is this degree placed in your chart? If you have planets in those degrees, what aspects do they make? and with what other area of your chart it connects to? All these are issues to consider if you want to understand what this retrograde of Mercury may bring to your life.
This cycle starts with the Sun in conjunction to Venus, in opposition to Uranus, and therefore, in square to Pluto, issues of how to feel free within a relationship, without breaking it, it is a possibility, the desire to escape from a relationship, it is another way of living this influence.
Mars conjunct to Pholus, trines Jupiter and Lilith in Leo and Eris and Uranus in Aries, therefore this aspect also speaks of the possibility of freeing ourselves from a situation or a relationship which has fulfilled its purpose and it doesn’t not help us grow any longer. The lesson that nothing is forever, seems to be described by the Sun-Pluto square.
Moon in Aquarius also forms a Trine to the Sun-Venus conjunction in Libra, which also speaks of the possibility of sorting things out in a more diplomatic manner, without too much emotional upheaval.
The Moon Node in conjunction to Pallas in Libra, emphasizes the desire to solve the problems of personal relationships and regain the freedom within or outside of it. Chiron in square to Mars, is a particularly painful combination, as sometimes is necessary to express oneself firmly to achieve what one wants, and this aspect, confronts us with the inability to do so. In this case it is extremely important to find the reason why we are in the situation that we are, rather than feel we are victims of this. Someone said: “Things don’t happen TO us, they happen FOR us”.
See what planets you have around 2° degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo and have a look at what part of you, needs more observation and more contemplation. Mercury returns from a Water sign to an Air sign, simply looking from this vantage point, the message is clear. Perhaps what we need is to analyze the situation more mentally and rationally and less emotionally. If we removed emotions from the equation, would we see it in the same manner? Libra also teaches us to put ourselves in the place of the other, rather than judge them. Scorpio wants revenge and Libra wants to be fair be both parties. Ponder about this.

FULL MOON in Pisces – September 8, 2014

asteroid-goddessesHere comes another Super Moon, the last of 5 that are usually formed when the Moon is at its perigee, or point closer to the Earth, therefore, giving us the opportunity to see it bigger than ever as the previous one was.Its power over the waters is stronger than ever, so large tides are common; many tsunamis have occurred at the time of super moons, its effect on our emotions, usually related to the element of Water is also powerful.
For the new moon in Virgo on August 25 which began the cycle this this full moon is bringing to a close, the Sun and Moon were in opposition to Neptune, whereas for this lunation of next week, the Moon is in conjunction to Chiron and therefore the Sun as opposed to the Centaur, son of Saturn, bringing to the for the subject of healing, making more obvious than ever, the areas of our soul that still hurt. At the same time, the Moon at 16º of Pisces, forms a Grand Trine to Juno, 16 ° Cancer and Vesta almost 17º of Scorpio, which is in line with Saturn 18º of Scorpio and Ceres at 10º of Scorpio.
The Moon with Juno and Vesta in a Grand Trine of female energy, which speaks to us of lessons to be learned about the importance of the balance of male-female, inside our psyche. In the article on the new moon in Virgo ( I spoke about the emphasis of that lunation on the inseparability of mental with the physical, the soul with the body. This Moon in PISCES reminds us of the influence of these female goddesses in our lives.
As Carl Jung said: Archetypes are the essential universal thought forms available to human consciousness during all periods of time. The planets and asteroids bear the names of these deities, which correspond to this primal, immortal, eternal forces. To understand how the archetype of a planet or asteroid, operate, we must analyze the myth associated to each of them. It is precisely when we discover that we actually relive in our daily lives, the scripts described by these myths, that we begin to bring from the darkness of our psyche towards our consciousness, these patterns and stories often repeated literally.
The Moon which rises when the Sun sets, it has always been in all mythologies the symbol of the feminine, of the night, the dark and often hidden side of our psyche. With a host of deities as: Diana or Artemis, Selene and Hecate in Greco-Roman mythology, Hina and Mahina in Polynesia mythology, Metztli and Maya in the Aztec and Mayan mythology respectively, etc., etc. I would almost say thousands of them. Is in the full moon when the Sun and the Moon are opposite, facing each other, in line, therefore, the Moon receiving, in one of its sides, the light of the Sun in full, which offers us the possibility to see it in all its glory.
Venus, born of the castration of the God Uranus, is the symbol of the power of female beauty, the power of female seduction, without which our specie would perish. Without this extraordinary Venusian force that leads men to have an erection and therefore to want to copulate and have children, it would be the end of us.
Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres, are other four facets of the female experience, completing the mandala which hold Venus right in the center. We can not be fooled by the size of these asteroids, as if they were insignificant, since some of them such as Ceres, now named dwarf planet like Pluto by astronomers, and much closer to earth than the latter, has the same value in our psyche that the Lord of darkness.
But in this lunation are Vesta and Juno who form the great Trine with the Moon. Vesta, the ability to focus the energy and the experience of finding completion by oneself, represents the studious woman, the nun, unmarried women, the woman who puts her own spiritual development, her mission in life, above relationships. The true ruler of Virgo, for me. Juno, on the other hand, is looking for the famous “other half”, finds completion through another. Represents the “wife”, “married woman”, the female earning power by its relationship with another, normally a partner, with money, lineage and power. She gives the power of social status and finances to the husband. It is related to the sign of Scorpio. Therefore this trine speaks of balance in our psyche of these female experiences both in men and in women. The principle of relatedness (Juno) in harmony with our feelings and our emotional security (Moon) and the need to pursue our destiny and our spiritual integrity (Vesta) form a large harmonic triangle, giving us the opportunity to find balance between these aspects of our lives, so important to the health of relationships and family.
An extraordinary opportunity to stop blaming the other for our frustrations, to forgive, to take responsibility for our failures and the power to take control of our destiny rather than feeling hostility and revenge toward the other. The Sun is in Sextile to Vesta and Juno, meaning is at the midpoint between these two deities, also offering men the chance to make peace with these two aspects of women.

Jupiter already in square to Ceres and trine to Uranus, will resonate with mothers who are released from their role as mothers, either by their children moving away to University or to other countries, offering the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and the possibility of reconnecting with Vesta and Juno.

Venus will spend two or three days in opposition to Neptune, which helps us investigate our desire and deepest longings of connection with the divine through another, offering us the chance to understand that everything is a reflection of our inner universe and that in the Source, we are everything, we are ONE and that it is only in the human experience that we live this illusion of YOU and I. Venus-Neptune help us realize that LOVE is not mine, not yours, LOVE is a universal feeling that sometimes we can connect to if we are in harmony with our whole self. Some people help us connect with it easier than others.

New Moon in Virgo – August 2014

zodiac__virgo_and_pisces_by_alkven-d5ia22xAlthough we are not yet in September, we have this new moon in Virgo and like all lunations we are bombarded by these incredible energies that connect us with dimensions beyond our everyday understanding of our consciousness.
Many times people ask me: “ but what will this new moon DO to ME? No one can give you the answer except you. These energies which invade your whole body, what kind of issues are guiding you to? What has been happening these days in your life? do questions manifest in your mind? What sensations you are feeling? what topics are moved these days?
This Lunation in Virgo with the Sun and the Moon at 2 ° Virgo18′, is formed in opposition to Neptune at about 6º of Pisces ,like last September, but of course, the rest of the planets have progressed, have moved, making this new moon quite unique, like most lunation’s.
As we have seen repeatedly the angularity Piscis-Virgo brings our attention to our eternal dilemma of finding a balance between the spiritual, the Ethereal, the Divine, with the ordinary, the body, matter. Piscis-Virgo angle comes to life for me, in the coming of Christ. God taking human form in a simple Carpenter born from María and José, two ordinary people. The intervention of the Holy Spirit, I leave it in your hands. This symbol of the divine embodied in a mortal body, is the clearmessage, the answer we are looking for in this human life. Zen says: “this earth- that‘s the way“ and Robert A.Johnson says: “the path to enlightenment, the soul, is not through the clouds, denying the Earth. It is in mortal life, the simplicity of the mundane tasks and our relationship with normal, ordinary people. All of this is described in the “Incarnation”.
This Moon is a good time to meditate about it. Whenever we find ourselves disillusioned with friends, acquaintances, teachers, co-workers, family,for their ‘ordinary’ “human” actions, separating us, as if we were somewhat higher, superior, we are disregarding our own humanity. PISCES and Neptune is that part of our psyche that tell us that where we are all ONE, and the most obvious part where we are all ONE, is in our humanity, no matter what religious ideology, education, social class you belong to. We all are born, we grow, reproduce and die, whatever your position on this planet.
The Virgo part of this equation is what helps us differentiate ourselvThe fantastic image of Virgo-Piscis is by Alkven on DevianARTes, despite being all one. It drives us to seek ways to express those qualities that distinguish me from others in the best possible way. But we can not escape despite ourdifferences, our humanity. Virgo also encourages us to put our efforts and knowledge to the service of others. But curiously,in this desire to serve, Virgo finds its dark nature, which struggle to accept their normality.
Returning to the Encarnación of Christ, this reminds us that God became Man. It tells us that the Divinity and Humanity are the same thing. This duality lives in our psyche and it is our duty to respect and to connect with both. Be aware of these two parts of human nature. If we refuse one, then we will project it onto others. If what we project is our divine part, then we will fall in love and worship him/her/that where we put our projection. If we project our mortal part, then we sneer at those that remind us that we are that. Human. If we can see both dimensions on the other or others, then we will establish real relationships based on acceptance and true love. If we only love the divine in another, that is called “falling in love” and this incredible feeling always fades after a while, when the human part of the other starts to become apparent. If we love only the human side, then we don’t see the best in the other, his/her divinity.
In this new moon, Mercury, ruler of Virgo is in opposition to Chiron, also in Pisces, indicating where our deepest wound lies and the possibility of bringing it into consciousness. Venus, in turn, from Leo, hungover from its conjunction to Jupiter, which just fading aaa, is with the exact square to the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, helping us to meditate on the reality of our personal relationships. What it is that we see in the other, which does not satisfy us? do I attribute my dissatisfaction with my life to the other? Do I look for on the other that which I need to be happy? or should I look inside me and grant my soul the possibility to guide us on the path to personal fulfillment?
No one can guide us toward our realization, only us, if we learn to listen to the directions of our own soul. Use this moon in Virgo, to ponder on this and try to meditate on what needs to take shape in your life, to evolve, to be happier and more at peace with yourself.
The incredible Virgo-Pisces image is by Alkven en DevianART


Scan 4On August 11 we woke up to the shocking news that Robin Williams, one of the most comic man in the world had committed suicide. The first question that comes to mind is. “How can it be that with this incredible sense of humor, he couldn’t find it in his moments of despair?”
I remember an interview Williams did with Larry King (CNN) ( when he said that when he entered a REHAB clinic, for his alcoholism, he didn’t lose his sense of humor, but on the contrary he really found it. I wonder what happened this time. Rumours of financial problems and the first stages of Parkinson’s could be one of the reasons why he decided to take his life and pass to the other world. What a shame for us! (Of course), because we all think that he still had many other endearing characters to offer us. But nobody knows, what his soul really needed and the reason why he decided to call it quits. I guess we’ll never know.
We can still look at his birthchart and see the different aspects that mobilized its astrological structure at this time. To start, you can see an incredible lack of Air in it (which sometimes translates into an inability to see difficult emotional situations in life with perspective), with only Neptune in Libra(in addition to Pallas and Pholus). Although the Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Leo, shows Mercury bang on over the MC, which describes the need to communicate in his profession and his extraordinary talent or ability to delve into the depths of his psyche to add more reality to the characters. I think that in the film “One Hour Photo” and in “Good morning Vietnam” he expressed truthfully its Mercury-Pluto conjunction.
His chart shows an abundance of Water: Sun, Mars, Uranus in Cancer; Luna, Ceres in PISCES, with an ascendant in Scorpio, which denotes its incredible sensitivity, ability to get in and out of characters, since the variety of emotions that water signs go through, are endless. While in the Mercury-Pluto conjunction,
Mercury is located right on the MC, Pluto falls on the House 9, therefore the voice of the Lord of the underworld sounded strong in the mind of Williams, as if the dark gods constantly whispered in his ears. His incredible Sagittarian humor is also obvious, with 2 planets, including the Sun, and also Vesta in house 9, and with Jupiter in house 5, as a token of his uniqueness.
The Williams T-square that involves a Neptuno-Jupiter opposition, with Mars-Uranus in conjunction in the House 8, as the apex planets, indicates his tendency to take risks, sometimes exorbitant and possibly financial ones. It is this aspect that has been activated in recent years by the Grand Cardinal cross of this year and the Uranus-Pluto square, which still continues. This T-square also speaks of his struggle with addiction and its incredible power to get involved in different projects regardless of the risk. With Saturn transiting his Asc, the confrontation with the reality of his humanity, couldn’t been easy, especially when he reached the heights he did, being admired and loved by millions. This aspect also describes his almost manic humour that contrasts with the Moon in PISCES in Trine to Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 8th, and the need for home and emotional stability. This chart speaks of an almost bi-polar personality, therefore the mood falls of from those great heights, which must’ve come when he was working, must’ve been very difficult to cope with. His Moon in PISCES now activated by Neptune, further awakened his ability to connect with the pain of others and the world. I imagine that looking to what is happening in the world today, must’ve been almost unbearable for him, as it is for a lot of us, except that with Pluto on the MC, he would have felt compelled into wanting to use his position to help and therefore the imminent reality of how almost impossible a task that is, i mean, the task of stopping human collective madness.
His Moon in PISCES in opposition to a Venus in Virgo, also speaks of the need for perfection, transcendence, struggling with the reality of our mortality and ordinary lives. The ideal of a total union with the other (Moon in PISCES, Mars in the 8th, Pluto MC) would meet the inevitable disappointment (Venus in Virgo) of human (especially his) imperfections. While we don’t know what, exactly, inhabited the mind of Robin Williams in his moments of depression, we can assume with this chart that a high degree of paranoia would’ve visited him often (with the grand cardinal cross activating his personal natal T-square by transit), due to the emotional tsunami that all of that must’ve meant. But I tend to think that the confrontation with his human reality will have been the pill more difficult to digest, if as his wife said, he was in the early stages of Parkinson’s. With a Sun progressed on his natal Saturn, with a moon progressed from 8th house, also on the way to the Saturn square and this god of time’s transit over his ASC, for a few months, the absolute reality of his mortality was inescapable. All this is in contrast to a Neptune beginning its transit over his natal Moon, something that only happens once in lifetime and that was triggering his natal Moon opposition Venus.
Progressed Mars had been crossing his MC and his Mercury-Pluto conjunction for a few years, reviving his journeys to the underworld of his psyche, something very difficult to cope with, without one intense spiritual life.
The Full Moon in Aquarius, activated this angle and these aspects on his MC-IC, which offered perhaps the final push to “return home” that Neptune over his Moon promised, possibly due to a call from Moira, difficult to ignore.

Full Moon in Aquarius – August 10, plus the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo and the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio!!

47428141To talk about the beauty and benefits of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction (16 August) without looking at the context of what is happening at this moment, would be ridiculous. Especially when a week after this fantastic cosmic event peaks, another rather less fantastic conjunction of Mars-Saturn in Scorpio (24-25 August) takes place.
and as a prelude to all of this, comes the Full Moon in Aquarius, which, by the way, is a Super Moon, which means the Moon is at its perigee or point closer to the Earth at the time of a lunation.Both the Sun and the Moon are in square to Saturn in Scorpio with the looming proximity of Mars at already 8 degrees of orb of Saturn. Moreover, the Sun finds itself in very close proximity to Mercury in Leo, forming a T-square to the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. The first thing that jumps to mind is of course the situation in Gaza and the impossibility of finding any verbal agreement, which may stop the destruction.
As much as we seek the positive side of this, we must always remember, that Mars and Saturn, have always been, especially for traditional Astrology from ancient times the two most malefic planets. Taking into consideration that Pluto had not been discovered, neither Uranus nor Neptune. The latter forms a trine to Mars at the same time and thus to Saturn, reinforced by Chiron from the sign of Pisces, a great positive aspect that reminds us that in some respects, within the chaos in several regions of our planet, there is a certain thread of consciousness between all of us, that inspires us all to work together as much as we can to try and help the thousands of victims and refugees from these conflicts, for example, through NGOs or other means, provided we can overcome the paranoia we have in countries with dishonest politicians, that every organization, including all NGOs, are corrupt and therefore not worth investing money on.
On a personal level, those with planets around 15 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, especially, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will feel the pinch of this full moon, with great mental stressing situations, where it is difficult to talk about things clearly and therefore facilitating verbal explosions. The only way to control this kind of tension a bit, is to become aware of the inadequacies which lie within us, and talk about things calmly and honestly, admitting personal mistakes and above all recognizing in oneself, the need to manipulate or control the other. Emotional power struggles are common in these cases, when neither partner wants to give in to the demands of the other. The story is about “winning”. But win what? if we look at the situation in Gaza once more, the israeli army is obviously more powerful than Hammas’, and have destroyed more than the all the rockets of Hammas. It seems they are winning because more Palestinian have died, but for the international public they are loosing because most people says: ‘the poor Palestinian’ – No matter the tunnels that have been built and hundreds of rockets being shot per day to Israel. At this time the invader is Israel, although they hold that it is in self-defense. So, who wins? Absolutely no one – there is only destruction, more hatred and more years of planned revenge. These are the typical Marte-Saturno squares in Scorpio.
Venus in the last degrees of Cancer forms a square to Eris in Aries, which predicts the reaffirmation of the defense by any means of one’s territory.
At a personal level is the same, if one does no give up the fight, obviously, the war continues. So think what is that so serious that you can not forgive, that you cannot bring yourself to let go of, to stop the conflict and initiate a new phase in your life or your relationships, more positive and less destructive. When the most important thing is to win and prove to yourself that you are right, the conflict remains.
The most famous Mars-Saturn square in a personal birthchart, is undoubtedly that of Adolf Hitler, which by the way, found Mars in conjunction to Venus in Taurus. Curious. And it is also in trine to a conjunction Moon-Jupiter, incredible!, but some aspect of Hitler psyche must have been really idealistic and kind. Yet the power of the Mars-Saturn aspect was much more eloquent than the Jupiter trines.
A similar thing happens for this lunation. Conflicts that describe personal frustrations are more powerful than the wonderful aspects of Jupiter, which by the way will be an exact conjunction to Venus in Leo, on August 16th. Could this aspect bring the end of the war, and allow us to see things in a way more philosophical and less conflicting way? of course not, especially when the following week we have the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio-
Venus in addition to being Aphrodite, the goddess of seduction beauty and money, describes our system of values. It tells us about those things that we really appreciate, that we find beautiful, important.when for a brief moment, it is aligned with Jupiter, in the sign of Leo, suddenly all these values take a characteristic much more idealistic and philosophical. We dare to think big and feel within ourselves, that there are certain things in our lives, that they are worth fighting for. Suddenly our ethical and aesthetic expression are much more active and extensive. A sense of harmony and importance invades us and connects with that part of our psyche that transforms us into noble and heroic beings.
Robert Kennedy, the brother of the murdered President of USA and also assassinated was born with the conjunction Venus-jupiter in Capricorn. You can say many things about him, but his idealism was an undeniable feature of his personality. But Benito Mussolini also, was born with the same conjunction in Cancer.
There are some studies that say that the conjunction Venus-jupiter, was the star of Bethlehem, which guided the 3 KINGS and led them to the place where the Christ was being born.
This will be a heck of a month, full of challenges, many of them encapsulated around August 10, at the time of this full moon in Aquarius, others at the end of the month. Enjoy the Venus-Jupiter conjunction if you can. If you are a Leo or Aquarius, it can bring you high hopes and opportunities that will help you see your way more clearly. If you are a Sagittarius or Aries, also enjoy those days of inspiration, they will help you take decision to do what you have to do to live in peace with your mind and soul.


We are already at the New Moon in Leo of the year! After a month marked by the return to direct motion of Mercury in Gemini, but really completing its post shadow period in Cancer on its way to link with the Uranus-Pluto square, which we have been living through for the past 4 year. We are left with a new war on Israel-Palestine, military and passengers (M17) aircrafts shot down or lost, all of which remind us of the sign of Cancer and the need to defend our borders and our ‘home’? Theme that resonates and occur in other parts of the world as we all well know. We don’t seem to learn the lessons of the past, and dropping bombs on each other seems to be the only “no solution” to which we are still holding on to and each part with its well studied and heartfelt apologies for not sitting down to fix it in a more diplomatic and intelligent manner and exercise our “academic superiority” with respect to the other. What good does it do to progress both scientifically and academically if later we end up resorting to bombs?
It’s very nice to write about the maternal qualities of Cancer, and the feeling of the water sings, but the reality of the passage of Jupiter through this sign for the past 12 months, and now with Mercury in Cancer (the voice of the people, our land), in opposition to Pluto (power struggles and death) in square to Uranus in Aries (liberation from what oppresses us) have left us with many deaths, cyclones and floods, many wars and more deaths. The Grand Cardinal cross of the beginning of the year is certainly making us aware more than ever of the abuse of the dominant classes, the fact that the rich are becoming richer and all the others increasingly poorer. As well as the fact that 80% of the world is poor and corrupt and that nobody seems to know how to fix this either.
And now in a great effort not to sound negative, we have what should be this wonderful new moon in Leo, which peaks in conjunction to Jupiter (the great benefactor) recently established in this sign. But unfortunately, all of this links with a Mars just moved to Scorpio, today, after spending 8 months in Libra, which seemed to keep diplomatic efforts in action. Now the meetings of leaders eager to find a peaceful solution, will find the added tension between Leo (big egos) and Scorpio (revenge and death). The good news is that Saturn already about 17 degrees of Scorpio, forms a large trine to Mercury and Venus in Cancer and Neptune and Chiron in PISCES, which may somewhat counteract the high tension of the T-squares, but the large trine in Water, can be a little too “watery” in their efforts to find a solution to these conflicts. Venus in Cancer which also values the “home”, the “land of our ancestors”, opposes Pluto in Capricorn for this Lunation and of course connects with Uranus by square.
Is there something good in all of this? You may ask, and Yes. The wonders of a new moon in Leo, in conjunction to Jupiter, is without doubt, the possibility of finding a way to express our uniqueness, the extraordinary quality that makes us different from the others, despite belonging to a particular group. What is that that your psyche and your soul need to express, completely apart from your family and cultural conditioning, or the characteristics of “the land” in which you’ve born. It is here where we have a chance of surviving this nationalistic or cultural whirlwind. Who AM I besides belonging to this family, breed or particular tribe?. should i let myself be dragged by the ideas of the tribe, even when my heart asks for something else? The nationalist ground has more to do with Cancer. In Leo, we want to explore who we really are, besides..(being part of a particular tribe). Which is the Mission of my soul, if any, which is my personal Fate?, separate from that of my tribe or what is expected of me, in the place of birth?. What are my own ideologies? Must I be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, hindu, just because my ancestors? We know that if we rise to the place where all souls come together, the realm that some shamans call the North, Christians Heaven, the Greeks and myself the Olympus or the Underworld, then these differences blur and gradually cease to exist. In the “great soul”, every child who dies is the son of all of us, every woman who dies is the sister, mother and daughter of all of us, every man that dies is the father, brother and husband of everyone. The religious, national and tribal differences seem a distant and sad reminder of a separation which in reality does not exist. The question could be, do we keep throwing bombs to each other because we are manipulated by an elite that wants to sell weapons or because in some dark corner of our psyche, we are still in the jungle and we must protect ourselves from other predators and survive above all?
Last night I went to a creative event, which reminded me of the real importance of the message of the sign of Leo. In the mad rush of creativity, of connecting with what makes us unique, the importance of expressing it somehow, the risk that involves letting it out and sharing it with others and risking being criticizes, it is wonderful to watch the smile in the faces of the dancers, (in this particular case), at the end of the process, when after years, months or weeks of hard work and creativity, it is performed in what seems to be a second. When one realices that never mind how imperfect, or incomplete, whatever it came out, is part of you, to explore, to correct and perfect, to polish, or simply to share, to give to others who may or may not benefit from it. The Sharing is perhaps the most satisfactory part, when you see the reaction of others. Simply because sharing yourself is an act of Generosity, and Love and this is a supreme quality of the sign of LEO.
Use the energies of this new moon, to connect with your heart and investigate what more you have to give, to share with others which can help you be proud to be who you are and the possibilities you have. Don’t do anything that you may be embarrassed or regret later.
Even if you don’t paint or dance or play an instrument, every single action of your life, can be a choreography, a poem, a song. That’s Leo.oroszlan3

Jupiter in Leo – July 16, 2014 until August 11, 2015

thorWhenever I think of Leo, the image of a great lion in the Zoo of Barcelona which i first met in an outing with my daughter, then 11 years old. I could not stop photographing it. Its absolutely real bearing, I wouldn’t doubt that this animal, despite not being the fiercest and bravest, is the King of the jungle. There is something about this huge cat that defies reason and logic. It’s not even the largest and is the female which goes out to seek food. Even so, his extraordinary mane and porte inspire a brutal respect.
There is something extraordinarily noble and Royal in the way he sits, walks. The same goes for the Leo’s of the Zodiac. They appear to be equal to all other humans, with our racial and cultural differences, but something separates them from the rest of us. There’s no denying that something in them is more striking than in other mortals. Especially if Leo is in the ascendant or the luminaries (Sun and Moon).
But of course, is not only their appearance, that distinguishes Leo, that would mean that they are superficial and that is not the case. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the star of our planetary system, around which, we all turn around and feed from the huge electromagnetic waves emanating constantly. Its power tans our skin and fills us with vitamin D, essential for happiness, among other things. If it dies we all die.
The Sun and Leo talk about the hero’s journey, in search of himself. Many believe that this is the sign of creativity, but I tend to think like Liz Greene, Gemini, Cancer, Pisces and Taurus are the creative signs of the Zodiac, but it depends on what we mean when we talk about creativity. Leos are actually more interested in discovering what differentiates them from others, what is that which is ‘unique’ to them, that their soul needs to evolve. This is also a creative process. Creativity in the search for oneself. Leo isn’t interested in being “the best”, but in being “unique”. If we think of the LEOS known in the art world we can see this phenomenon clearly, some of these extraordinary Leos who may not be technically better than others, but even so, are unique: Madonna, Mick Jagger, Jennifer López, Marcel Duchamp, Louis Armstrong, Tina Turner (ASC) Andy Warhal, Barack Obama, Whitney Houston, Louis Vitton, Roger Federer, Usaín Bolt, Henry Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I left Chris Hemsworth to the end, because I think that the role he played in the film Thor (the equivalent to Zeus, in Nordic and Germanic mythology) God of Thunder and Lightning, was a good example of the symbolism of Jupiter in Leo.
The difficulty of the journey of Leo, manifests itself when Leo starts to feel and experience its uniqueness before finding it and connecting with it. It is here that a kind of arrogance and aggrandizement begins to annoy everyone around them. Feel unique, but without yet knowing why, it is the beginning of the journey and is a very young stage of the Leo who then must go forth in search of himself and discover what and how they are different. There are many stories that speak of this journey of the hero, but the search, for Leo, is intimately linked to the story of saving the old King, diseased and/or decayed. In the life of many Leos, the father is sick or destitute in some form or another, sometimes they come from rich families that have lost it all and is the Leo child, who takes upon him/herself to care for or re-elevate the defeated father figure. I have seen this pattern very often in the life of the Leos and particularly those with ASC in Leo.
As well as Thor, Jupiter is a god that arrive to power, after overthrowing the father. Zeus becomes the head of Olympus, after defeating the Titans, and Saturn, his father. A wonderful allegory of the Jupiter-Saturn relationship in the sense that the first invites us to expand our horizons, to risk, to excess and Saturn reminds us of our limitations.
With Jupiter in Leo in a birth chart, we can see a noble spirit in search of his Center and his own truth. Jupiter is the step beyond Mars that is the more brainless Warrior, who believes in his own strength, but doesn’t question much. Jupiter whispers to us about other truths. Invites us to the expansion and tells us: “Look beyond your neighborhood, your city, your country” “there are other truths beyond your borders” “Search!”
On its journey through Leo, Jupiter will form a square “almost” (3 to 5 ° ORB) to Saturn in Scorpio in the last months of 2014, but this will not be exact until 3 August 2015, just before Jupiter finally moves into Virgo. This is an interesting proposition, especially when these two planets come from being in trine during part of the 2013-2014 and we have seen many wars in defence of the homeland, of ideals and tribal differences (Jupiter in Cancer) and support to the rebels by large institutions (Saturn in Scorpio).
We can consider that the square by sign between these two, will be present throughout the year. It is also accompanied by trines to Uranus which become exact 3 times: 25-26 of September 2014, March 1, 2015 and June 21-22, 2015. Jupiter in Leo(our ideals and beliefs)-Uranus in Aries (the rampant desire for freedom and being ready to fight for it) will bring the referendum in Scotland, voting in September, to stay as part of the United Kingdom or become independent. The last time Jupiter was in Leo, Gibraltar voted to stay under the English flag. What will happen this time?
On 2 and 3 August Jupiter in Leo will link with Mercury at about 3 ° of Leo, and the Sun around 9º, and will form a square to Mars in Scorpio which will be in line with the Moon at about 3 degrees of Scorpio. We can say that those people with planets in fixed signs: Tauro-Leo – Scorpio-Aquarius within those degrees, will have to contain their need to impose their will on others, and look deep inside, to understand why they need to do so.
Jupiter in Leo will be an extraordinary array of possibilities for the Leos, that have long wanted to get rid of oppressive situations, for Aries and Sagittarius a good breath of fresh air and optimism, particularly Aries, much needed.
Sagittarius is preparing for the brief entry of Saturn in their sign in December where will stay until December 2017, although there is a small break between June 16 and September 19, 2015, when Saturn dips back into Scorpio.
Jupiter in Leo, favors inner search, the sculpture of the self, the expansion of ego and brings us great optimism, we’ll have resort to Saturn at all times not to over do it, but enjoy this spectacular and powerful energy that will put us in contact with faith in the unknown once again.


M13.2HydraWith the advent of the Summer for the Northern Hemisphere and Winter for the Southern Hemisphere, we come the New Noon on the first Water sign of the zodiac: CANCER.
There are several stories in Greek mythology, about the origin of this constellation in the heavens, one of them is seems insignificant at first glance, about a huge crab, sent by Hera, who hated Hercules, to prevent him from carrying out his labor, which was to kill the Hydra. So the crab jabbed him on the foot when the hero was in full fight with the divine animal and the mortal son of Zeus consequently stepped on it and killed it. Hera, Zeus’s wife, promised him, to place him in the sky as the constellation of Cancer and so she did. Another, slightly more interesting is Crios, a crab who was responsible for the care of some sea nymphs and for peculiar reasons cannot do it. While both stories speak of the nature of this sign, since in the latter, he is the “caregiver” of some nymphs, and in the first, he is sent to weaken the hero, both issues actually talk about the darker side of the sign of Cancer. The struggle for the liberation from the power of the mother (or rather the darker side of mother), who subtly, with her devotion and care weakens the inner hero in her son or daughter, is a difficult and constant issue in the life of Cancer. Especially those with the Moon, the Sun or the Ascendant in this sign.
But Cancer is the first sign of the Water element, from which all life emerges, according to several versions, including the Koran or the theory of evolution. In the past, since is the beginning of House 4, governed by Cancer, was considered the point of the beginning and the end of life, where we begin our life’s journey. It is considered a parental House, not only of the Mother, but of the Father too. For many, especially the astrologers of antiquity, 4 House is the House of the father, as it is HE, who provided home and name to the infant. But the Crab was for many, (for instance, the Egyptians) the point when the soul entered the body. Birth.
Although Venus is considered to be the goddess of creativity, or Leo, the sign of the creativity, it is really the sign of Cancer which is the most concerned with the process of creativity in their life. The difference is , that Leo´s journey, is more about to express what one carries inside, that distinguishes us from others, what is authentic to each person’s heart and soul. On the other hand, Cancer is more concerned with the creative process per se. For Leo, is not only the creative process, but what one might discover and express through it, whereas for Cancer is the process itself, which fascinates them. That’s why often find cancerians, beside very creative people, who already have somehow solved the issue and create with ease. Cancer looks with fascination as the other develops it. Often, Cancer falls for the artist, and takes them time to realize, that perhaps was not the person who they actually found fascinating, but their ability to create.
But being the 4th House ruler, the search for home is an intense issue for Cancer. Finding that “place”, which the can be called ‘home’, where you feel safe, protected and above all, that grants them with the sanctuary needed to create, or take care of her offspring, themselves, is one of the main themes in the life of the Cancer. With work and consciousness, they discover that that Place lays in the inside. Even the most conservative and traditional of Cancers, even when they seemingly have everything stable, in the apparent ‘home’ (House or country where they live), always exists that unease and doubt about if that is the right “place”. After all, Cancer is the second Cardinal sign, and they need action and new projects continuously. Capricorn is who often expresses the dark side of Cancer, which is the impulse to connect with people of high rank and stable bank accounts. However, this is only the beginning of Cancer’s need to discover themselves and understand their personal journey.
Co-dependency, is also a Cancerian issue, in their need to be associated with those who need them, because the feeling of being needed is the gasoline of this sign. But also, just until they can find their own way and their own creativity and the way to express it, although this is often a lifetime process. It is curious that as I’ve seen it many times, Cancers often have no children, and when this happens, then they are surrounded by many other people who come to them for comfort, support and inspiration. If you need an injection of self-esteem and an appreciation of your talents, talk to a Cancerian and you’ll surely get it.
This new moon today, is still in opposition to Pluto and therefore really marks the end of many things and the beginning of many others. In the Shamanic Wheel, it places us in the East, that place of beginnings, of encounters with new possibilities.
A confrontation with our feeling nature rather than our thinking one. Cancer says: “I feel, therefore I am”. Also the Sun and the Moon form a trine Neptune, which gives us a glimpse to the possibility of some of our dreams become a reality. And why not?. Making our dreams come true is often a simple matter of “changing a chip”. We begin to believe that it is possible and understand what we must do to achieve this and then we are faced with the reality of the price which such action requires of us, so that perhaps we can understand that despite wanting it, maybe we are not willing to pay the price. And that is OK too. At least it helps us to understand why we have not achieved it, yet. The pursue of dreams often requires a dedication and sacrifices that not all of us are willing to endure.
In the first week of July, Vesta the goddess guardian of the divine flame, and Ceres, Goddess of agriculture and nature, mother of Eleusis, and for me, also ruler of Cancer, get together at 22º of Libra, along with the node North of the Moon. Wherever this combination falls in your chart, it will be an area of inspiration and possibly struggles with feminine, since this conjunction opposes Eris in Aries. Relationships between mothers and daughters, co-workers, men with their wives, girlfriends, etc, will have a chance to look at their differences with sanity and restraint and above all with an immense respect for feminine, if you have the wisdom of being conscious of all this, but possibly it will simply mean a golden opportunity to put the cards on the table. This conjunction takes place only every 18 years and obviously, not always in Libra, and much less often with the Node, therefore, is also a unique moment of our lives. Pay attention, let it flow and learn from it.
The Cardinal cross that has been shaking us for the past four years, is also revived by this new moon, giving us more opportunities to recognize what must change in our lives, what or who we must say goodbye to , and which is the way to go,(never mind how much this scares us), to live in harmony with our inner values and our evolutionary needs.
Let your creativity flow these days and you’ll be surprised. Trust yourself and remember that there is no one like you in this world and what you have to offer to the world and others, only you can do it.