Jupiter in Leo – July 16, 2014 until August 11, 2015

thorWhenever I think of Leo, the image of a great lion in the Zoo of Barcelona which i first met in an outing with my daughter, then 11 years old. I could not stop photographing it. Its absolutely real bearing, I wouldn’t doubt that this animal, despite not being the fiercest and bravest, is the King of the jungle. There is something about this huge cat that defies reason and logic. It’s not even the largest and is the female which goes out to seek food. Even so, his extraordinary mane and porte inspire a brutal respect.
There is something extraordinarily noble and Royal in the way he sits, walks. The same goes for the Leo’s of the Zodiac. They appear to be equal to all other humans, with our racial and cultural differences, but something separates them from the rest of us. There’s no denying that something in them is more striking than in other mortals. Especially if Leo is in the ascendant or the luminaries (Sun and Moon).
But of course, is not only their appearance, that distinguishes Leo, that would mean that they are superficial and that is not the case. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the star of our planetary system, around which, we all turn around and feed from the huge electromagnetic waves emanating constantly. Its power tans our skin and fills us with vitamin D, essential for happiness, among other things. If it dies we all die.
The Sun and Leo talk about the hero’s journey, in search of himself. Many believe that this is the sign of creativity, but I tend to think like Liz Greene, Gemini, Cancer, Pisces and Taurus are the creative signs of the Zodiac, but it depends on what we mean when we talk about creativity. Leos are actually more interested in discovering what differentiates them from others, what is that which is ‘unique’ to them, that their soul needs to evolve. This is also a creative process. Creativity in the search for oneself. Leo isn’t interested in being “the best”, but in being “unique”. If we think of the LEOS known in the art world we can see this phenomenon clearly, some of these extraordinary Leos who may not be technically better than others, but even so, are unique: Madonna, Mick Jagger, Jennifer López, Marcel Duchamp, Louis Armstrong, Tina Turner (ASC) Andy Warhal, Barack Obama, Whitney Houston, Louis Vitton, Roger Federer, Usaín Bolt, Henry Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I left Chris Hemsworth to the end, because I think that the role he played in the film Thor (the equivalent to Zeus, in Nordic and Germanic mythology) God of Thunder and Lightning, was a good example of the symbolism of Jupiter in Leo.
The difficulty of the journey of Leo, manifests itself when Leo starts to feel and experience its uniqueness before finding it and connecting with it. It is here that a kind of arrogance and aggrandizement begins to annoy everyone around them. Feel unique, but without yet knowing why, it is the beginning of the journey and is a very young stage of the Leo who then must go forth in search of himself and discover what and how they are different. There are many stories that speak of this journey of the hero, but the search, for Leo, is intimately linked to the story of saving the old King, diseased and/or decayed. In the life of many Leos, the father is sick or destitute in some form or another, sometimes they come from rich families that have lost it all and is the Leo child, who takes upon him/herself to care for or re-elevate the defeated father figure. I have seen this pattern very often in the life of the Leos and particularly those with ASC in Leo.
As well as Thor, Jupiter is a god that arrive to power, after overthrowing the father. Zeus becomes the head of Olympus, after defeating the Titans, and Saturn, his father. A wonderful allegory of the Jupiter-Saturn relationship in the sense that the first invites us to expand our horizons, to risk, to excess and Saturn reminds us of our limitations.
With Jupiter in Leo in a birth chart, we can see a noble spirit in search of his Center and his own truth. Jupiter is the step beyond Mars that is the more brainless Warrior, who believes in his own strength, but doesn’t question much. Jupiter whispers to us about other truths. Invites us to the expansion and tells us: “Look beyond your neighborhood, your city, your country” “there are other truths beyond your borders” “Search!”
On its journey through Leo, Jupiter will form a square “almost” (3 to 5 ° ORB) to Saturn in Scorpio in the last months of 2014, but this will not be exact until 3 August 2015, just before Jupiter finally moves into Virgo. This is an interesting proposition, especially when these two planets come from being in trine during part of the 2013-2014 and we have seen many wars in defence of the homeland, of ideals and tribal differences (Jupiter in Cancer) and support to the rebels by large institutions (Saturn in Scorpio).
We can consider that the square by sign between these two, will be present throughout the year. It is also accompanied by trines to Uranus which become exact 3 times: 25-26 of September 2014, March 1, 2015 and June 21-22, 2015. Jupiter in Leo(our ideals and beliefs)-Uranus in Aries (the rampant desire for freedom and being ready to fight for it) will bring the referendum in Scotland, voting in September, to stay as part of the United Kingdom or become independent. The last time Jupiter was in Leo, Gibraltar voted to stay under the English flag. What will happen this time?
On 2 and 3 August Jupiter in Leo will link with Mercury at about 3 ° of Leo, and the Sun around 9º, and will form a square to Mars in Scorpio which will be in line with the Moon at about 3 degrees of Scorpio. We can say that those people with planets in fixed signs: Tauro-Leo – Scorpio-Aquarius within those degrees, will have to contain their need to impose their will on others, and look deep inside, to understand why they need to do so.
Jupiter in Leo will be an extraordinary array of possibilities for the Leos, that have long wanted to get rid of oppressive situations, for Aries and Sagittarius a good breath of fresh air and optimism, particularly Aries, much needed.
Sagittarius is preparing for the brief entry of Saturn in their sign in December where will stay until December 2017, although there is a small break between June 16 and September 19, 2015, when Saturn dips back into Scorpio.
Jupiter in Leo, favors inner search, the sculpture of the self, the expansion of ego and brings us great optimism, we’ll have resort to Saturn at all times not to over do it, but enjoy this spectacular and powerful energy that will put us in contact with faith in the unknown once again.


M13.2HydraWith the advent of the Summer for the Northern Hemisphere and Winter for the Southern Hemisphere, we come the New Noon on the first Water sign of the zodiac: CANCER.
There are several stories in Greek mythology, about the origin of this constellation in the heavens, one of them is seems insignificant at first glance, about a huge crab, sent by Hera, who hated Hercules, to prevent him from carrying out his labor, which was to kill the Hydra. So the crab jabbed him on the foot when the hero was in full fight with the divine animal and the mortal son of Zeus consequently stepped on it and killed it. Hera, Zeus’s wife, promised him, to place him in the sky as the constellation of Cancer and so she did. Another, slightly more interesting is Crios, a crab who was responsible for the care of some sea nymphs and for peculiar reasons cannot do it. While both stories speak of the nature of this sign, since in the latter, he is the “caregiver” of some nymphs, and in the first, he is sent to weaken the hero, both issues actually talk about the darker side of the sign of Cancer. The struggle for the liberation from the power of the mother (or rather the darker side of mother), who subtly, with her devotion and care weakens the inner hero in her son or daughter, is a difficult and constant issue in the life of Cancer. Especially those with the Moon, the Sun or the Ascendant in this sign.
But Cancer is the first sign of the Water element, from which all life emerges, according to several versions, including the Koran or the theory of evolution. In the past, since is the beginning of House 4, governed by Cancer, was considered the point of the beginning and the end of life, where we begin our life’s journey. It is considered a parental House, not only of the Mother, but of the Father too. For many, especially the astrologers of antiquity, 4 House is the House of the father, as it is HE, who provided home and name to the infant. But the Crab was for many, (for instance, the Egyptians) the point when the soul entered the body. Birth.
Although Venus is considered to be the goddess of creativity, or Leo, the sign of the creativity, it is really the sign of Cancer which is the most concerned with the process of creativity in their life. The difference is , that Leo´s journey, is more about to express what one carries inside, that distinguishes us from others, what is authentic to each person’s heart and soul. On the other hand, Cancer is more concerned with the creative process per se. For Leo, is not only the creative process, but what one might discover and express through it, whereas for Cancer is the process itself, which fascinates them. That’s why often find cancerians, beside very creative people, who already have somehow solved the issue and create with ease. Cancer looks with fascination as the other develops it. Often, Cancer falls for the artist, and takes them time to realize, that perhaps was not the person who they actually found fascinating, but their ability to create.
But being the 4th House ruler, the search for home is an intense issue for Cancer. Finding that “place”, which the can be called ‘home’, where you feel safe, protected and above all, that grants them with the sanctuary needed to create, or take care of her offspring, themselves, is one of the main themes in the life of the Cancer. With work and consciousness, they discover that that Place lays in the inside. Even the most conservative and traditional of Cancers, even when they seemingly have everything stable, in the apparent ‘home’ (House or country where they live), always exists that unease and doubt about if that is the right “place”. After all, Cancer is the second Cardinal sign, and they need action and new projects continuously. Capricorn is who often expresses the dark side of Cancer, which is the impulse to connect with people of high rank and stable bank accounts. However, this is only the beginning of Cancer’s need to discover themselves and understand their personal journey.
Co-dependency, is also a Cancerian issue, in their need to be associated with those who need them, because the feeling of being needed is the gasoline of this sign. But also, just until they can find their own way and their own creativity and the way to express it, although this is often a lifetime process. It is curious that as I’ve seen it many times, Cancers often have no children, and when this happens, then they are surrounded by many other people who come to them for comfort, support and inspiration. If you need an injection of self-esteem and an appreciation of your talents, talk to a Cancerian and you’ll surely get it.
This new moon today, is still in opposition to Pluto and therefore really marks the end of many things and the beginning of many others. In the Shamanic Wheel, it places us in the East, that place of beginnings, of encounters with new possibilities.
A confrontation with our feeling nature rather than our thinking one. Cancer says: “I feel, therefore I am”. Also the Sun and the Moon form a trine Neptune, which gives us a glimpse to the possibility of some of our dreams become a reality. And why not?. Making our dreams come true is often a simple matter of “changing a chip”. We begin to believe that it is possible and understand what we must do to achieve this and then we are faced with the reality of the price which such action requires of us, so that perhaps we can understand that despite wanting it, maybe we are not willing to pay the price. And that is OK too. At least it helps us to understand why we have not achieved it, yet. The pursue of dreams often requires a dedication and sacrifices that not all of us are willing to endure.
In the first week of July, Vesta the goddess guardian of the divine flame, and Ceres, Goddess of agriculture and nature, mother of Eleusis, and for me, also ruler of Cancer, get together at 22º of Libra, along with the node North of the Moon. Wherever this combination falls in your chart, it will be an area of inspiration and possibly struggles with feminine, since this conjunction opposes Eris in Aries. Relationships between mothers and daughters, co-workers, men with their wives, girlfriends, etc, will have a chance to look at their differences with sanity and restraint and above all with an immense respect for feminine, if you have the wisdom of being conscious of all this, but possibly it will simply mean a golden opportunity to put the cards on the table. This conjunction takes place only every 18 years and obviously, not always in Libra, and much less often with the Node, therefore, is also a unique moment of our lives. Pay attention, let it flow and learn from it.
The Cardinal cross that has been shaking us for the past four years, is also revived by this new moon, giving us more opportunities to recognize what must change in our lives, what or who we must say goodbye to , and which is the way to go,(never mind how much this scares us), to live in harmony with our inner values and our evolutionary needs.
Let your creativity flow these days and you’ll be surprised. Trust yourself and remember that there is no one like you in this world and what you have to offer to the world and others, only you can do it.


For this sign, the 3rd and 4th are affected for this Retrograde of Mercury, during June, therefore the relationship with siblings and deep family issues can suddenly affect you more than ever before, forcing you to RE-view your relationships and wounds of the past.The relationship with neighbors is also affected, it could be that any pending issue with them must be solved. The primary studies and your mind in general seems to be stimulated and forced to RE-evaluate various topics. If you write and have blogs, expect some kind of interruption in them. None of this is negative, a simple stop to look at things more calmly and to seek solutions. Search in the depths of your minds, although painful at times, is always necessary and purgative.
For this sign, the topic of this retrograde may be financial in appearance, but if you look inside yourselves, you will see that it has more to do with your system of values than with money.What price you give to your talent, your dedication, your training. How do you price your work and if you value what you have to offer, is certainly the subject of the next few weeks.Of course that you can begin the process, with some kind of delays in payments, postponed jobs. You will have to consider if your work gives you pleasure or is only an obligation and what you have to do to include more pleasure in what you do.Take more care of your body and your environment and assesses whether it is beautiful enough to feel good in your own skin.
For this sign this retrograde is tremendously shocking because Mercury is its ruling planet. Communication is vital, since without it, Gemini cannot function in life. Any delay in them, means a world full of anxiety and sometimes the lesson of this cycle for you is the fact that there are moments that one should cut a little excessive communication and contact the depths of one’s being. Talking less and more meditation, is a good formula for this month. Pay attention to what is said and above all, check if those around you are a positive or a negative influence. Check out how many negative words come out of your mouth in one day and try to change it to the positive. If you have something to sign and you can not postpone it until July, then you are going to have to find time to read all the small writing.
There are times in life when new projects are to be expected or at least need to be studied with more patience, more consideration etc. This is one of those moments. Depending on the work you do, this will be more or less notable. Something in you, pushes you to look into the past and think about why you do what you do, and if that is what you have come here to this life to do. Sometimes it is a matter of aiming in the right direction. The issue of whether we have achieved our longings and our expectations, is a vital point of this cycle. AM I what believe to be or do I always hope for more. A good look at the root of our own expectations is a good medicine for this month. RE-flect on what is important for you and check if the unrealized expectations are your or others´ (your family, father, mother)expectations of you. Many changes are taking place and it is important for the beginning of this new cycle, to keep your feet on the ground and open your consciousness to your own talents and abilities. These are very creative moments, believe in yourself and let it flow. You will be surprised.
Relationships with friends, groups and the community is an important issue for your sign in this retrograde. It always is but now even more so. Disappointment with a group or friends, misunderstandings, are all possible. If you have outstanding financial issues this is a good time to sit down and analyze the situation, look carefully at the best possibilities and try to find the solution. Do not forget that the way that we relate to the others is influenced by what we experienced within our family and ancestors. Many issues are passed on from generations to generation and it takes time to understand all this. So this is a good moment to reflect on these issues so that you can understand that many of the situations you have going on with people, are your own doing, and then the question would be: what for?. If you can answer this, half the work is done. Is rarely the others, mostly ourselves. Time to withdraw from situations that make you feel imprisoned and prevent you from progressing.
Your sign is also ruled by Mercury, so this retrograde that begins in Cancer and in the House of friends, seems to dip back into the House 10, of our profession and social image. If you’ve been working in a group that has stopped helping you grow, maybe is time to meditate about it and clean the garage of not-much-needed people and things in your life.If you’ve been working alone, is perhaps the moment to realize that you can’t do it all alone, and that while “not perfect”, that there are many people that you might help you do a better job and perhaps benefit from the knowledge and talents of others. This is also a good time to RE-consider if you are in the profession suitable for your soul’s needs or not. If the work you do and the hours you spend doing it, do not fulfill or express your soul, you can always open other doors. The search for the balance between what gives you a good reputation and what your you need to do to grow as a human being, it is the issue of this month. The delays you may experience could perhaps help you re-evaluate your professional life.
All the delays and misunderstanding you may be experiencing now, words wrongly spoken or not said, that are disrupting your profession, may be the cause of a too rigid state of mind; you may be in real need to let new ideas in and new points of view enrich your path.
This Mercury retrograde, is perhaps inviting you to Re-consider how you do your work and what is that you’re missing, to feel 100% in your profession. You may need more training, more knowledge, or simply to open your mind to new possibilities to take full advantage of it. If you have outstanding legal issues it will be necessary to take the time to find the best solution, to put an end to problems. One of the most positive aspects of this cycle is that it forces us to RE-think and look at the situation in a deeper and more honest way, to be able to stop being a victim of the events and become Master of your own life.
Nothing happens unless you allow it to, consciously or unconsciously. Do not seek the opinion of others, and strives to make your own decisions. Let yourself be advised by people you really trust.
This retrograde of Mercury affects the House 8 of the chart which is your exclusive territory. Sexuality, the occult, other people’s money: mortgages, inheritance, dole money, debts, credit cards, etc. This month, is possible to encounter debts that didn’t remember you had, such as traffic fines, for example. If you’re waiting for the answer to a mortgage, is possible that you experience delays or at least that you have to sit and read a lot of fine print, which you should do, before you sign anything. With the obstacle comes also the solution, so pay attention to what is happening this week particularly, since perhaps in the delays the formula required to solve them is hidden. Trust yourself and your inner wisdom and try to be honest with yourself. This could help you find the key to open those parts of you that know more than you think you do.
This retrograde Mercury brings certain conflicts between the emotions and the deepest part of your feelings. Couple issues will force you to RE-consider about your daily life and the sacrifices you feel you do daily. Your innate desire for freedom and adventure, are often difficult to reconcile with the needs of a stable relationship. There are many ways to be free within a marriage and that’s what you have to achieve. No matter the amount of time that you dedicate to your partner and work in your life, at least an hour a day must be for you only. To do what you like, your hobby, your sport, whatever it is. The events this week especially and most of this month will make it clear to you what are your priorities and what needs to change in order to be happier. Financial issues between the couple, is another of the outstanding issues, so be careful with what you say, sometimes your incredible frankness is too much for others. Mind your words.
This RE-trograde of Mercury affects your opposite sign of Cancer, and returns to Gemini, your area of the chart that describes your health and your daily work. One of the possibilities is that some health issue prevents you from performing your normal daily tasks, but also perhaps a good look at your daily schedule is necessary, for you to RE-consider if you’re doing too much or if you can handle the stress of work in a healthy way. There are moments when you have to stop or just go slower. This is one of those times, when the circumstances seem to force us to take things more calmly. You might have a project delayed or customers postponing meetings, but it all seems to suggest that you need to take a moment to reflect on what you’re doing. If you have more than one job, perhaps you should focus your energy in the one you most enjoy doing.
This retrograde Mercury begins in the area of your chart that has to do with your health and your job and returns to the House 5 which speaks of the children, romance and how we have fun. It also has to do with our creativity and the way we express ourselves truly. The question here is if your daily work allows you to express your creativity and if you enjoy doing it. If your health deteriorates, this is the moment to pause. RE-flect on how much free time you have to do what you love. Even if you are lucky enough that your work is what you most love to do, one must make time to have fun, relax and recover romance with your partner if you have it, and if you don’t have it, open yourself to the possibility of having it. If you work with your partner, then ideally find the time to have fun together also. The difficulties that may arise with the children, will show you where you are doing too much and where you should put more limits. Some of your children may go away for a while, leaving you with more time for yourself.
This retrograde affects the area of the your chart that links the romance and creativity, with the home. The question and the possibilities here are to RE-think and meditate on the place if you are where you really want to be. Is this the ideal place for you?; Do you relate with your surroundings and others?Does the place where you live reflect your own idiosyncrasy?. Is this the place you call home? Some circumstances may force you to Re-pair the place where you live, Re-decorate, or simply Re-flect if this is where you want to be. If you have children, it is possible that any situation with them will force you to stay more at home, if you don’t have them, you may suddenly realize the need for romance in your life. It will also confront you with the need to create or rather express yourself creatively. These are some of the issues that this retrograde of Mercury will confront you with at this point in your life. If you write, you can perhaps experience what is commonly called writer’s block. This could be when you realize that a house is not a home. Home is a place within our heart.


computer-errorAs I said in another of my articles on this subject, much has been written and is written on the retrograde of this small planet that it takes 88 days to go around the Sun. Therefore in one year it completes about 4 circles around our star.
We already know that this retrograde motion that occurs about 3 or 4 times a year,does not actually mean that Mercury goes back, but it is an optical illusion, whenever Mercury passes between the Sun and the Earth. Since it moves faster than us it gives the impression of moving backwards, in degrees, for about 3 weeks. For those of us who have observed this phenomenon many times each year, we already know that a series of events, that really have to do with communications, trade, oficial proceedings, bank statements, etc, are affected, very often in a negative and also comical way, whenever this occurs.
But of course often coincides with the re-envisioning of issues that we have been putting off and which we must resolve. We have already mentioned on other occasions also that it coincides with a period in which in one way or another we must Re-structure, RE-inspect, RE-claim, Re-calibrate, RE-think, RE-plan, RE-estudy, RE-evaluate, RE-flect, etc.
This cycle in particular (the retrograde previous to this was from February 7 to March 1 of this year.) begins with Mercury at 3º Cancer 10′ on 6 June, when seen from the earth it seems that it stops to start its motion backwards, and stations direct, or kind of stops again to start its forward motion on the 2nd of July, at about 24º Gemini. Although the setback period lasts about 3 weeks, its shadow period begins on May 26 and the post-shadow ends on July 20, therefore the complete cycle lasts 8 weeks. AT the beginning of this cycle Mercury is forming a square (90 °) to the Moon and Mars in Libra and opposition (180 °) to Pluto and forming a trine (120 °) to Neptune. Mercury, this small planet that represents our mind, our way of communicating, of thinking, study, also our primary education, our relationship with siblings and neighbors, official procedures, contracts, etc. in the sign of Cancer that speaks of home, motherhood, our need to care for and feed others, can confront us with issues that have to do with all of this. The relationship with our tenants or landlords, review of mortgages, lack of payments in home we rent out or problems with neighbors for things in the community where we live. The renewal of contracts in general, should be postponed until past this cycle, when the situation has been analyzed more carefully. Otherwise it is a good idea, to spend a good time reading all the fine print of what we are signing. With the Moon and Mars in Libra and all contact to Pluto, relations with women may be more difficult than at other times. Power struggles between brothers and neighbors for reasons that have to do with the sharing of a house, are also possible.
A common conflict of these cycles is the deterioration of communications, misunderstandings, the malfunction of our communication devices like mobiles, computers, internet, etc, but the positive aspect of this is the possibility of RE- thinking a particular situation, such as contracts, verbal commitments,etc, in order to resolve these issues ina more harmonious and healthy way. This time Mercury “moves back” from an emotional sign like Cancer to Gemini,a more mental sign, as if to indicate the path and how to look at things in a less emotional way, to rationalize it and analyze it in a more mental way. Sometimes this is more advantageous than the reverse, which would mean to quiet the mind to listen to the heart. Not always this last option applies. Venus from Taurus, forms an almost perfect trine to Pluto and Pallas, intensifying relationships and the way we relate to others in general. Uranus opposes Mars, Vesta and Ceres which are together in Libra, all in square to Pluto, therefore our sexuality or rather the object of our attraction might feel different to the ordinary. It might as well relate to moments within a relationship when one wants it and the other doesn’t.
On June 19, Mercury will connect with the Sun on its way to Cancer, at about 28 ° Gemini and both will form a square the Moon in PISCES, so that people born between 18-19-20 March, June, September and December, will be more vulnerable to this point where you emotions and the mind seem to disagree. It is important to remember that this is a fairly short cycle and that we must use it to look at things more carefully.
While I was writing this article, Elliot Rodgers, an American student, 22 years old, went in a killing spree in his fabulous BMW, in California, and in videos he published in You Tube, he only spoke about his loneliness, rejection by women and the fact that at his age he was still a Virgin. I say was, because, he ended up shooting himself putting an end to his short life. The day before, the Moon from PISCES, formed a square to Mercury in Gemini, and the Sun, newly entered in Gemini began its square to Neptune in Pisces.


Eclipses occur in the same degree and sign, every 19 years, therefore, in April 1995 there was a solar eclipse about 9º Taurus, like this one happening now. Were you alive then? ;-D If so, What was happening in your life then?

Taurus is the first Earth sign and as such, it connects us with the material, or with matter, it represents the second House of the horoscope, which speaks of how we earn our living and what we do to obtain a sense of security, protection from the hostile environment; what we do to provide ourselves with food and shelter. What do we do to sustain ourselves during our lifetime and our ability or not to do so. What we really value in life is an evocation of the 2nd House and Taurus. And of course money, because one way of providing for ourselves and our family, has to do with our ability to make money and how to use it.

Yes, Taurus is ruled by Venus and the theme of seduction and pleasure also are included in this archetype, but that aspect of Venus has more to do with the 5th House. In the House 2 and in Taurus we learn to work the land and take advantage of its resources and learn what to do with them. For the creative Taurus, to create, to paint, to dance, sing (specially) is a way of expressing their innate talents but making money out of it, is their main struggle. In Taurus, art for art’s sake is a contentious issue. Their love of beauty and aesthetic, also brings us to money, simply because to surround ourselves with beautiful things one should make money first. If we want to own beautiful objects we see and do not generate money then that takes us to the opposite house and sign, to the 8 House and Scorpio and other people’s money and of course to another topic in the life of Taurus which is their ability to attract the resources of others.
Working with the Earth and what the Earth gives us is also a vital theme in the artists of this sign. Clay, metals are all materials they love working with. This aspect of Taurus seems to describe certain qualities of Ceres. But the latter is mother and Taurus has a little more of problems with it. Taurus seduces more than it cares for others. Taurus struggles with its tendency to seduce almost all their life and understanding the implications of this is a lesson that this sign must learn. Aging isn’t easy for anyone, but especially for Taurus. Thomas Vinterberg, the Danish film director,comes to mind, a Taurus, author of films such as “the Hunt” or “The celebration”, where the subject of sexuality and sexual abuse are constants in his work.

But what would we do without the thousands and hundreds of thousands of creative souls who were born under this sign?. Try to name some of them is unfair to everyone else. They are so many! The wonderful voice, with which many Tauros are gifted, have inspired our lives through great songs and unforgettable singers. This is really a sign that exudes creativity expressed in endless ways.

Venus, its ruler, is in PISCES for this eclipse, and as I have said in my previous article, in a semi-square to the new Moon and Mercury in Taurus. This combination can help us find new ways to make a living, or generate money. New strategies and ways to promote our talents, to be able to attract buyers of our products or to make our work public in some way. New techniques that could best help us to express our creativity and of course get us closer to the dream of making money from our talents rather than a simple ‘employment’ where the daily work does not include the growth and improvement of our talents. The theme of the adaptation to change is also one of the major challenges for Taurus, since being a fixed sign, the comfort offered by daily habits are interrupted throughout their lives, again and again. Very especially if any of the personal planets make an aspect to Uranus.

During a solar eclipse, the power of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the Sun daily, is interrupted during the time the Moon casts a shadow on Earth and symbolically confronts us with the possibility of looking at the shadow side of our psyche and become aware of what we must work on to live in a more harmonious and complete way. This eclipse is in a trine to Pluto, therefore the need for change appears much less conflictive than during the Lunar Eclipse on the 15, and as the Cardinal cross is beginning to wane with the advancement of Jupiter in the last degrees of Cancer, while it trines Saturn, we´ll begin to see that perhaps what it seemed so difficult, we now realize has many avenues and that we only need to find which one is the most advantageous for us and for our evolution as a human being.

We must abandon the idea that hard work is what enslaves us and begin to understand the true liberation occurs in our passage from Saturn to Uranus, through that wonderful archetype of Chiron which operates as a road or bridge between these two powerful concepts and teaches us that through self-healing and hard work, true liberation comeseclipse.

The Cardinal Cross of the 21-22 of April 2014

ScanWhen we speak of the Cardinal cross, we automatically think of something disastrous that might happen and this fills us with fear. In reality, anytime we are in dire need of change, the thought of venturing into the unknown, to an uncertain outcome of events, fear invade us. But the alternative is to stay as we are. Knowing that what we have, what we do, the daily routine also cause us unhappiness and discontent, but above all things it makes us feel like we are betraying ourselves and we are not living the best possible version of ourselves.
When this happens, we automatically get to blame the environment, others, politics, politicians, the crisis, he, she, them. Creative frustration, makes us blame others for our lack of courage to actually dare to change. It takes guts to change, admittedly.
This Cardinal cross that is not going to act, ONLY this week, since it actually has been more than one year, that we are being confronted with the fact that there are certain things that we can not struggle with anymore. We have tried and tried thousands of way to fix it and it does not work. Some situations, people, version of ourselves simply don’t stimulate us anymore.
This is experienced as an inner push and pull that do not let us rest and that whenever someone asks: “How are you?” and we respond “Fine, thank you”, we know we are keeping something in the pipeline and that there are a lot of other words that would better describe how we really feel.
“Well” “Fine, have no meaning, is a rather poor way of expressing how we are and everyone should find another word, even to ourselves, to describe how we feel, really.
Often, the simple action of finding a word that better explains our true feelings, “clarifies” the situation, sheds some light in what is going on inside us, makes us aware of what is actually happening inside of us.
By saying “fine” we are often avoiding a confrontation with ourselves. Without that confrontation, we can not get out of the cloud that prevents us from seeing clearly.
One of the best formulas to help us tune in to ourselves is to ask: “How do I feel NOW?”
NOW, is all we have. It is only when we remain hooked to the past or worried about the future, that the anxiety begins.
All nationalisms that divide us are still engaged in the “before”. and “before” only chains us to the grudges, the divisions, the hatred, we or our ancestors have felt.
The most challenging part of this cross and that’s why is a CROSS, is that we feel the urge to produce change, to liberate ourselves from what it oppresses us, but in many instances we can not, just yet, because on this cross Uranus and Pluto which are collective and generational planets, are involved, and that makes feel that external circumstances are preventing us to move on. It feels as if is not simply up to us.
But the change should be internal. The outside will change automatically when we change our inner chips. If there are things that we put too much value on, like a house, precious objects, money, relationships, and we think that without it we would not be able to survive, then those things have an enormous power over us, but if we suddenly look at it in a more detached fashion, and realize that we could actually survive without it, then, we have already changed.
As Bob Marley said: “emancipate yourself from mental slavery”, because all that enslaves us, is mental. It is our cultural conditioning, our beliefs, what designs our daily reality, if we can let go of some of them, we have already changed.
One of the phrases that we must eliminate from our vocabulary is “I CAN’T”. There is no where to go from there.
We always have options, ALWAYS.
Astrology teaches us, that everything is or are “possibilities”, and our free will allows us to choose the most appropriate one for our present moment.
Often in our fight against our own destiny, it is that we find our true destiny and this sometimes is not what we thought we wanted, or what we expected of ourselves, but if we look at it carefully and let it flow with love and dignity we understand that that is exactly what we needed. And that is the magic of life. Our Fate should surprise us continuously, if there is no surprise there is no creativity. If the artist knows exactly how it will all end, then there is not art. Creativity is not something safe or predictable.
Use the power of this cross to understand your options, your chances and hopes that your soul will be able to choose what is best for you.

The disappearance of flight MH370 of Malaysian Airlines

astro_2ast_527_flight_370.39117.25946Exactly a month after its disappearance, still no traces of flight 370, that inexplicably vanished from radars and contact with base control(or so it seems). No one seems to know anything of the fate of this aircraft and all its passengers and those who love conspiracy theories, have already imagined all kinds of scenarios. What is certain, is that there is an incredible confusion and the theories of the fate of the plane change daily and the most reasonable of them all is that finished at the bottom of the sea.
Sea, confusion, dubious actions = NEPTUNE in an astrological mind.
So, to quench my natural astrological curiosity, I decided to raise the flight birth chart for the take off time and here’s what is what i found. The flight left Kuala Lumpur, at the 12: 41 am on Saturday March 8.
Without surprise we have a Sagittarius Asc, which describes an international flight, with people of various nationalities in it. The Asc ruler is located in Cancer in the 8th House in opposition to Pluto and both forming squares to Uranus, what is actually happening to absolutely everyone at present and is part of the Grand Cross, which will be exact on the 21st of this month, when Mars in Libra joins this configuration. Even so, in this case it is particularly significant, considering what happened, and also taking into consideration the fact that is the Asc ruler that falls into the 8 House here, which we all know that it has to do with death and our journey to the underworld. This when this aspect takes a clear and terrifying meaning, describing unexpected events and probably explosives (Uranus), causing the death (Pluto)of a large number of people of different nationalities (Jupiter).
The strangest thing maybe that Neptune is located exactly in the IC, describing the confusing nature of the disappearance. This is a good example of what happens to these generational planets when they are in conjunction to the angles of the chart. Moreover, this was the night that the Moon, which is also exactly in the DC, meaning in exact opposition to the Asc, formed its first quarter with respect to the Sun, which puts it in exact square to the Sun located next to Chiron and Neptune and the asteroid Poseidon, that it is the other name of Neptune, and both are the gods of the sea. Thetis, mother of Achilles, and the goddess of the sea is also in conjunction to the Moon, but something more: next to the Moon is the asteroid MOIRA (the other name for Fate, which means, what is has been allotted to us) which is next to the asteroid China. Next to them are asteroids Oceana and Incidence. Everything in the 6th House, speaking about the technical part of the aircraft performance. Next to the Moon is also the asteroid Coco, in this case representing the Cocos Islands, route believed to have been taken by the plane after it turned and disappeared and close to the area where now they are getting signals that are believed to be from black box.
Mars in the 11th house of groups, conjunct the Lunar Node and Vesta and Ceres forms a square to Venus in the 2nd house, what describes to me perhaps a conflict of ideas and values inside the plane.
Saturn from the 12 House of secret enemies, is in square to Mercury in Aquarius in the House 3, which seems to be related to the difficulty in communications to the aircraft with radars, and theories that someone disconnected from the inside of the plane all the communication system. HM!
No doubt many flights possibly took off at that time, but not exactly like this and from that place, that has placed Neptune and the Moon, in exact angular position.
Ponder on this for a while, on this clear example of the potential of the asteroids in a chart and I invite you to comment in whatever it is that you see in the Charter of this flight, which we have not yet found and share your vision of it. – See more at: http://www.astrologiaarquetipica.com/2014/04/07/flight-mh370-of-malaysian-airlines/#sthash.6dQSNtwo.dpuf

The Cardinal Grand Cross and the Lunar Eclipse of the 15th of April

Cardinal_Grand_Cross_SqBefore I say anything, it is very important not to panic, as many tend to do, thinking that something like the end of the world will occur or a disaster without solution.
This extraordinary Cardinal cosmic Grand Cross, which is formed by two oppositions or aspects of 180 °, between Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn and the other between Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries, which means that these four planets are at a distance of 90 ° between them, forming 4 right angles, as seen from the Earth. All what this cross will bring to our lives at a personal level, is already on the table. We already had what appeared to be a final rehearsal with all the costumes, at the end of December or beginning of January of this year, as you prefer to see it, and now will have as I said in my previous article on the new moon in Aries, the Grand Opening or Grand Debut, as you like it.
Whatever is urging us to find a way out or a resolution in order to be more in contact with ourselves, to feel in the path to our complete manifestation, or more in line with the needs of our soul, is what this cross brings at a personal and global level. If we look briefly to the Archetypes of these planets, we know that Jupiter in Cancer (which has been in square to Uranus in recent months and has brought so many rains, flooding, overflow of rivers, landslide, etc), and at the international level has somehow fostered the sense of home, family, expansion and patriotism to a new level. Uranus in Aries, has lead us to understand the true meaning of revolution, unexpected explosive events (Fukushima occurred the same day that Uranus entered Aries), urgency of change and liberation. Pluto in Capricorn, brought us this financial world crisis in combination with Uranus and Saturn. The same year that Pluto came into this sign, we saw the fall of The Lehman Brothers and the beginning of this crisis, which of course, is not only a global financial crisis any more, but a very important change of consciousness. Pluto also connects us with the evolutionary need for the collective, beyond our control, with what we need to develop as a specie and what must die in order to evolve. Under Urano Aries-Pluto in Capricorn square the “start-ups” began to flourish around the world. Mars, the Warrior, action, war, the assertion of identity, is making its retrograde motion in the sign of Libra (http://cristinalaird.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/mars-in-libra-from-december-2013-to-july-2014/). Ukraine, the Northern and South Korea, Venezuela, Egypt, Syria, are all situations that we can attribute to this Grand Cross and it is possible that we will see some sort of compromise and resolution in these areas or what is worse something may explode.
At a personal level it is important to look at the chart itself, to see which houses are set in motion by this cross and what planets are affected by it. If you have planets around the 13 ° of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, certainly you are being confronted with issues that overwhelm you, situations created by decisions made in the past and that you should resolve to be able to evolve in life. In this type of aspects, we cannot deceive ourselves anymore. We can not wish for the best. the more you escape it, the more it overwhelms you.
It is also true that Uranus, allows us to see things that we did not see before, big ideas can arise from this combination, ideas that can change our lives and take us along paths never before dreamed.
Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra, has to do with our identity and sense of purpose in life vs our relationship with others, especially personal relationships, therefore many couples will be faced with the choice of whether to continue in a relationship that means a heavy burden at this time or which confronts them with the difficulty of combining home life with our professional lives. There is need to find ways to deal with it, building a bridge between our purpose in life and the compromise with the other person, allowing the two to follow their own professional path.
The combination of Uranus with Jupiter brings to the table climate change and the need to be aware of this and find solutions, NOW. Awareness also leads us to understand that the inability to put an end to wars has god do with our commitment to nationalism and its negative effects. We must find a way to maintain our cultural identity, without separating us and dividing us. We must put and end to wasting resources, energy and lives to assert our diversity. Struggles for territory and autonomy of countries and languages, only separate us more and more.Animals of all species communicate without language, how it is possible that we have lost the ability to read ourselves and connect even without need to talk? Nature is connected in a perfect way, and our incredible quality of having developed a verbal way to connect others should not work against us, but for our benefit. The more we learn to listen to ourselves, the more we’ll be able to listen to others and thus understand the similarity between humans, rather than the differences.
The divisions from country to country in terms of laws prohibiting homosexuality as those who are legalizing gay marriage, are another feature of the Uranus-Pluto square. Pluto is our contact with the inner Beast whose only concerns is to eat, survive and perpetuate the species. Is that part of ourselves that is terrified of gay marriage, as it could pose a danger to our survival. But, what century are we living in? I wonder…: “what will it take for us to accept human nature in its entirety?” I wonder: has it ever been a time in history where there were no gays among us?I don’t think so. It is part of our nature. Period. Enough is enough!
Yesterday New Moon has begun the process but what will detonate the Cross will be April 15th Lunar eclipse. Although we have never had a cross identical to this, in 1934, there was a T-square between Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cancer, which marked the rise of Nazism and Hitler as its leader. Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1934 and have a look at what was going on that year in the world and perhaps we can have some idea of the similarities with the present time. We must not forget that Pluto is stationing retrograde just after the eclipse peaks, and will begin its “reverse motion” until September 23, when it will station direct.
If we look at the chart from the eclipse of April 15, will see the Moon in conjunction to the Lunar node (required so there is an eclipse) in Libra and along with Ceres and Vesta, opposed to Eris, Juno and the Sun in Aries, aspect which should be called “‘anger management”. The lesson will be, to retrieve our projections and stop blaming others for our problems. It is never the fault of others what happens to us. We do have “Some” “free will” at our disposal.
I find it interesting that Noah, the movie comes out at this time when according to history, and the old testament, to the imminence of the end of the world, Noah, decides to hop on a boat with a pair of each kind! Perhaps we can find many answers are in this allegory, which speaks to us of that no matter what kind or nationality you are, we all have to get on the same boat to survive.
Fortunately Neptune, Venus and Chiron in PISCES form a trine to Jupiter, perhaps reminding us of the fact that only if we think as ONE, we can save this fabulous planet in which we live. If we listen to our inner nature, there are no differences, we all need to eat, touch, communicate, fornicate to procreate and to not feel alone, everyone must learn the lessons of how to live with another, who comes from an ancestral story different from ours, since we all seek to find love. The folklores and traditions that separate us, are nothing compared with our points in common. Neptune has also lead us to awareness of deceptions, the disappointments, the fraud to which we are subjected constantly and must learn to handle.
Without the slightest intention to predict, we can expect more of this in this extraordinary times, that far from being negative, is helping us to bring these issues to the consciousness and understand that it is only in our hands solve them. We can no longer say superficially: “Well, everything will passband will return to be as it was…”
Nothing will ever be as before again-.
If you want to know how this Grand Cross personally affect you, go to: http://www.astrologiaarquetipica.com/private-readings/

New Moon in Aries – TODAY AND TOMORROW

375web-birthofthenewmanBefore anything I apologize for having been away for a couple of weeks, but other aspects of my life, have been knocking on my door and I had no choice but to respond. But I’m back and as appropriate for the new moon in Aries, which means along with the Equinox, the true Astrological New Year, a new flow of energy pushes us towards something renewed, new paths, new adventures, new projects, new ideas, new techniques of work, new decisions, renovation, renovation and renewal. The extraordinary power of initiation of Aries is being felt stronger that ever for this new moon, because it becomes exact in conjunction to Uranus, thus accentuating the current and famous cardinal T-cuadrante that all astrologers have been talking and writing about since 4 years ago: Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer are involved in this aspect we call a T-square which is still at its maximum power. This lunation kind of starts this month of April, where we will have a Lunar eclipse on the 15th, followed by the Grand Cardinal Cross that will be formed when Mars joins the equation on the 21st, from the sign of Libra, and then the solar eclipse in Taurus on the 28 and 29 of this next month.
Much has been said about this Grand Cross, which none of us alive today on the planet has lived through before, which is happening at the same time, all of us experience this incredible political, financial and above all personal changes. When the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and internal or personal planets (from mercury to Mars), are in such a precise aspects with external planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), as it is the case at present, we get a chance to live and recognize the power of astrology in all its full expression. The change of consciousness that all are living consciously or unconsciously does not leave us any doubts, that, as H.G.Wells said: “Adapt or Perish, now and forever, is the inexorable requirement of Nature”.
This cross which is joined by this new moon in Aries impels us to take a breather and observe, reflect on our way forward. We need to create, inquire, change, remodel, in order to adapt to the new demands of our psyche. What is the collective unconscious asking of us?, which way we should go to expand our minds and give our soul the opportunity to grow, to manifest itself in its entirety? and not simply live as a poor copy of the demands of our cultural and family history. Different cultures are our extraordinary diversity, but diversity is not synonymous with separation or at least, it shouldn’t be. Every human on this planet are in the same predicament, no matter our social, financial and cultural condition. If we damage Nature, both the rich and poor, whites and blacks, Japanese and Argentines, will suffer the consequences.
This new moon forms next to Juno, and Uranus. Relationships have a chance to understand what it means, to be partners and yet maintain autonomy, to understand that each of us must meet the needs of our individual soul, never mind how in love we are. Those relationships that are unable to adapt to this impulse to follow one’s own path and destiny, will probably come to an end, those which can adapt or find a compromise between the life in common, and the internal need of personal fulfillment, will find a common path, a path of respect for the needs of the other and seek a solution. The possibilities are endless, because human beings are extremely creative. Now, if we follow the patterns of previous generations, then we have a problem. Uranus does not let us accommodate and just simply relax in our habits, it keeps tempting us opening doors and whispering to our soul: ‘Look’ “There is more… to life, to your life”. Uranus represents our intellect, our scientific mind, the understanding of the needs of our community and Pluto, connects us with Nature, with our inner beast, with our deepest instincts, with our need to survive and perpetuate the species. The encounter between these two is asking of us, that we find the bridge between these two aspects of our human nature to achieve a balance so that we can operate as complete beings instead of feeling divided. Jupiter in Cancer urges us to find Home, that inner place, where we can feel secure and confident that everything will be fine. The Home that Jupiter is speaking about, is not a geographical location, or a House, but a State of mind that recognizes our diversity but includes other ways of thinking, other idiosyncrasies, other ways of being, because it is this diversity that makes us what we are and enriches us daily. Mars in Libra, approaching in its retrograde motion towards the great cross of April, finally seems to be helping to resolve conflicts between different ethnic groups and customs, emphasizing dialogue. With the exception of Syria, we have seen many military threats but none has been manifested yet.
But of course, nothing can stay as it was. That is impossible, and this is probably the most complicated influence of this Grand Cross, we should reform our education, our social services and our attitude towards the community, to politics, towards Nature. As I like to say it to myself, “we must return to the Goddess”, we must understand the laws of nature that continually guide us in the right path. These are great moments to take long walks in contact with the sea, the forest, the mountain.
Meditate and connect with Nature, make contact with that majestic and living force, this will give you the keys to understand which path you must follow. Human relations confuse us and disturb us at times and we need to breathe fresh air and listen to ourselves in a calm and wild environment. It is in our own inner wilderness where many of the answers we seek, lay.

Full Moon in Virgo – Hoy y Mañana!!!!

Asteroid with aspectsHere comes this full moon in the sign of Virgo which like all lunations comes loaded with unique qualities to this particular one and somehow concludes issues initiated in the last new moon in PISCES on March 1st.
The opposition VIRGO (Moon) PISCES (Sun) activates this energy angle of astrological symbols that impulse us in search of the bridges between water and earth, mental and the intuitive, dissemination the limits, with the application of them. Between the practical and the Ethereal, the divine and the earthly, humans and gods at all levels. We confront with the difference between the non academic knowledge of Pisces and the analytical more academic scientific ways of Virgo.
Virgo approaches life in a rational way and Pisces from the emotions. Virgo, scans the other before they jump into love, PISCES jumps right into it and enjoys the madness of love. Virgo takes care of his body in an almost obsessive way, PISCES prefers to get drunk that confronted with the everyday and the rational.
Dance, cinema, photography are some of those bridges between Pisces and Virgo. Dance from the obsession of putting shape and form to express music, cinema, a collection of technicians who try to revive the imagination, photography, in the use of technology to capture a moment that is not repeated and that we can only see when we connect with the ephemeral. Everything that needs some kind of technique to express the Ethereal, is a bridge to Piscis-Virgo. Michael Jackson with Virgo Sun and Moon in PISCES is a perfect example of this.
But Pisces and Virgo are also found in hospitals in doctors and nurses, who are dedicated to the service of others, especially in health. The ability to understand and tune in with the pain of others, maintaining a rational and intellectual approach to it is a Virgo-Pisces combination. This is the perfect combination for those working in ongs. This angle also reminds us of the importance of caring for our health and find the formula to enjoy life without exceeding and punishing the body. This angle evokes the House 6 and 12 of the chart House. The importance of recognizing ancient fate and the possibility of differentiating from it.
This full moon is formed in the prelude to the eclipses of Moon (15th) and the Sun (30th) of the coming month, which happen surrounding the formation of the Grand Cardinal cross, involving Mars, Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. At this moment Mars is retrograde and away from the cross, but the other 3 planet continue to form the cardinal T-cuadrante, which describes the current time so eloquently.
If you are Sagittarius or Gemini these days are a reminder of the issues that need resolution, if you are a Pisces and Virgo, these are magical moments that you have to use to understand your mind and listen to your heart with care. Virgo tells Pisces: “without hard work and technique you’ll never arrive to any degree of excellence and Pisces tells Virgo: “I rather have a little less excellence and enjoy life a little more”.
The Saturn- Sun trine and Saturn Sextile to the Moon, is still on, helping us to be more patient and demand justice. This chart of the lunation is raised to Barcelona, Spain, putting the angularity of the Virgo-Pisces in the first and seventh House, evoking the need to recognize our need for personal relationships, without sacrificing our independence and our personal mission in life. This Moon is also forming squares to the Galactic center which is at about 27º of Sagittarius, this immense black hole that marks the center of our Galaxy and that emits huge radio waves, X-ray, infrared radiation and gamma or so we think.
Jupiter in Cancer, the traditional ruler of PISCES forms a large trine Neptune, the modern ruler of this sign, and Chiron, both in PISCES, so something tells us, that we have within ourselves that quality that our soul needs to heal. Search within yourself and learn to listen to your heart.