Libra New Moon – September 29

As it always happens once a month, here it comes the New Moon, this time in the sign of Libra. 

what is the first word that most people think of,  when they hear the word Libra? Normally: LOVE

But let’s rewind back to the last Full Moon on the 15th of September, when in spite of being a Pisces Full Moon, there were 3 planets in Libra: Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Few days before that, between the 8th and the 9th of September, Jupiter and Pluto, both in Capricorn, the sign of finances, had stationed direct after a period of retrograde motion, meaning they were moving forward, again, as seen from Earth, after a period of apparent going back in the zodiac.

Jupiter at 12ºCap 32′ was just making a square to the 3 planets in Libra at the time, and on the following Monday, just by the time of the Full Moon, the collapse of big firms in Wall Street happened. A shocking series  of  events that forever changed the financial markets.

Prior to that, there were talks to see if anyone would bailout some of those companies, from their imminent fall. (what a Libran effort!)

We can easily say, like Tina Turner’s song:  “what’s love got to, got to do with it?”

Right? Right!

So may be Libra is not just about love!

For one thing. Libra is the sign of the politicians. If you look at the charts of most of them, you can see abundance of Libra in their birthcharts. Do you think that Love is what drives them?

So, what  is this next New Moon about?

For one thing, Venus, the traditional ruler of Libra is in Scorpio, Mercury is retrograde in Libra, still, and Mars is also in Libra until the 4th of October when it moves into Scorpio.

In the birthchart, the 2nd House, is the one ruled by Venus as well as the 7th house. The former is the territory of our possessions, the way we make our money, and the things we value in life. The latter is the area of relationships, but not only love relationships, also our business partners or any kind of partner for that matter.

This New Moon means that the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are in Libra, all of them, still in square to Jupiter in Capricorn; if there is any love talk at this time, it will be about the money within the relationship or within any partnership.-(Ring a bell?)

Venus in Scorpio, (I’ve written at lengths in my blog in Spanish about this) asks us to search deep inside our feelings and emotions to really understand what is that that we really value and we really want from our partners.

Libra among other things, asks us to find a middle ground, a territory where we can talk to our partner and share our views.

Libra is an air sign, is not really interested in the emotional side of the relationship, but more on the value system of it. 

Are we living according to our values? Is our relationship guided by our values. Not just our values but those of our parents and our ancestors.

Mars in Libra finds it hard to take decisions and assert itself. This isn’t an easy period for Cancer, Aries or Capricorn. Perhaps something needs to be decided and we are having a hard time taking control of the situation. 

However, if there is ever going to be a moment to take the lead, this is it!

For Libra this is a glorious opportunity, to stomp their feet and say: “Enough is enough! If we are not doing this together, then what are we really doing?”

But in a great Libran fashion, one must also take into consideration, the other person’s opinion.

This Moon is a great opportunity to deeply understand what is important to us. What are our values and how do we really like to live our lives and our relationships. 

The reconciliation that Libra suggests, does not necessarily have to be within our relationship, but above all, within ourselves.

The subject of trust comes to mind. Again, not only trust on the other person, but Trust in life and in ourselves.


One comment on “Libra New Moon – September 29

  1. This piece spoke to me directly as I’ve returned to the States to care for my Libran mother, and confront sibling dynamics as well. I have been very focused on the consequences of my actions and how I spend my money; for example, searching for BP gas stations who are rated highly for their social responsibility. It seems, simplistically, that there is enough for all if we could only learn to share!!!


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