Latest astronomical news on Pluto and the “Plutoids”

Although, all these decisions of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) don’t have a concrete effect in the concept of the Astrologicla Pluto, as we astrologers know, I will add this news here just for the record.

About  the Astrological connnotations of these changes I will write later.

After having demoted Pluto from the category of Planet to that of Dwarf Planet, the IAU has given Pluto yet another categorization. That of Plutoid. Yes. Pluto is now a plutoid together with Eris and a new plutoid that has just been discovered and named, Makemake.

Well, in reality it was discovered on March31, 2005 and named last July 13th. It’s orbital period around the Sun is of 308.98 years, (Pluto, around 245 years) and the name corresponds to a Polynesian god who is said to be the creator of humanity.

Basically, according to the official definition : “Plutoids are celestial bodies in orbit around the Sun at a distance greater than that of Neptine that have sufficient mass for their self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that they assume a hidrostatic equilibrium (near spherical shape) and that have not cleared the neighborhood around their orbit”

This is all very good, but, Astrologically, Pluto continues to be Pluto, as we are all finding out now that is finally moving out Sagittarius, where it has been since the beginning of 1995.

After having make us have a closer look at the effect of our believes (Sag) through becoming aware of the Islamic Fundamentalism in its confrontation with Christians and Israelies (again!!, until when?!)

We have also become aware of the deficiencies in our educational systems all over the world. Not only academically through all these test that have been carried out all over the world with very unhappy results,  but in actual ethic and moral ways. We had all these deaths (Pluto) in Schools (Sag), since the beginning, with Dunblane,(remember? ) the Dunblane Primary School in Scotland?, in March 1996, when 16 children and an adult died at the hands of Thomas Hamilton. Then, from 1995 until now, there have been 34 shootings in American Schools (see

There was also Beslam in Russia, and twice in Finland.

So, what are we doing to our children? (Pluto in Sag)

I will never forget that as Pluto was getting into Sag, the O.J.Simpson trial, was on TV. For the first time in our History, cameras were allowed into a Court Room and we all witnessed how you can get away with murder, literally, if you have good, well paid lawyers, money to pay for it and how it is possible to manipulate the law.  This, of course was nothing new, but this time we got to witness it first hand in public TV.  Sagitarius also has to do with the Law and Pluto with shedding some light into dark areas.

So now is finally moving into Capricorn, the sign that has to do with institutions and finances and look what is happening. This financial crisis is beginning  to shed some light into dark areas of the banking system.

Just wait. It’s not finished yet, as Pluto is just moving into Cap, at the end of November , where it will remain until 2024.

It doesn’t mean the financial crisis will last that long, but we will see the transformation of our financial institutions, and who knows, may be even the dollar will disappear and the Amero will take over.

Would it be true?

Watch Hal Turner in You Tube and see what you think!!!!!


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