Uranus opposition Saturn – today!!!!!!!

obama-mccain-astrologySo here we go, the time has come for this opposition to become exact, at 13:36 GMT, on the 4th of November, 2008.

Today as the American People decide for the Fate of us all. Yes! don’t fool yourselves, whoever sleeps in the White House has a direct effect upon all of us. No matter where you are from, unless of course, you live in your own little world, disconnected from what is going on in the world, in which case it will still affect you but you will not even realize it!

For the rest of us, who care, and watch as life unfolds in the world , today is an exciting day.

And of course, if you are an astrologer or are interested in Astrology, then even more exciting.

Not only we are witnessing the opposition this month, but also the entry of Pluto in Capricorn, on the 27th at 01:03 GMT, where it will remain until 2024.

So you can say that things are CHANGING!!!!!!!!! And we are for the first time in a long time, witnessing History in the making.

Is it only about Obama-Mc Cain ??

Obviously not, but what a great representation of the old, traditional, conservative, Mc Cain, Saturn versus (opposition) the new, the eccentric, the anti-establishment, liberal, Obama.

We will see tonight who wins in this incredibly exciting elections!

In the case of Jonathan Ross- Russel Brand (Uranus) versus BBC (Saturn), it was the latter who had the last word so far.

If you don’t know what happened, these two very funny and eccentric presenters, went about doing their business on one of BBC radios, and they took it a bit too far, according to the BBC, making prank calls to 78 years old Andrew Sachs, ex- Monty Python comedian, (Manuel, the waiter, in the wonderful Fawlty Towers) insulting him.

As a result, Jonathan Ross was suspended for 12 weeks without pay, and Russel Brand was forced to resign.

BBC said: “There is a limit!!!”  (to what one can say on the radio) What a Saturnian expression!!

After Saturn is in Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury and it has direct relevance on radio (especially) and TV.

I have worked in radio for a long time, and my God!  they are full of Virgoes and Geminis.

So what are we going to do on Friday nights without Jonathan???

So pay attention everyone! In which area of your life you are battling these two archetypes???

Where in you life are you trying to let the new in by getting rid of the old?

We must constantly allow change to come into our lives if we want to flow freely, and feel at one with the Cosmos.

These are the perfect times to do just that. We must find a balance between the old and the new. Between our sense of justice and the establishment.

Between remaining true to ourselves and yet follow some kind of order and above all, avoid total Chaos.

Between remaining true to our creativity and yet work for a big corporation, for example.

Not an easy proposition. Yet, that is what is on the plate for us all, some way or another.

Very specially for those born in the 60′, who were born with the same opposition but the other way around.

Saturn was in Piscis then and Uranus in Virgo. Now is Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces, which among other things, means the first Saturn return for those born around 1978-79-80 and the second for those born in late 1940 early 1050.

So there are many of us sorting Saturnian themes, and I only have 3 words to say about it: “Just do it!”

We must take the plunge! Whatever you feel you must do and know you are prepared to do: “Just do it”


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