More on Pluto in Capricorn

On Pluto in Capricorn symbolNov 26 at 6:36 pm, GMT, Pluro finally re entered Capricorn, where it will stay until 2024. Almost 16 years that we will actually need to fix this decaying financial system and obsolete institutions that need renewal.

And Pluto in Capricorn will do just that or rather, during the transit of Pluto through Capricorn we will experience that.

Last time that this planet was in Capricorn, 1763-1778, started with The Proclamation of 1763, signed by King George III of England, which prohibited any English settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains and required those already settled in those regions to return cast in an attempt to case tensions with the Native Americans.

In 1765, The Stamp Act is passed, by the British Parliament, imposing the first direct tax on the American Colonies, to offset the high costs of the British military organisation in America. Thus, for the first time, in the 150 years old history of the British colonies in America, the Americans will pay tax directly to England, instead of to their own local legislatures in America.

In 1768, Samuel Adams of Massachusetts,  writes a Circular Letter opposing Taxation without representation and called for the colonists to unite in their actions against the British Government.

This was the beginning of a series of financial situations between the Colonies and England that ended with the Declaration of the American Independence in 1776.

So now, Pluto comes back to Capricorn for the first time since then, and look what is happening. The American financial system, not to say Capitalism is  on the brink of collapse. If you think I am exaggerating you are probably right, but let’s wait and see what happens when Pluto in Cap, comes to the square with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. A cardinal grand cross which will be exact on August 1st, 2010.

And I am not being negative at all, i actually think this is the opportunity we needed to re-arrange and re-structure some of this old financial institutions, which are now proving to be ineffective.

But there is another side to Pluto ( the one that sheds light into dark areas) in Capricorn (authority figures, father), and if we look at the first entry of this planet in Cap, which occurred in January 26th,  2008 till June 14th, when it re-entered Sag, until last Wednesday, we see that it was in January that the Fritzl ( the Austrian pedophile) who fathered children with his own daughter, who he had kept for 24 years in a cellar or underground apartment, built by himself…….

Also in America, the CIA intervened in a case of sexual abuse of a religious sect, and went on to take the children away from the compound where they lived.

And now, just as Pluto re-enters Cap, on the same day, the trial of another father (Saturn) who fathered children with his two daughters, who he abused physically and sexually for years comes to light.

Event that poses the question of :”how come nobody realized what was happening?, meaning, neighbors, hospitals, where the daughters where taken for abortions or miscarriages, how come that nobody in 20 years realized and denounced this man or helped these women”?

What happened with the social services and how many more abusive fathers will we see during the Pluto in Capricorn journey? Not just biological fathers. Men in position of authority is a Capricornian theme, and Pluto will bring the dirty laundry into the open, so that we, can bring into our conscience all these issues we need to work on, as humans.

How come nobody realized what was going on? What is that telling us?

Perhaps, that the time for unity, collaboration and involvement has arrived.

One thought on “More on Pluto in Capricorn

  1. ‘How come nobody realized what was going on?’ Many, many people KNOW what is going on and they do NOT WANT TO SEE. There is a great sociological worldwide conspiracy of silence about the patriarchy which has ruled and continues to rule this world with an iron fist. BOTH women and men collude in this silence. Until we speak up, demand, and work together for change towards a state of balance between the feminine and masculine, the weak will continue to be victims of male dominance.
    Sadly, my own life, and those of many of my friends – including some men – contain far too many episodes of brutality and violence, all of it related to themes of male domination. That all of it is gender based – and thus, often sexual in nature – demonstates my point.


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