New Moon in Sagittarius with Mercury and Mars!

SagittariusI was so blinded by the beautiful Venus-Jupiter Conjunction in Capricorn, that i was neglecting the fact that a New Moon  on the 27th of November, together with Mercury  and Mars, all in almost the same degree, was like a bolt of energy, which of course, depending on what kind of aspect it made, it was going to have a powerful effect.

And so it did. For those of you with planets in Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, at around 7º, the energy must have been quite uncontrollable. Many of my clients with this kind of positions in their charts, suffered a variety of rows with friends, bosses, partners, etc.

One of them, with Moon in Pisces in the 10th house, had a hard week end with her mother, full of arguing and power struggles. Another, with Venus in Gemini in the 8th house, had some of her debts claimed, and she had to part with money she wasn’t planning to spend.

Another one with planets in Virgo involving the  2nd and the 6th house, didn’t get paid for work they had done, and had to argue to maintain the price they had agreed on, as the payer wanted to pay less.

A man with Venus in Virgo in the 8th, had 3 traffic fines posted on Monday morning!!!

Remember, the 8th house is not just about death and sex. Our debts!!!!!

Yet, due to the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, another girl with Sun in Gemini in the 10th, worked on theatrical play (Venus) about the effects of religion on human relations (Jupiter)

I, personally, went to see two dance shows during the week end, one from a Japanese company and another from USA.

Deepak Chopra presented in Larry King Live, his new book called “Jesus”, a novel about the life of Jesus from the age of 12 when he disappears until the age of 30 when he apparently turns up again.

What happened in those 18 years is the proposition of Deepak Chopra’ novel.

If we had any doubts that Jupiter and Sagittarius, have to do with our believes and religion, the attacks in Mombai, are the clear answer. They happened just before this New Moon in the sign of Centaur.

Have learned the lesson of Pluto in Sagittarius, that religion divide us instead of unite us??

Are we going to have to wait until Neptune enters Pisces in 2012 to find a way to God without divisions?

Why are we insisting in dividing the indivisible?

Why are we having such a hard time understanding we are all one?

What do you think?

Please let me know…


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