Venus has moved to Aquarius!

images-21So Venus has entered the sign of Aquarius. In spite of being represented by the Water-Bearer, this is not a water sign, as many people think. This is an air sign. A down to earth air sign (traditionally ruled by Saturn) but still, an air sign.

Love in an air sign has a hard time with the emotional side of it. The idea of what love should be is probably closer to Aquarians than the actual experience of it. Being an unconventional sign, the way they love could not be conventional. Even their concept of beauty is not the norm.

The search for the unusual is an Aquarian inspiration. They are attracted to the odd, the eccentric, the wise, the unique. One of the Greek archetypes that corresponds to Aquarius is Prometheus: the titan that stole the fire from the Gods to give it to us Mortals. He was then punished by Zeus, to remain naked and chained to the mount Caucasus for eternity, having his liver eaten by a vulture all day long, but since he was immortal, the liver would become whole during the night, to be eaten again in the morning.

This is the symbol of the sacrifice of one’s own desires for the good of Humanity. He was the creator of Mankind.

Venus,  or Aphrodite, was destined to marry Hephaestus, the ugly blacksmith and craftsman, son of Zeus and Hera. So this could be the image of Venus in Aquarius, except that Aquarians are not really unfaithful like Aphrodite was to Hephaestus, with Ares, who she really loved.

Venus in Aquarius speaks of the love for Humanity, for the Comunity, for the Teacher, for an idea.

Aquarius is less interested in the individual and more in the collective.

Since this is the Holiday Season we can use the energies of Venus in Aquarius to connect us to the work to be done within our community. Within the group we belong to, to find ways of connecting in a more creative way.

Art (Venus) in groups (Aquarius) is the sign of the time.

Hip hop dance, as well as Contemporary dance are very  Aquarian expressions of Venus. Electronic music, passion for technology. are all going to be energized by this transit of Venus through this sign, ruled by Saturn but really, for us contemporary Astrologers, by Uranus.

We’ll be buying a lot of electronic gifts for Christmas this Year or perhaps “The Hunchback of Notredame”, a very Venus in Aquarius story!!!!!  or the Phantom of the Opera!!

Libra and Gemini will benefit wonderfully by this. Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, would feel the need to express themselves in the oddest of ways. But for all of us, this is a great time to dare to let the freak side of our personality be expressed creatively and freely.

This is a very good influence to see another side to beauty, or perhaps to see beauty in a non traditional way.


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