Venus moves into Pisces and Jupiter into Aquarius – January 2009

w105667303At 12:35 on the 3rd of January, Venus moves into Pisces, the sign of her exaltation. The sign of the 2 fishes moving in different direction.

It will stay in it until February the 2nd. A whole month where we will have the opportunity to vibrate to this kind of energy that whispers to our souls about compassion and sacrifice. 

The issue of sacrifice is a very big theme in the life of Pisces, especially within relationships.

Within a group of people, who need to do something nobody wants to do, it is always Pisces that gets up and says: “Ok, I’ll go”.

But like with everything else, there is a positive and a negative side to this. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it simply manipulates.

It is true that we need to develop a sense of compassion and collaboration in life with others. We need to BOTHER about life and others.

We really must stop the :- “I can’t be bother”-

What does that really mean? It reminds me of cases like Fritzl and the other father in England who raped his 2 daughters for over 20 years, fathered 9 children with them and nobody knew?

How come nobody knew? And why am I speaking of this when Venus moves to Pisces?, because very often, people with this placement of Venus, suffer at the hands of their loved ones.

On the other hand, they often choose partners that need help one way or another. The alcoholic, the drug addict, the abused, etc.

Finding within us the sense of compassion we need in order to forgive, to understand, to rescue the other, so that we can forgive, understand and rescue ourselves is the work of Venus in Pisces.

Finding someone that needs help or finding ourselves in a vulnerable situation is more than possible during this transit of Venus through this sign. In any situation that reminds us that we need to be more compassionate we are vibrating to the energies of Venus in Pisces.

Being more sensitive than ever to the pain and suffering of others is the mode of the month.

I can see more and more people demonstrating against the bombings of Gaza in the following days and very especially as Jupiter enters Aquarius on the 5th of January. Would it help in getting people to the negotiating table? Let’s pray it does!

On the 21st-22nd of January will conjunct Uranus, when you can expect events to get a little unusual but not necessarily unpleasant. New friends and people may come into our lives. Prepare yourself for something out of the ordinary.

For the 23rd and 24th it will oppose Saturn and that will bring us into contact with all issues that we need to sort in our lives and specially within our relationships.

Those of us with planets in Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius will be affected the most.images-1images-2

As it happens every year Jupiter moves from one sign to another. This times is moving out of Capricorn,the sign of its fall, where it has been since December 2007. It has helped us see the abuse and irresponsibility of the leaders of big institutions like Chrysler, General Motors, Maydoff but it has also made possible the dream of new leaders emerging to help us believe in the system and in democracy again.

As it moves into Aquarius it will bring the focus of our attention to the possibility of getting together to fight for a common ideal. This is an air sign and a very rebellious one.

It definitely increases our chances for success in the areas of science, group work, education, our believes and the law. 

For those of us with planets in Leo, Taurus and Scorpio it will mean the possibility of achieving success in whatever area we have been working at.

For Libra, Gemini and Aquarius, is particularly beneficial. These a great times to reach for the stars and open to the idea of advancement. Excess optimism is the danger of this influence. Expanding, reaching out is what one feels impelled to do.

Towards the end of May it will conjunct Neptune also in Aquarius, and this could be a pivotal time for human relations. It could mean a great leap forward to taking responsibility for our planet and have vision and understanding of the needs of our society.

More and more of us will become aware of the need to  collaborate and get involved in the rebuilding of our educational system, our legal system, and our belief systems.

We need to find a new religion that will unite us instead of separate us as the known ones do.

We have to stop killing each other to defend some kind of God that seems tells us that we are different. 

As far as I know, I am human and you?

C’mon! Until when?

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