The Era of Aquarius

1401375690_l1Much has been said about the era of Aquarius; it started as early as 1968 when the beautiful musical called “Hair” was created.

Nobody has been able to say when these limits between eras happen. But as Stephanie Austin said, humans and not the Cosmos, make sharp divisions.

The twelve astrological eras, which are derived from the Great Year or cycle describing the precession of the equinoxes, last about 2150 years each.

Some, consider that the event that marked the beginning of the Piscean Era, was the birth or death of Christ,  which brings us to the end of it at around the year 2000.

So, according to this theory, we have been in the threshold of the Aquarian Era, for few years now.

This coming solar Eclipse on January 26, which is an annular eclipse, if anything, strongly marks this incredible period of Aquarian transition that we are all living.

Not only the Sun and the Moon will be in Aquarius, but also Juno, the asteroid, Jupiter (in close conjunction to this New Moon), the Moon Node, Chiron and Neptune .

In addition to this, on the 6th of February, the opposition of Saturn ( traditional ruler of Aquarius) and Uranus (contemporary ruler)  will become exact once more, on the same day that Mars moves into Aquarius, which of course hasn’t happened for two years. So, perhaps we should say, that if there is such a thing as the beginning of an era, this is definitely the starting point of the Era of Aquarius.

So, what does it all mean? We have already been experiencing very Aquarian times, since the passage of Uranus through this sign (Jan 1996-March 2003) and now Neptune, still in Aquarius since January 1998.

Fashion has become a good indication of the Aquarian equality. We all wear Jeans and T-shirts, rich and poor, young and old.

We can all wear fancy trainers and baseball hats. We have even invented fancy copies of designer bags, so that everyone can look like they are carrying a Louis Vuitton or Prada handbag.

The Obama inauguration was a perfect example of this Saturn-Uranus opposition; with the most colourful crowd, made of people of all races, religious background and social levels (Uranus), celebrating a very distinctive  Capricornian event: the Inauguration of the president of USA.

The extraordinary lesson of this Moon in Aquarius and this most Aquarian Era is perhaps the fact that only when we gather in groups we grow in strength, and that our only chance of survival is the realisation that by getting together, people of all walks of life, can  we fix what needs to be fixed. That letting go of our egos does not mean the death of our individuality, but simply the gaining of power.

Also, that our opinions are not  the only ones that matter. That by putting our minds to work together we develop better, more creative projects.

Sharing  responsibility help us find better solutions. Finding true friends is like finding your true family!

Friendship is a real Aquarian relationship!!!!!!!

This is a pivotal time for getting rid of old patterns that are stopping us from growing.

Time to do something really crazy, just for the sake of change. Change is good, change is exciting says Aquarius, time to be yourself, even when surrounded by different people.

Yesterday, just a day before the Eclipse, i went to see a hip hop show, where different groups performed. Dancing in a group is the most Aquarian experience of all.

You can explore your individuality at the same time that you work to make the group look good!

Feel free to comment on your Aquarian experience!


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