Mars moves into Aquarius and Venus into Aries



On February 2nd Venus moved into the sign of Aries, a fire, cardinal sign. As such is an initiating energy, full of optimism and passion. Not only sexual passion, but simply, passion for life.

In spite of heading towards a complicated week end, when the opposition of Uranus and Saturn becomes exact again, tomorrow, February 6th, and a Full Moon, Lunar eclipse,  in the sign of Leo, another fire sign, this placement of Venus could prove to be a very exciting one, for many people.

Emotions will be flying high, that is for sure. Situations in which you had no control in the past, would now seem to open towards some kind of solution , for you to express a bit of your mind.

Venus in Aries  people seem to know what they want, at a particular time. They don’t really wait for things to happen. They make them happen. They are definitively not  famous for being patient.

So what can we expect with the passage of Venus through the sign of the Ram?

For one thing, rusty relationships that have fallen into a rut could be challenged! Venus appreciation of pleasure, adventure and gratification is greatly exaggerated   in the first fire sign. 

But it’s not all about being capricious, for Venus in Aries, there is another very serious side to this need for action, that has more to do with feeling alive and the certainty that one is doing everything possible  not to get stagnated. 

Seduction becomes a tool for defending one’s ground within the relationship.

Aries acts first and thinks later. There is an impulse and they respond to it! 

To conquer is vital for Venus in Aries, never mind what they have to do. The harder it gets  to get the object of desire, the more exciting it is!

A fight or two ignites their desire, they like partners who will fight back, they simply couldn’t deal with a lame counterpart.

What do we have to learn of this position of Venus? Perhaps that there are many ways one can win a dispute: seducing is one of them, it also reminds us that being firm in you convictions, but soft in your delivery is a powerful tool.

The character of Meryll Streep in “The devil wears Prada”, comes to mind. Curiously enough, she, the actress has the North Node of the Moon in Aries, right at her Midheaven. Perhaps that was a quality she had to develop in her personal life. And my God did she ever do  it well!

Mars in Aquarius is an entirely different kind of energy.

Aquarius is a Air sign, and the intense, raw, martian energy, finds it hard to express itself through Air.

If there is a physical activity to be done in a group, as it is the case in some sports, like  Football, or Rugby, as well as Dancing, then, that is a very good, positive way to channel such energy. And in fact, that is the main lesson of Mars in Aquarius.

There are other ways to channel the aggressive natural instinct of Mars for battle. Mental activity gets a boost, and the use of technology to fight our wars will be also in the increase.

But with Jupiter and Neptune  also being in  Aquarius, Mars temper will have to be tamed, if that is ever possible, and will learn that the only battle to be won is that of survival and the union of our forces for the good of mankind.


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