Mars in Aquarius


perseus-and-medusa-greek-mythology-687297_800_6001Much has been written about Mars in Aquarius, but I want to share a word on the effect it, this time around, when it wasn’t just Mars in Aquarius, but  the Sun, Mercury, Juno, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, all, in this sign as well.

On February 16th, Mars and Jupiter conjoined at around 9 degrees of Aquarius, sending chilling airs to Leo, certainly ,  but also to Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer and Virgo. The two last ones, simply because most people who are Cancer or Virgo, also have planets in Leo, most of the time.

My telephone wouldn’t stop ringing, with clients and friend of the above mentioned signs wondering what was going on and why was it being so difficult.

And of course when i say difficult, I am referring to people with serious health situations, like for example cancer. In two of the cases i attended to, the tumours had actually spread more than expected, and even though, these situations don’t happen from one day to the next, it was that week that they found out about it.

One of the persons I am talking about, has Sun in Aquarius, and it was when Neptune transited that Sun that she found out about her first tumour in her eye, which she had to get removed for the cancer not to spread to the other eye.

Relationships between  Leos and Scorpians, or Aquarius and Taurus, or Taurus and Leo, where greatly affected. 

When Mars triggers something in our chart, especially the Sun or the Moon or any aspect involving these luminaries, we get a chance to come face to face with our inner beast. Our anger, frustrations, come to the surface for us to have a good look and deal with it.

Unfortunately, in many occasions we blame the other or others and fail to accept what it’s being triggered inside of us.

But this is a good opportunity to learn about ourselves and try to understand what is that, lurking inside, making us feel afraid and angry.

The myth of Perseus and  Medusa comes to mind. This gorgon with snakes for hair, who would turn into stone, whoever dared to look at her. So, in order to kill her, Perseus  had to look at her reflection in his shield rather than at her directly. What a wonderful metaphor for us!!!

If we could only look at ourselves in a different light, or simply reflect on our feelings,(reflection in the shield) at a given time, whenever something so uncomfortable moves inside of us, making us feel so mad at other people, at our partners, at our children. 

If only we could use these situations, to enrich our perspective on life, to view our inner self in a more spiritual way, to value those around us more, then it would be worth going through it. But, it all we get out of these arguments or even fights is discontent and animosity for our adversary, then we have learnt nothing.
Whenever we end up feeling victimised, it means we’ve learnt absolutely nothing. 

So, all that pain and aggravation and not even lesson out of it.

Use Mars and all this energy from Aquarius, to elucidate the meaning  of this sign of the water-bearer which pours the water for everyone. These are times to let go of our ego and do things for the good of mankind,  for the good of the relationship, the company, the family, the team, the group, whichever group you belong to. 

By doing so, we would be doing a lot for ourselves. Understanding the importance of asserting ourselves (Mars) within the group, is an important lesson, which seems very relevant today. 

Perhaps none of this financial crisis would be happening if there had been less ego and more community conscience. 

Please feel free to comment on your situation in the past few days.

Let’s ponder on what Mars was trying to tell us…


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  1. As a King would say to Achilles: “Who are you soldier?” I am refering to my amazement as to your interpretation . Teach me….


    • Can’t do that, unless you live in Barcelona, where I teach, but I always write and I always love when people read what I write.
      Thanks for reading and getting in touch.


  2. Thank’s 4 the new knowledge that
    you have shared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I realy like greek myth’s!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Thanks for reading my astrological musings, subscribe for free and you’ll get it automatically.
      With love and gratitude


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