Venus goes retrograde in Aries and the Moon becomes Full in Virgo.

xena-warrior-princessYesterday night, Venus started its retrograde motion in the sign of Aries. It will be in retrograde until the 7th of April, but in would not be back to the degree of Aries where it is today, until the 20th of May, so we can safely say the this retrograde will last approximately 2 and a half month.

The signs of Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and of course Aries, will be the most affected, but Sagittarius and Leo, will also be feel the energy strongly. Yet, most signs will feel the whispering of the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

As with the retrogrades of any other planet, this motion invites us to retrospection, and an opportunity to look again at the period before, the retrograde started. Since is Venus, we are challenged to revise our self-worth, our relationships, personal and business ones as well.

Venus retrogrades once every 18 months, so, since  it’s not something that happens everyday, we can assume that the period to be revised, would be since last retrograde about a year and a half ago.

What has been happening with our close and personal relationships? if we haven’t had  one, what is actually happening inside of us? How are we feeling about ourselves and especially about the Venus inside of us?

Reading an article in The Mountain Astrologer, by Brad Koshunas, I was reminded of a Hindu story, that tells us that a long time ago, we humans, were gods, and enjoyed all the privileges of our godlike position, like immortality and absolute power. But as you may imagine, we abused so badly our position and caused so much chaos, that Brahma, decided to take the divinity out of us. Not knowing where to hide it, he organised a meeting with other chief gods to decide where it should be hidden so that we would not find it.

After long deliberation and discarding places like the centre of the planet or the bottom of sea, or on top of the highest mountains, they opted for keeping it inside of us, sure that we would never look for it there.

Ever since we have been looking for it everywhere, from meditation to kung-fu, in art and sports, yoga classes, etc.

Retrogrades give us the opportunity of contacting the divinity inside of us and become it. So let’s use this opportunity to understand what Venus in Aries is saying to us, from the deepest part of our soul and our body.

Let’s the goddess of Love and Beauty flow through us, and let her speak her mind. Let’s listen carefully. What do we want from our relationship? How do we value what we have to offer? Personally and professionally. Do we need our partner to find us attractive or loveable in order to feel valued? or can we give value to ourselves?

Do we need a boss to say to us how good we are at we do, in order to feel relevant? Do we need our teachers to tell us how great we are, or our work is, in order to value what we have to offer?

Have we become dependant on the opinion of others about us, to get a sense of value about out inner abilities?

Aries is a very competitive sign. Who are we competing against? Our teenage daughter or son? Our friends? our fellow workers? other women or men?

These are golden opportunities to find our inner gold, like in the alchemical process. How can we turn into gold what we hold inside? How can we give expression to it in a creative way?

Getting in touch with our talents, our passion and our Destiny, is the purpose of this retrograde of Venus in Aries. We need to let our hair down and trust ourselves and our talents to take us to the place where we most desire to be.


On the 10th and 11th the Moon becomes full once more, this time in the angle of Virgo (Moon)- Pisces (Sun), but this is not an ordinary full moon, since it falls at 20º Virgo 40′, which acts like a magnifying glass for the ongoing opposition between Saturn (now at 18º Virgo 31′) and Uranus (22º Pisces 15′). Whatever this aspect is confronting you with, will be intensified around the time of the Full Moon.

What is that you are trying to break free from and yet can’t, without risking your  inner security? or what is that you are trying to succeed at, or structure in your life at the expense of losing your individuality and your freedom?

The last time this opposition happened in the Saturn (in Pisces) and Uranus (in Virgo) was in 1965-67, when we saw great antiwar (Vietnam) demonstrations  and challenges and changes in the economic front, like now.  


This Moon in Virgo presents us with the dilemma, of trusting our intuition and yet, developing a technique so that we can express what we have inside, in an actual, relevant fashion, for the benefit of others as well.

The Sun in Pisces reminds us that we are One, and the Moon in Pisces tells us that serving others does not turn us into servants. Whatever we do, never mind how small, is relevant. We all have a place in this society of ours and we all have something to offer to the Whole, to our community


This Pisces Virgo Full Moon is about believing in what we are, and what we do, and in perfecting the way we can deliver it, for the benefit not just of ourselves but for the whole of Humanity.

With 5 planets still in Aquarius (Jupiter, Juno, Chiron, Neptune and Mars) we cannot but think in terms of the community and the human specie.


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