Mercury and Mars in Pisces

pisces-tiny-blueOn Sunday March the 8th, Mercury moved into Pisces, after spending some 20 days in Aquarius.

The sign of the fishes is not the best home for Mercury, since the clarity needed for this planet to manifest is not obvious in this sign. Mercury defines the way we express ourselves with words and it also helps our minds work.

Pisces is not necessarily a sign of words. It communicates better through music, for example, or through any of the arts.

In fact, it’s difficult for Pisces to find words that can express what they have in their interior. Yet, this is a great opportunity to find a different way of communicating.

Rational Mercury is challenged to acknowledge the intuitive world, the imagination and to find words to connect with other people from that realm.

There has been a lot of: “- that’s not what i meant -” or  ” – i didn’t really mean it that way -”

If you are waiting for people to make up their mind about a project or a contract, you should wait until the 26th of March, when Mercury moves into Aries, right at the time of the New Moon. 

Yesterday, Mercury briefly linked with Uranus, which helped to energize our thoughts and perhaps even surprise ourselves in our ability to synchronize our time and encounter new ideas, that might be of help in the future.

If you have been feeling confused or with great doubts or have been misplacing  things, rest assure that it is only for few more days and then as Mercury enters Aries on the 26th, your brain will recover and you will be in fast mode again.

On the 14th, Mars also entered Pisces. Now, this is too, a planet that finds it difficult to operate from Pisces. Yet, it can be an splendid influence if you are an artist or a dancer.

You must be very careful if you have a tendency to drink too much, since this could be one of the difficult side effects of this placement, inspiring you to drink even more. The need to connect with the ineffable may have this effect on some of us.

The archetype of the victim gets activated and situations where we are or feel victimized by others arise or we simply get sick and we need to go to hospital. 

It is also possible, to see films or  a television program, which awakens our compassion on the needs of others and our willingness to help.

The desire to help our favorite Foundation or simply our neighbors or members of our immediate family will be increased and we will finally take  action.

We must avoid justifying our weaknesses, and get on with the task at hand. Remember that although, certain situations, require that we sacrifice our most inner desires for the good of others, we must find a way of doing it with firm conviction and without feeling a victim.

One thought on “Mercury and Mars in Pisces

  1. Cristina and all, This posting resonated with me as I have just experienced an intense week of feeling like inertia in all things was winning! The wordless quality of communication seems to be all around me, and although I value intuition and creativity, I’m looking forward to some more direct verbal exchanges in the near future. . .


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