Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron Conjunction – May 2009

aquariusThis is not an easy subject to approach, because we are all hoping for the positive side of this conjunction to manifest, ignoring the slight darker side of these most attractive of planets.

The key word that most readily comes to mind when talking about Neptune is spirituality, for Jupiter expansion and truth searching, and for Chiron, healing.

Yet, madness, addiction, fraud, double standards, are also key words for Neptune. Excess, self-aggrandisement, vanity, also represent the Jupiterian energy and although is difficult to find  a darker side to Chiron, the criticism and self-degradation, are also characteristics  of the Centaur.

On the 27th of May, this year, Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron will meet at around 26º of Aquarius. Neptune and Chiron will be at the exact conjunction in January 2010, yet it is now close enough to considerate it as part of this planetary concoction. 

But let’s talk about this conjunction. To have any kind of perspective on it let’s look at the past for a minute.

Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, (until the discovery of Neptune, which took over the ruler-ship) meets Neptune in conjunction, every 12 years approximately, last few times this happened was: 1997 at 27º of Capricorn; 1984 between 29º of Sag and 0º of Cap; 1971 at around 2º of Sag.

But Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron have not been together since 1945, on September that year, at around 5º of Libra.

The most important events were the detonation of two atomic bombs, one on Hiroshima on the 6th of August and the next in Nagasaki 3 days later, event that marked the end of the War.

But that, was such an eventful year that I am not going to mention each of the important events, but you only have to Google Wikipedia and check 1945 out, and you’ll see what I mean.

The most obvious ones are the evacuation of Auschwitz and the other concentration camps not only in Europe but in Philliphines, Japan and others.

The unprecedented inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt 4th Term in office, to then  unexpectedly die in April. Mussolini gets assassinated trying to escape and Hitler commits suicide with Eva Brown and some friends, in his bunker.

Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Perú become members of the United Nations, which is being organised in San Francisco, California. In France, women get to vote for the first time and Winston Churchill resigns as prime minister of Britain.

Before 1945, these three planets formed a conjunction in 1881, in the sign of Taurus.

Apart from being the year of Pablo Piccaso, Fernand Leger and Anna Pavlova’s births, 8 later Nobel Prize winners were born that year.

Again, this was an important eventful year, but the most relevant events were: Billy the Kid was assassinated  as well as James Garfield, president of the United States.

In Barcelona the newspaper La Vanguardia gets its first publication out and in France the first feminist newspaper, La Citoyenne is published.  Thomas Edison and Alexander Bell formed the Oriental Telephone Company and Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross. 

There is an underlying sense of liberation and decision making that has affected us all for many years to come, after the actual event. In the case of Jupiter, which is often present in death,as a form of liberation from pain, from torture, etc. This planet tends to make everything bigger than usual, it just amplifies whatever it touches. On the positive side it fill us with great optimism and in the negative side it fills us with great optimism too. Still, the search for the truth is and one of its attributes. 

Neptune is the planet which both connects us with the feeling of Oneness and yet it disconnects us from it all. The idea of a world where we all help each other, where we all  become aware and compassionate about the others, is a Neptunian world. The power of saying Thank You is a Neptunian experience. Music is a Neptunian experience, especially Gospel Music.

Chiron connects us with our most profound wound and it gives us the opportunity to heal. Often it is from this wound that our creativity sprouts and the lesson of learning to love that part of us that we hate, is the experience of Chiron.

The Conjunction of these three planets is showing us where our wounds are and what must we do, to heal.

The warming of the planet is but one of such wounds, the addiction to consumerism is another, the unbalance of fortune is another, our compulsion for money and power even if it means the loss of our inner values is another. 

Many wounds to heal. Let’s pray that these Gods take pity on us and show us the way.

This time around, the conjunction is in Aquarius. We have been having Aquarian times since 1997 when Jupiter and Uranus, were in conjunction in this sign, followed by the entry to it, of Neptune, in early 1998. The Internet , Messenger, Wikipedia which in my view, represents the democratisation of knowledge, are Aquarian experiences. An encyclopedia created by everyone, with no lucrative ends for the benefit of us all. The archetype of Prometheus, who stole the Fire from he Gods to give it to us, normal mortals,  comes to mind. The democratisation of fashion, with big shops like H&M and Zara where people of different financial background shop, are Neptune in Aquarius experiences.

The generations born in late 1954, early 1955 and part of 1956 as well as those born in late 1993, and most of 1994 will be affected greatly. In their different positions they will be the carriers of change. The conjunction will oppose and square respectively the position of their natal Pluto. In the case of those born in 1956, who had the conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter at about 26º of Leo, will have the added aspect of Jupiter opposing their natal Jupiter. What an opportunity to clear the back room and create free space for the new to come in.

Decision making based on the realisation of the need of new archetype’s in ones life will be the order of the year.

Let’s open to change, let’s rid ourselves of chains that serve no purpose, no more.

There is an element of sacrifice with Neptune, and we must respect that, too.

Only We, can fix this mess we are in, less hope this conjunction brings the awareness of that to us all.


5 comments on “Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron Conjunction – May 2009

  1. This conjunction happens on my MC and trine to the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in my natal chart. As it so happens, i am in need of a great healing, having been through a lot of very traumatic experiences in the past year or so. So I am hoping for some major healing.


  2. “Chiron connects us with our most profound wound and it gives us the opportunity to heal. Often it is from this wound that our creativity sprouts and the lesson of learning to love that part of us that we hate, is the experience of Chiron.”

    Loved that – thanks!


    • When you look back at this moment of your life, you will understand the immense possibilities of this planetary formation in your life.
      Pay attention to what is going on. Listen to your intuition and make sure you keep your feet on the ground, but at same time, open to these array of new possibilities before you. What needs to be done in your life, for you to get closer to your dreams?
      What is life demanding of you? What else can you do to improve your life? Are people in your life at the moment giving you some ideas or messages of how go about changing certain things that are deterring you from going forward?
      If you have this conjunction of planets in your ASC, that will probably mean that the Uranus-Saturn opposition is in the angle of your finances, which will mean that that is the area that needs some adjustment. Open up to new ways of making money or enriching your work. Working with a group of people rather than on your own, could be the issue.


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