Musings on Mercury retrograde of May 2009

computer.frustrationAs predicted and expected, this retrograde of Mercury has been incredibly frustrating and powerful. True to its nature, it has upset communications, got cell phones lost or broken or stolen, paper work has been a nightmare, and traveling seemed to work in its own time. Trains and flights get delayed, Internet was more Intermittent, and trying to get our ideas across, seemed harder than ever.

Although it’s not finished yet, Mercury will station retrograde on June 1st, but it will not reach the degree  where it originally stationed retrograde, 1º Gemini 44′, until June 15th, when we will truly noticed, that whatever situation got delayed, or frustrated, or cancelled, or postponed, will begin to move again. We must not look at this period as if we have lost 3 weeks, but rather, that we have gained this time to think things over, re-view our original plans, organize paper work, bank statements, re-read contracts to be signed, re-envision our ideas, etc.

There is a lesson to be learned with Mercury retrograde and all the frustration it causes, and that is:  we cannot control everything, there are situations that are completely out of our control and all we can do is learn to be patient and to wait.

If a court case does not come out, if a train gets delayed and makes you be late, if your operation gets postponed and that means more pain for you or change of plans. These situations i mention here are all real stories from my clients and friends.

Myself, i lost my new cell phone, spent hours retrieving paper work of  payments, I had no receipts  for, and couldn’t write in my blogs for over a week. Just too busy.

It can be argued that we can prepare ourselves mentally for this, but fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which side of the argument you are on, this is not the case, because it is quite funny, to see these things happening to people who don’t have a clue about Mercury, let alone, going retrograde. Please, feel free to comment on this article with the accounts of your experiences of this Mercury retrograde period that started on the 6th of May.

Without any doubts, we can all get from life experiences whatever our soul desires or our personality allows us to get, but it cannot be denied that the lessons of Mercury Retrograde are about letting it flow, even when is not flowing. Even when is so frustrating that we have no other choice but letting it flow.


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