Britain’s got talent and Astrology

diversity.jpgOne of the incredible and nightmarish things about being an astrologer, is that whatever you experience in life or see other people experiencing, we try to find the astrological explanation or correlation for it.

Without trying to sound justifying or gullible, most of the times, we do find some kind of planetary explanation for it. Sometimes things just suddenly sink in, or the “coin drops” like many people say, and you begin to understand what a particular planetary formation is. Meaning, what sort of feeling we get out of it, but most importantly, what kind of a lesson we may draw from it. Other times, like for example Set 11, 2001, we just sit there with our jaws in the palm of our hands, trying to imagine what sort of a lesson that event carries for us. Although, myself and many other astrologers at the time were expecting something dramatic,with and opposition of Saturn and Pluto, combined with Jupiter and Mars, we never in our wildest dreams, thought that it will be THAT dramatic.

Similar thing is happening now with the cardinal T-Square, involving Pluto, Saturn and Uranus, (I’ve written extensively about it in other articles in this blog)  that is forming on August 2010. We are all trying desperately, not to sound too pessimistic, but deep in our hearts we all know that a major event will force us once more to re-evaluate our actions and re-structure our social and financial fabric.

So, in a way, with this Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron conjunction forming this past week end, we all had some kind of hope, and optimism, expecting something really inspiring to happen, so that our souls could rest, from the negativity of the financial crises and the realization that our banks and politicians do not do their job properly, and that those institutions that should make us feel safe and organized have not done so.

Watching Britain’s got talent on Saturday, suddenly realized, that of course it wasn’t going to be Susan Boyle, the winner, why didn’t I think of it before?

This is a conjunction in Aquarius, the sign of groups and normal regular people. Us, everyone on the streets. Us, simple mortals. It had to be a group (Aquarius) of regular folks, called, Diversity (Uranus), made of people of all ages and races, working together,  really hard, for and ideal (Jupiter), in the performing arts (Neptune), that has healed  (Chiron) the nation and all of us, even if for a moment, of the frustrations and desperation of the financial  crises and the realization that our politicians have been robbing us. It has given us hope (Jupiter) and it has showed us, that the healing (Chiron) will come from us, simple mortals (Aquarius), with our incredible talents (Neptune) and very especially, when we get together, with all our Diversity which can only enrich our talents and our souls.

Let’s no lose the lessons of this apparently simple entertainment  show, which carries with it a more profound meaning, which explains the popularity of it, even if we don’t understand why.


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