Astrology and depression

depressionNowadays it would be easy to assume that more than the 30% of the adult (and some children), are medicated in one way or another.

It would be OK, since in many cases the medication helps, if they didn’t have secondary effects. But every remedy has a negative effect on something else. Are there times when these effects are so disturbing that one decides not to take the medication anymore in spite of the risks involved?

An article by The Associated Press publised on April 17th, 2005 reads:

About 130-million Americans – many far healthier than the Heckmans – swallow, inject, inhale, infuse, spray and pat on prescribed medication every month, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates. Americans buy much more medicine per person than any other country.

The number of prescriptions has risen by two-thirds over the past decade to 3.5-billion yearly, according to IMS Health, a pharmaceutical consulting company. Americans devour even more nonprescription drugs, polling suggests.

Recently, safety questions have beset some depression and anti-inflammatory drugs, pushing pain relievers Vioxx and Bextra from the market. Rising ranks of doctors, researchers and public health experts are saying that America is overmedicating itself. It is buying and taking far too much medicine, too readily and carelessly, for its own health and wealth, they say.

More than 125,000 Americans die from drug reactions and mistakes each year, according to Associated Press projections from landmark medical studies of the 1990s. That could make pharmaceuticals the fourth-leading national cause of death after heart disease, cancer and stroke.

The pharmaceutical industry served up more than $250-billion worth of sales last year, the vast majority in prescriptions, according to industry consultants. That roughly equaled sales at all the country’s gasoline stations put together, or an $850 pharmaceutical fillup for every American.

Do we need all these drugs? A relative handful yank many people away from almost certain death, like some antibiotics and AIDS medicines. Though carrying some risk, other drugs – such as cholesterol-cutting statins – help a considerable minority dodge potential calamities like heart attack or stroke.

The right balance of risk and benefit is still harder to strike for a raft of heavily promoted drugs that treat common, persistent, daily life conditions: anti-inflammatories, antacids and pills for allergy, depression, shyness, premenstrual crankiness, waning sexual powers, impulsiveness in children – you name it.Depression-Medication


“We are taking way too many drugs for dubious or exaggerated ailments,” said Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine and author of The Truth About the Drug Companies. “What the drug companies are doing now is promoting drugs for long-term use to essentially healthy people. Why? Because it’s the biggest market.”

And that is only in America. At the moment I live in Spain and I can safely say that more than 40% of my clients are or have been medicated for depression. So, what’s going on?

One of the obvious characteristics of depression is the loss of a sense of inner power, or understanding of one’s fate, and/0r the strength to overcome life’s crises.

In my years of Astrological Practice I have come to realize  that our  inability to fully understand what “free will” means is one of the causes of our victimization and often depression.

How can Astrology help? in the reading of the personal birth chart  ( NOT a 1 time reading, of course) we can learn to understand our fate (This does NOT mean fated events) and in that process begin to discern our hand in it or in the bearing of it.

By this process, the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness often symptomatic of depression, can begin to open doors to other attitudes less out of control, more in tune with the lessons involved in life experiences and hence the re-gaining of the inner power sense necessary to cope with a life crises.

An Astrologer called Pat Harris has even worked with people with chronic pain, who were heavily medicated for years, doing birth-chart readings for these patients with great success, by this I mean, that the understanding that the wisdom of the birth-chart  brought to them, helped them immensely. 

With a little bit of TLC, psychotherapy or even better an Astrological reading that may last up to 6 month in weekly visits or fortnight sessions one can get closer to one’s painful area, being the knee or the soul and try to understand what is that we are telling ourselves, through the pain. 

Depression renders the person helpless and often this is caused by a strong unrecognized  anger or lack of control of situations and feelings that linger in the unconscious, sometimes from childhood and the awareness, recognition and acceptance of them, helps with the symptoms that quite often disappear as by magic. Is in this sense where the power of Astrology becomes so relevant and helpful. The insight that the Astrological readings offers helps us bring light into darker areas of our mind so that we can deal with our inner demons in a healthy and contained manner.


9 comments on “Astrology and depression

  1. As someone who works for a surgeon I am shocked and saddened by the referral letters of general practitioners and the amount of medication most people are taking….wowee! I see temazepam (sleeping tablets), valium (anxiety/depression), zoloft (depression) so commonly on those lists. As someone coming through a very painful awarness of my partner’s affair for a year I can totally relate to pain and yes the valium has been gulped down in copious quantities and whilst it has ‘calmed the wounded child’ deep down I know I have to feel and process that pain, from the affair (we are using Imago therapy to help heal this plus our childhood stuff) vs medicate and anaesthetise the pain which will only somatise itself if I keep holding it back inside. I guess depression can be seen as suppression. I would not say I am depressed at all, anxious and fearful and emotional but far from depressed (hey I’m a Scorpio con Neptune tr Mars in Cancer, Gem Moon conj Pluto/Uranus, so feeling is very me. I wish I could spare people the pain I’ve gone through, may be I am, but to be depressed would be like locked in prison!


    • Dear Lise: thank you for reading my article and commenting on it. Very glad to hear you know what I am talking about.
      As you obviously know, medication is OK, sometimes, but NOT in the proportion that is being offered to people.
      How on earth are we supposed to learn to cope if they medicate us for anything? Going through the pain of being human is part of the learning process of it.
      Thank you again


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  3. i m malik m. khoja. from india i depression last 45 days. first attack to 2/5/2010. i was skull pain. admit tu hospital.Dr. Chirag Shah(Physiatrists) ahemedabad-Gujarat (india) plz help for my problem my


    • Malik, thank you for writing to me in this difficult moment of your life. The only thing I can suggest is that you see a psychotherapist to help you with the depression.
      Depression, depending on which degree is felt, is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a message from you to you, that there are things to sort out. Things that you may not be able to handle at the moment, but it does not mean, that you won’t in the near future.
      Trying to understand yourself is not an easy job, but very rewarding.
      If you’d like me to have a look at your birthchart i would need your birth data, (date, time and place of birth), but i am not sure I am the person to assist you now, from so far away, you need to reach for help, closer to you.
      Still I will gladly look at your birth-chart if you can send me the information.
      Difficult means challenging. Life is challenging. Be brave!


  4. Hello, I wonder if I can use your picture on this page of the man sitting by the door in a video I am making for YouTube. It is to illustrate a song I have co-written.

    Thank you for your consideration


    • Of course you can, and let me know about your video when is finished!
      Good luck!

      I also found it in the internet. Don’t know who it belongs to-


  5. Great blog post, i have suffered from depression and also was medicated for it. The meds made me even more disempowered.. Ultimately meds for depression cause more harm. I am very interested in astrology though and numerology too. I find both very interesting and inspiring. Luckily i have had some very good astro readings. Keep up the blogging 🙂


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