Michael Jackson’s death

Asteroid with aspectsMichael Jackson dies in L.A. just when he was preparing 50 concerts in the UK.

He dies probably of an overdose of prescribed medication as in he case of Heath Ledger, Elvis Presley and so many others.

This time, his personal doctor and probably the one that prescribed all the tablets and was injecting him , disappeared for a while and is being questioned by police, at the time i’m writing.

When will these doctor’s stop, over prescribing rich and poor people? When will they put their ethics over pleasing rich patients?

In spite of all these presumptions, his birthchart speaks loud and clear about other matters that must have been troubling Michael.

One aspect that jumped at me when I looked at this chart is that Venus, ruler of his 8th house had progressed to his ASC. As if the Goddess had claimed him back to her realm and as if this was his Kairos or right moment to rush back to the Goddess.

Progressed Mars was in his 8th house making a square to his natal Pluto, evoking the financial power struggles he must have been going through, perhaps due to debts or financial situations involving other people’s money. His natal Mars is also in that house, so his debts must have been a real situation in his life.

It is also interesting to see that he was born on a Full Moon. with his Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo and opposing the Moon in Pisces. Saturn by transit had just been going over that Sun Pluto, denoting a time when he had to claim his power back since he had spent a long time victimized by circumstances and people, obviously expressing his Pisces Moon. Clearly the time had come to take control of his life and his finances and due to his fragility and probably drug addiction could not do it.

The challenge of getting back on his feet and perform 50 concerts of probably 2 hrs each, proved to be too much for him, who was not physically strong enough for such a task.

The Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction in the cusp of his 5th of creativity and opposing Mercury must have made him feel that he could. In spite of his anxiety about his ability to pull it through, he must have been working very hard at making it happen.

 Saturn in Virgo, having past over his Sun with its quintessential self criticism must have driven him mad, making him feel insecure and vulnerable.

Transiting Pluto is making a trine to natal Pluto and with the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction opposing his Mercury, also ruler of he 8th we can be sure that post mortem he will be making more money than he has been making in the last few years  and no doubt, unreleased song will appear in the market for all of us to buy.


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