Venus and Mars in Gemini


About a month ago, in view of the fact that Mercury was in Gemini and Venus and Mars, where moving into it,  I kind of relaxed and thought. Great!

I’ll be writing a lot!

As July started and Mercurly wasw drifting off the Twins sign and Venus and Mars where about to make the move towards it, the opposite happened.

I became increasingly busy and with less and less time to write.

Then it suddenly dawned on me, that what I was actually doing, was a very Gemini thing. MAking connections, talking more to people, being lighter about things and had become more social, more curious about other kind of stuff. I was reading more too.

Writing can be a lonely activity. You need to be alone, research, connect with yourself, and none of these things are Gemini things.

Twitter suddenly took more of my time as well, and what a Gemini thing Twitter is! Short and easy! Gets to a lot of people without time to get too profound about anything. Good for promoting your business and passing information. Just the stuff that Hermes’ job is all about.

It’s true too, that with Venus in Gemini, romantic short trips are a possibility and long conversation’s over the phone, that will only increase  you telephone bill at the end of the month. We probably bought more books than usual this month, thinking that we’ll have time to read them over the holidays.

Unfortunately, Mars is also in Gemini, and as it is appropiate for the time of the summer holidays or winter holidays in the Southern Hemisphere, people will travel more , making it easier to encounter delays, difficulties and especially unexpected difficulties as Mars links with Uranus in August, just before the New Moon in Leo, which happens to oppose the Aquarian triple conjunction (Jupiter, Neptune  and Chiron). With this combinations it is possible that unexpected accidents prevent you from accomplishing some physical activities you had programmed for yourself: the gym, dancing, trekking, riding, wind surfing. You name it! Just be careful. Still with Mars-Uranus is pretty difficult to predict, as we all know.

Yet, not everything is black about Mars in Gemini. We will feel the impulse to connect more with people, to talk more, travel more, and although the time around the 10th of August when it makes a square to Saturn, may be a really frustrating time, for many, this could also prove to be a really fascinating time, when we will surprise ourselves about our own ability to express and focus ourselves and control our energy, whatever activity we may be doing. Obviously for Virgo, Sag and Pisces could be more challenging, it will carry great opportunities to learn and progress. So if you are doing any kind of activity that requires concentration of energy and discipline, this planetary aspects could help you greatly.

Difficulties with authority figures is also an issue with Mars-Saturn contacts.

Since the Aquarian triple conjunction has gone retrograde, many situations are being delayed anyway, we will have to wait for Jupiter to go direct on the 13th of October and Neptune on the 5th of  November for things to begin to move forward. Which ever part or house in your birth-chart  this conjunction is on, that is where you will notice it. Uranus will go direct on the 2nd of December, so by the end of the year, we can expect situations to begin to sort themselves out.


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