Leo New Moon – August 20, 2009

leo_15th_century_manuscript_detailAfter the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse of August 6th, which have caused quite a bit of strife in the world, like the dreadful typhoon Morakot  in China, here comes the New Moon in Leo, which is one of the Super  Moons of this year, meaning, that the Moon is at its perigee (closest to the Earth) when Full or New.

This Moon highlights  the opposition of Leo-Aquarius and i would even say that it culminates the issues that arise from it.

This New Moon at 27º Leo 31′, opposes very closely the current triple conjunction in Aquarius of Jupiter-Neptune-Quiron and Mars makes a T-square, meaning, a square (90º)to Uranus and to  a Mercury-Saturn conjunction, which are opposed. All of this is aggravated by the fact that Pluto is already within orb of the T-Square to  the Saturn-Uranus opposition that is going to be exact again in September. Obviously this is quite bombastic, new moon, and one full of surprises to say the least.

It’s Ok to feel afraid about these aspect, since one has seen the effect of these planetary concoctions too many times.

But everything relevant in life produces fear to begin with. Birth is a pretty frightening experience both for the mother and the child. Being pregnant alone, never mind how wanted the child might be, is full of fear to begin with. Even for those people who say that it isn’t.

Changing jobs, or home, divorce, getting married, everything produces some kind of anxiety and fear and yet we go through it, and often very successfully.

This is one of those moments when we sense that there are things we have to change in our lives and going back to the theme of Leo-Aquarius, it would have something to do with learning to express ourselves, remain true to our ego and yet be part of a group or community at the same time. Integration, humility, acceptance, tolerance are concepts that come to mind with this new Moon.

I have seen this theme very much alive in a very positive light. At present i find myself in a Hip Hop convention where there are teachers from all over the world and students also from nearly 30 different countries. Now, there is some kind of division in the Hip Hop world about learning to free-style and dance your own unique movements (often with teachers from New York) or learn choreography, meaning, you have to learn someone else’s steps and do them in a group, (usually Los Angeles style of teaching) trying to look exactly the same as the others in the group, not to ruin the formation. It could not be a more Leo-Aquarius situation than this one.

Some teachers believe that you should learn to dance to express your own unique movements (Leo) and others that you should learn to dance to participate in a group and learn to dance identical to the others in a group (Aquarius). Obviously in this case is easy to realize that one good dancer should be able to do both.

What it is also interesting about these events is that there are people from completely different backgrounds, race and ages (Jupiter ) doing a creative thing and sharing music (Neptune) in groups (Aquarius). Their apparent division between free-styling or dancing choreography is overcome by their love of dance and in this particular case, Hip Hop.

Embracing the opposites and/or  the different is perhaps the answer to the proposition of the  New Moon in Leo.

It takes courage to overcome fear and even more to dare to be ourselves. Sometimes remaining true to our feelings mean letting go of situations or people we have grown accustomed to. But our only necessity is to find out who we really are and be.

Something that really moved me about this dancing event was the spontaneous homage to Michael Jackson that happened everyday. Each teacher will play some MJ song and people will just get up and share some of his movements together without the need to comment or speak about it. We just simply danced to Michael’s music and shared the love as if we all knew in the back of our minds that he had been a great inspiration for everyone from different generations.

This New Moon highlights the fact that we humans have much more in common than the difference of creed, culture, race, etc. If we can come together with a common goal, then we can have peace, abundance and freedom.

Music does the job beautifully, without effort, dance as well, if only we could learn to expand this feeling to everything else in our lives…. It shouldn’t be so difficult. We have concentrated in the differences rather than the similarities and we have made mistakes.

Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius are the most affected signs for this New Moon but Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius will join them in the effort.

Still the theme of Leo and Aquarius is alive and well in the struggles that Obama is having to re-structure a National Health system for the USA, since the opposition is fierce.

These are universal struggles and we can learn from it in many different aspects of our lives. Gathering with others to develop an idea, it does not mean we have to be the same. It is our differences that will enrich the project. Yet, saving the planet, for example, saving energy is something we can all come together and make it happen.


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