Mercury retrograde “Again” on Sept. 7th


Here we go again. Mercury goes into one of its 3 or 4 retrogrades cycles of the year.

This has been the second year of retrogrades in Air signs, since 2002.

Next December 27th, when Mercury stations retrograde at 21º Capricorn 43′, a new cycle of retrogrades in Earth signs begins, followed by a retrograde in Taurus in April and Virgo in August to end once more in Capricorn on December 2010.

This time the retrograde happens in the sign of Libra, as it was in October 2008, which hadn’t happened since October 2002. Yet, this time is particularly special since Mercury has initiated since August 26th, a triple square to Pluto, (1st on Aug 26th, 2nd on Sep 17th and 3rd on Oct 10th) aggravated by the contact with Mars (on Aug 26th). Mercury (already in its shadow zone) will station retrograde at 6º Libra 13′ on Sep  7th until the Sep 30th, but it will not  reach the original retrograde degree of Libra 6º until Oct 14th.

Every time it passes through the 0º of Libra it will square Pluto at 0º Capricorn 40′. Those born around the 20th-21st-22nd of March, June, September and December, will suffer this repetitive aspect over their Sun. Whatever issue started around August 26th will be triggered  again and  again and they will be forced to face up to the facts. Since we are talking about the sign of Libra, which has a lot to do with human relationships, especially those with our spouses, business partners and clients (particularly if you are a therapist of some sort), this is the area of maximum challenge, where we will have to learn to communicate in a just, honest, clear manner, recognising the secret agenda of each party involved, respecting it, but above all, we must be very conscious of our own.

The questions to consider are who are we communicating with? Are we talking to the other person or simply voicing our frustration and discontent? to what degree are we seeing and listening to the other person’s needs or are we simple projecting our own? when Pluto is involved the issue of our own inner power is pivotal. Have we given our power away, by thinking that there is nothing we can do to find a solution? Does it depend entirely on the other person? Why do we depend?, why can we just simply take the decision?

These and more are some of the questions this aspects pose on us. Mars Pluto, detonate the inner beast, if we have kept quiet about something, we won’t be able to do it for much longer.

It reminds me a bit about the HULK, that inner green beast which lurks inside our psyche, which when provoked erupts with fury and others and even ourselves get pretty scared.

The secret lies in being just and honest with ourselves and others. If you feel you have given to much and got little in return, voice it, or come to terms with your own way of working. Why do you do what you do? Why can’t you say what you want, when you want it? Why don’t you listen?

Mercury-Pluto invite us to a dialogue with the inner Hulk and the result should be the taking of responsibility for our predicaments and actions.

The challenge of this retrograde is to face up to the Hulk and to control it is the work of the Wise Man inside of us.

Perhaps is more about understanding and respecting it, than to control it.

Whether we like it or not, the beast lurks inside all of us. Don’t just fear it, deal with it!


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