The Saturn-Uranus opposition exact again.

RakesOldAndNewHere we go again. Saturn and Uranus are going to be exactly opposed, on September 15th, this time at 24º 43′ of Virgo-Pisces respectively, next and last time on these signs will be on the 27th of April 2010, at 28º 46′ and then the last of these encounters will be in the Aries -Libra angle at 0º 25′, on July 2010, when they will be joined by Pluto in Capricorn in what we call a T-Square: a planet in right angle (Pluto) to 2 planets in opposition (Saturn-Uranus).

First time the opposition became exact, was on November 4th 2008, for the American elections, which gave us the first Afroamerican President. Not a small thing.

But this contact really started before and I’d really take it back to the moment that Saturn entered Virgo in September 2007, since it was then that the area of our charts that would be affected became evident, for most of us. As Saturn advanced through Virgo, (Uranus had been cruising through Pisces since 2003), on it’s way to meet Uranus, it begun a journey in an area of our chart, where we had to organize ourselves without the help of others at the same time  that we listen to Uranus’ voice which invites us to liberate ourselves and try something new.

How to experience the new, without throwing away a system that we have worked so hard to build? How to experience our individuality without ruining a relationship we have worked so hard to keep? How to work with the group and not lose our individuality in the process? These and many more are some of the predicaments of this opposition and it has not been easy and is not finished yet.

Obama, elected the day the opposition was exact for the first time, is living it intensely, trying to implement a Health Care system that encounters the resistance of the conservatives and a system that has made and continues to make fortunes, profiting from people’s health problems.

You may argue that these kind of situations always happen, but it is only now that they are so evident and powerful. Last time these 2 planets were conjunct in Capricorn in 1989, the Berlin Wall came down, and the USSR ceased to exist.

So, these are powerful influences and we must learn to deal with them. Each of us in a different area of our life and with our own personal  situation.

Why? this is never the correct question, but, What for? provokes more creative answers. We may never know why, but we may surely  easily understand what for.

I have hundred of examples from my clients and friends, all very accurate according to which area is affected in their personal birthchart, but what is important is perhaps to analyze what needs to be freed and what needs to be acknowledged and respected. Patience and the lesson that we can’t control everything, are some of the experiences of this opposition. There are times when we must simply wait, and there are other times when we must act. The awareness of this can enrich our soul, like nothing else. If the opposition happens in the 6th and 12th houses, sometimes illness is the reason why we can’t act, and although that may seem completely out of our control, still the lesson is there and we must not waste it.  If it happens in our 4th and 10th houses, perhaps you desire to venture on your own professionally but feel that can’t due to family responsibilities. If it’s on the 1st and 7th, you may be needing more freedom of action and time for yourself and find it difficult to do without jepardizing a long standing relationship, that you have worked very hard to keep.

These are some examples of the predicaments of this opposition in our daily life.

Finding the right balance into incorporating the new, without destroying what we have already achieved or the Status Quo,is another way of seeing this dilema.

Around the world, education is another clear example of this, as the old system of education are becoming obsolete or out of touch with the new minds and the need to re-evaluate what our students need, in order to be estimulated to continue with their studies. The change of subjects and adding of others more relevant to today’s needs are a challenge.

Subjects like health improvement and prevention of illnesses to counteract the excess of medicines being prescribed by doctors. A  change in the medical system to encourage people to take their health into their own hands, a bit more, rather than seeing their physician for anything and coming out of that encouter full of prescriptions. All of which cost a lot of money.

In short, this is a good opportunity provided by the Cosmos, to take more responsibility for our wellbeing and our lives.


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