New mOOn in Virgo – September 18th

virgoHere comes this most expected New Moon of the year, believe it or not, and I say expected, because this Moon in Virgo which happens to be conjunct (in the same degree) with Saturn, which has just exactly opposed Uranus,on the 15th, right after Pluto has gone direct in Capricorn on the Sep 11th, and Mercury has just dipped back into Virgo, it really exudes the need for order and hard work and dedication to service.

This is really when we need to get serious, when the chaos around us, needs to be addressed, and we need to pick up the pieces. The times of blaming the boss, your partner, your age, your children, the government, politicians, USA and their foreign policies, are OVER.

It is up to us to find a way to say ENOUGH, but to do that we need a plan. In case you haven’t notice the Saturn-Uranus opposition in your life, think again. Somewhere in your life you are battling with imposing some kind of  order at the same time that you need to incorporate something new into whatever you are doing. If you don’t relate to this situation and the fact that new ideas and well considered plans need to come to the rescue, because our old organizations has failed us and we need to regulate more, some of this old entities like the banks, our financial system, our relationships, our children, our personal work, our bank account, etc, etc.

Many other things are happening, but at the time of this new moon, we are vibrating to the above. Something in our conscience is telling us, open up, look at other possibilities, you don’t need to destroy what you have built, but you need to renew it, because is not working anymore. If you are tired with the gym, change for dance classes. Dancing is another Virgo thing.

I can imagine Obama’s struggle trying to convince these extreme conservatives that a Health Care plan is needed. That there are a lot of people that can’t afford private insurance and health and education should be a priority for everyone. I wonder why  this is  so difficult to understand for certain people.  Here in Europe you get to keep, if you want and can afford it, your private insurance, but there is a National Health System, paid by you, discounted from your salary automatically, which enables you to be covered by a National Health Insurance System.

I am talking about health because this is one of the dimensions of Virgo. This sign is interested in health in all its aspects. Service is another of the Virgo impulses. Virgo’s destiny is to be of service and find a technique that will help them do what they do as perfect as possible.

This New Moon speaks of a new way, a new order, a new technique that will help us develop what is in our soul buy in a practical way, so that we may begin to enjoy what we do and benefit from it, why not, in a financial and healthy way.

If you have been working very hard and your health have suffered because of it, then this is your opportunity to re-organize your schedule.

If you have been in a job for a long time and now need to do something else, you must find a way to re-direct your energies, your knowledge and your experience  so that whatever you choose to do now, is for the benefit of others as well as yourself. Everyone in the healing profession gets a push now, and because Virgo is the opposite sign to Pisces, whatever we decide to do, requires a certain degree of practicality. This angle (Virgo-Pisces)is constantly striving for perfection and the earthing of great ideals and visions of a perfect world. Think of Michael Jackson Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces.

This are the dimensions highlighted by this New Moon. We need to incorporate the new, technology, freedom, to an already existing order, without destroying it all. Simply improving it for the benefit of us all.

And we must do that before the T-square with Pluto comes to be exact in July 2010, when whatever we didn’t renovate or let go of, will anyway leave our lives and then it will feel like Fate instead of Free Will.

These are times of change and if we insist in resisting it, nothing good will come our way.

Conservatives of the world, you had your chance, now the changes have come.

Fortunately, in my experience, most contained and in particular  consciously decided changes are for the better. It simply means renovation and the opening of doors to discovery of new dimension of our being, that we didn’t even think before the change.

Those of us with Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo will feel it the strongest but all of humans are sharing this moment in time.

Be positive and take the decisions your heart is telling you to take.


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