Venus in Virgo


Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money has moved to the earth and feminine sign of Virgo, in spite of being ruled by an airy and masculine planet like Mercury.

This is an extremely feminine expression of Venus, perhaps not as sensual as it is in the other earthy sign which happens to rule, Taurus, but immensely feminine all the same.

With this, I am not saying that Venus in Virgo is not sensual, but the sensuality of Virgo has an “untouchable” quality, as if those women with Sun or Ascendent or Venus or Moon in Virgo were saying: -”Look, but don’t touch”-

Even though it might not be how they feel, it’s what they seem to be saying. z

Think of Sofia Loren (Sun and Venus in Virgo), Uma Thurman (Asc in Virgo), Claudia Schiffer (Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Virgo), Raquel Welsh (Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune in Virgo)to mention but a few, for us older people, Greta Garbo and Deborah Kerr were two of the greatest Virgo exponents I’ve ever seen.

Michael Jackson (talking about untouchable!) and Freddy Mercury also were Virgo.

Obviously the term Virgo comes from Virgin, but it describes the virgins of the pre-christian times, when a virgin or being a virgin didn’t necessarily refer to the sexual aspect of it, that, came later with Mary, mother of Jesus, but in the sense that they did not belong to a man, meaning, they were unmarried women.

They were in fact the virgins that presided over the ceremonies for the night before marriage, or what we actually call : “ a hen party”, when they encouraged the bride-to-be to abandon herself to her sensuality and desires before tying the knot. These rituals were often wild and full of sensuality.

Sexuality is a different thing for Virgo too, they spend most of their lives, swinging from a lot of sex to abstinence, and they defend celibacy with great conviction.

Venus in Virgo are extremely thorough in whatever they do, and if they agree to take care of something, you can be sure that they will do it with great accuracy.

They make great managers as details do not escape them, but they definitely shine in everything that requires attention to form and perfection, like fashion design, dancing and choreographing and anything that requires great dedication and practice. Karl Lagerfeld is a good example of this.

Like Malcolm Gladwell (The outliers) says: “Talent is the desire to practice” and not having been born with a special gift or a great IQ. That’s a Virgo statement.

Health is another of Virgo’s interests. Diets, fitness, nutrition, and they spend a lot of money in gyms and herbalists.

The obsession with perfection of Virgo makes it possible for them to practice and practice and practice, whatever they do, so that they will get it right, but it can make them be excessively critical of others and of course of themselves (Think Michael Jackson).

To accept that they are imperfect is a life’s work for Virgo and i am not sure they ever achieve it. Whatever part of their bodies they dislike is going to have to be fixed before they can be happy. If they are the more spiritual type, they can turn it into their point of acceptance.

There is also another side to Virgo and it’s their compulsion to service. You can always get them to work in jobs where they are of service, like catering or community work.

Social workers have some kind of Virgo dimension. Communication, acting, radio, television are also ideal jobs for Virgo.

Venus will be in Virgo until October 14th. Wherever Virgo falls in your chart, Venus passage through it will encourage you to perfect it and tie all loose ends, so that you can live with more order and enjoying the feeling of security that comes from knowing what you are doing.



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