New Moon in Libra – 18th of October

libra.JPGWhat all the New Moons have in common is that they are all different.

This coming New Moon in Libra has the particularity that it forms right at the time of a lot of planetary changes.

For one thing on the 14th, 4 days before the New Moon, Mercury finally ends its retrograde cycle, by returning to the 6º Libra 13′, where it first stationed retrograde on Sept 7th, at the same time that Venus enters Libra, after spending 24 days in Virgo. On the 13th, Jupiter has stationed direct, moving forward from the 17º of Aquarius again and on the 16th Mars moves to Leo after 52 days in Cancer.

We can safely say that things will be moving on.

So it’s in this special time that the Moon is becoming New at almost 25º Libra, the sign of personal relationships, harmony and diplomacy. The experience of this sign is who we are in relationship to the Other. This Other may be a close associate, a romantic lover, husband or wife, client in therapeutic relationship, whoever we form a close relationship with. Friends, as such, belong to the 11th house and Aquarius, in Libra we experience ourselves in relationship.

Libra often finds him or herself in relationships with the other cardinal signs. Meaning: Cancer, Capricorn and Aries. These signs are often found in the family as well. So we experience the cardinal quality from the beginning. Cardinal signs are not victim signs. They are action signs. They can be blamed sometimes for acting without thinking or planning poorly, but never for not acting. This means that they take risks, perhaps more or more promptly that other signs.

Libra is no exception, and this New Moon is one of those moments when we have to make one of those “leap of faith”, but this time keeping the feet on the ground. This Moon makes a T-square to the Moon Nodes, actually in the Cancer-Capricorn angle. It also makes an aspect to Neptune, hence the -“the leap of faith”, but by being at 90º of the both Moon Nodes, it becomes the catalyst of them both.

Developing our self-authority and inner responsibility is one of the propositions of this Moon. Walking away from Cancer towards Capricorn. Leaving Mother, one way or another, leaving financial dependency, changing homes, becoming a parent, developing the structure of our own business, etc.

The aspect it makes to Neptune, will fuel the imagination and perhaps blur the outcome. But this is when we must draw from our well gained experience and wisdom. If you are young and perhaps a student, you’ll probably be confronting exams and decisions that you may find overwhelming. Yet, this is not a negative New Moon by any means.

Libran issues of relationship will manifest in different ways for most people, according to their personal situations, but the theme of understanding one’s position within the relationship applies to all.

Being born in a particular sign does no mean we  are or possess the qualities described by that sign. It’s more a process of learning to be, of becoming ( like  Stephanie Austin calls it). Being Libra describes the need to learn to be within a relationship. The subject of “projection” is evident in this experience. What are those qualities we fall in love with? Put in another way: What kind of individuals we fall in love with? Why do we keep falling for the same kind of people? Most of the times they express with ease certain qualities we already possess but have difficulty expressing. Like: financial stability, creativity, tenderness, compromise, sensuality, wildness, adventurous spirit, power, etc.

We should always ask ourselves when we feel attracted to someone: what has she or he have that I want, or that I think I don’t have and obviously need, in order to feel complete? It will not kill the romance, believe me, because the process of falling in love will always have some magical and mysterious ingredients. but it will help us get a better perspective of what we are getting into and if not “why”, at least “what for”.

Most astrologers know that whatever planets we have in the 7th house, those are the ones we tend to project onto others, or the Other.

Goes without saying that Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra, are the signs more dramatically affected by this Moon, but most of us, have some of them in our birthchart, so it will be felt in a large scale. Besides the fact that the Saturn-Pluto-Uranus T- square that has already started in the sings of Virgo-Capricorn-Pisces respectively, which will move to Libra-Capricorn-Aries towards 2010 is already within aspect range, so like I said before, if  you haven’t felt the winds of change brushing your face, you are either dead or not on this planet.


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