Saturn in Libra

jane-austen-emma-1So here comes Saturn to the sign of Libra, after 29 years of absence in it. Last time this most important of planets entered the sign of the scales was September 1980. So, if you were alive then, think, what was going on in your life right at that point, because this time around it will trigger situations initiated then, 29 years earlier. Obviously for those of us, older than 30 of 40 years of age it will resonate in a way that we’ll be able to relate to.
Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, makes a natural square (90º angle) to Libra, yet according to traditional Astrology, Saturn is exalted in this sign. One of the qualities they share is their need for justice and doing the right thing.
Saturn in Libra or the 7th house or in aspect to Venus, in a birth-chart will bring the subject of relationships to a very serious often painful and frustrating path. The lesson often is the understanding of projection within the relationship, helping the individual accept their own inadequacies, instead of believing that it is the partners fault for not appreciating them. A sense of being not deserving of love, is common with this planetary placements.
But Libra is above all, a very sociable sign, and human relationships in general are their ground of work. Many politicians are Libra or have some planets in this sign.
Saturn, albeit harsh by transit, has a tendency to motivate us to sort things out. The harshness comes from the confrontation with reality and the work to be done, in order to be happier or more in tune with whom we really are. The furthest away we have pulled from our centre, the more painful it will be to return to ourselves.
Circumstances in life (or Neptune transits) take us on journeys that make us run wild away from who we really are, and it’s only when Saturn comes around, that we “wake up” to reality and realise what must be done, to return home, or simply to build a new one.
Often, we literally build, sale or buy a new home under Saturn transits, as we are trying to build a new structure in our lives.
Sometimes is a new family, children, divorces, bankruptcy, death of someone around us that face us with then need to construct a “home” for ourselves. A new business, ending one, etc.
Since the language of Saturn is about taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives and Libra is about human relationships, it is easy to assume that there will be some work and limitations within the way we relate to each other, being a personal relationships, business partnerships, country to country.
Diplomacy will become a serious possibility, and we’ll be faced with the need to sort out relationships, situations in our lives, that have been damaged by our negligence, arrogance or even lack of self-steam.
Anything that started around 6, 13, 20, 28 years ago, will have to be reviewed. Very especially, relationships.
Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra will be affected the most, that includes anyone with planets other than the Sun sign, in those signs.
If we look back at 1980-81-82 when Saturn was last in Libra, we had the Reagan (an Aquarian, also ruled by Saturn)-Thatcher (Libra) romance going on, and the US of A, struck a deal with Iran for some American hostages to be released.
Greece came into the European community. But also Reagan and Pope John Paul II were shot. The first cases of death by Aids were beginning to come into collective consciousness, shedding light into our approach to sex and changing our attitude to it for ever.
El Salvador and Honduras sign a peace treaty to put a border dispute (Saturn) before the International Court of Justice (Libra).
In December 1980, John Lennon himself a Libra, was shot in NYC.
The Falkland Islands or Islas Malvina’ war begun. Argentina, a Cancer country has Libra in the Ascendant.
Also, the fabulous Ordinary People, film by Robert Redford got the Oscar for best film. A real microscopic view of an ordinary family relationship.
And…in April 1981, Israel completed its withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula in accordance with the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty!!!
If only….
The only problem this time around is that Saturn enters Libra forming a square to Pluto, soon to be joined by Uranus in an astrological T-square which none of us alive have ever experienced. Only in 1931, when the Big Depression these three planets have met, yet, not in an identical fashion, but close enough.
You can read about in my article of “The Market Crisis and Astrology” of the 25th of September, 2008 in this blog.
Saturn will dip back into Virgo in March 2010 to make the last of the Saturn-Uranus oppositions in the Virgo-Pisces angle on the 27th of April, to then re-enter Libra on the 22nd of July, to form the T-Square to Uranus now in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn, with the addition of Jupiter also in early Aries, and Mars in Libra reinforcing the energy of Saturn. Wow!
All I can say that in spite of feeling quite afraid, I also feel very optimistic about it, because it certainly represents the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one.
An expansion of Consciousness!. That can’t be bad. Still, many people, situations and relationships will come to an end, and we will have to face up to ourselves once more. We all know by now, that there is not growing up without a little pain.


3 comments on “Saturn in Libra

  1. Dear Cristiana,
    Saturn & Pluto conjunction in Libra,( which is h7 of UK aries rising) during 1981 /1983 saw Falkland wars with Argentina..
    Now Pluto from Capricirn shall square Saturn in libra , does this foretells some thing bad for UK/Argentina


    • Dear Arihant. Thanks for the comment and you are right, that was what happened then. I sure hope nothing like that happens again.
      Argentina is Libra rising! I think this time is the financial situation which affects both countries, save the differences, and for Argentina in particular, will probably mean the fall of this present government.
      Thank you for writing!


  2. Dear Cristina. I was born on under Libra oct. 7, 1953. Begining this year i started to study yoga as one of the goals for new year. I hope this expantion of conciousness will help me in the finishing of my master degree paper. My theme. medieval Author, Fernando de Rojas and La Celestina.

    Sory Aponte


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