Venus in Scorpio

Persephone Enters.JPGYesterday Venus moved into Scorpio, the sign commonly associated with our sexuality and less commonly a reflection of our most inner desires, the real depth of our soul, of our inner ability for self-examination, other people’s money or property and death.
Without Scorpio we would constantly blame others for the emotions that we so carefully, as a society, hide from ourselves and others. We would all like to think that jealousy, resentment, envy, hate, are not part of our nature. It is through the journey across the sign of Scorpio that we come face to face with it all.
Venus in Scorpio evokes the myths of Hades and Persephone and that of Inanna-Ereshkigal as well.
In both tales there is a Journey to the Underworld or the Great Below, to the Goddess.
I will only tell Persephone’s tale which goes like this: One beautiful sunny day, Persephone and her nymphs friends were enjoying life, playing innocently in a meadow full of flowers, when suddenly the earth opened and the great carriage pulled by beautiful and powerful black stallions of Hades, King of the Great Below, came through. The moment that Hades saw Persephone he decided that she would be his Queen. So thanks to his helmet, a gift from Hermes, that made him invisible to everyone, he proceeded to kidnap Persephone and take her down to his realm.
By nightfall, Demetra, Mother Earth, Persephone’s mother, realizes that her daughter is not back from her outing. In desperation she goes out looking for her.
After few hours that turned into days and even more desperation, she decides to go to Zeus for help.
The King of the Gods confirms her worst fears and tells her of Persephone’s fate. Since Zeus had no power over Hades, he simply (according to some versions) arranges a meeting between Demetra and the Lord of the Underworld. After long deliberation they accorded that Persephone, who was not consulted at all in any of this and had no power of decision, would stay six months of the year as a Queen in the Great Below, next to her newly wed, which coincides with Fall and Winter, due to Demetra’s pain and therefore her negligence of the Earth and will come up the other six months for Spring and Summer, since, Demetra in her happiness, produces green and flowers and takes care of the Earth again.
As you may imagine this little tale can be seen from many different points of view. Perhaps it would be a good exercise to reflect and see who you identify with, in this story, now that Venus has come into Scorpio.
It would also be great if you would dare to comment about some of your feelings towards your ideas, in this blog.
If we look at it from Persephone’s point of view, one thing is clear: when she is in the Great Below, she is Queen and powerful, when she comes to the surface she becomes Daughter again, hence, no power.
Which one would you choose? Where would you like to be?
Venus in Scorpio therefore, gives us the opportunity to delve into our psyche and through self-knowledge, gain inner power. “If I know, what you don’t know”, says Scorpio, “I have power over you” This is one of the reason why Scorpio so often, naturally hides.
Venus in Scorpio desires to seduce and possess the object of their desire, in a way that is difficult for the mind to contain. There is a “want” in Scorpio and very especially in Venus in Scorpio, that becomes overbearing, especially during adolescence and it becomes difficult to control. Therefore those with Venus in Scorpio often hide their sexuality by dressing like a tom-boy if they are girls. Boys seem to always attract “that kind of woman”.
Whichever the option, the experience of love is intense and often painful, but full of magic if one dares to surrender. This is perhaps the main point of this position when it comes to love.
The ability to surrender to love, never mind how painful.
Venus in Scorpio is truly faithful, and nobel. They love with an intensity, difficult to match.
Dancers with this position, emanate a magic sensuality in their movements, never mind the shape of their body.
Separation is not their strongest point, and obsession is also a characteristic. If they WANT somebody, they just have to have him/her. Their goddess inside will soon turn into a Medusa, a gorgon, if they feel they’ve been deceived.
Let’s use this time to connect with our inner Persephone, and try to establish a dialogue with her, without words, simply through our feeling nature.


6 comments on “Venus in Scorpio

  1. I have been searching for posts about Venus in Scorpio ( thats where mine is too, and I´m a Libra) and I found yours absolutely fabulous!
    Thank you for putting in words what I often can´t even describe.


  2. Gracias por el mito, que describe la dualidad extrema de Escorpio: reyna e hija, aguila y escorpio/ altura y rastrero/ intensa sensual mágica fiel noble rendida hasta con dolor y por otro lado la Medusa, la Gorgora, /angel y diablo/ etc. Luego la sensualidad de venus en esos extremos, la abstinencia, el celibato, Noble, fiel trasmutando a las altas cumbres de la realización y el otro extremo la frivolidad sensual arrebatada y desenfrenada, arrastrandose en el infierno de sarcastico y crueldad.


    • Gracias por compartir estas dualidades que a menudo expresan lo opuesto en nuestra psique. Los mitos son grandiosos, para esto y el de la Medusa en particular. No hay ninguna otra imagen tan descriptiva de la ira feminina, que este gorgon con pelo de serpiente, y lo que le hace a los hombres! Los convierte en piedra! Los inmobiliza.


  3. Mi primer amor que conocí hace 30 años tiene venus en escorpio y reaparece ahora con tanta intensidad que después de haber tenido 300 mujeres en sus brazos todavía viene a decirme que yo fuí la flor de su vida. ¿Qué le ha sucedido?.Ahora con 61 años se da cuenta que yo sí le amé y toda su vida ha sido decepcionado . Su propuesta de matrimonio para acompañarle hasta el fin de su vida me sube mucho la moral, pero estoy casada y con tres hijos y tengo venus en acuario. Es curioso que el mito de Perséfone nos hace vivir entre el cielo y el infierno. Si elijes el poder vas a Hades y si elijes vivir como hija, te sientes una mera marioneta de lo que tu madre ha planeado para su hija en la vida. Es preferible ser la reina de tu vida y elejir tu mundo.


    • Gracias por tu comentario. Es extraordinario comprobar que los mitos siguen vivitos y coleando en nuestra vida cotidiana.
      Un saludo


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