Venus in Sagittarius

The passage of Venus through the sign of Scorpio, left us with the feeling that in order to move on in a new direction something and unfortunately sometimes somebody must die.
I have gone through my share of death as Venus cruised the Pluto-ruled sign, at the same time that the first encounter Saturn-Pluto happened. These two planets will square each other again on the 31st of January and the 21st of August 2010.
But fortunately, for the next 23 days, Venus will express herself through the sign of the Archer. The image that comes to mind is that of the Amazons which were famous warrior women.
As our modern mind is unable to imagine that once a people of warlike women had existed, modern historians either neglect the ancient tradition about Amazons or simply pay attention to the most unrealistic side of these stories. We would have never discovered Troy, had we all been like that.
Venus in Sagittarius is vivacious and extremely independent. With her mind and eyes in the horizon is difficult for her to settle down. Everything foreign attracts her. She likes the exotic, the different and whatever speaks to her of far away lands and cultures.
The need for personal freedom and self-discovery is a constant light at the end of their tunnel. They can’t really cope with constraint and they are in perpetual expansion.
Jeffrey Wolf Green says:
“There is an inherent focus on solutions versus being caught up in problems, and there is
a natural humor embraces the vision of the absurd because of this. The Venus in Sagittarius person
values humor as a vehicle that can lead to healing in a variety of ways, and in all kinds
of conditions. They have an ability to make others laugh at themselves, especially when
others are taking themselves too seriously. They are very natural and spontaneous
people, fun-loving and naturally project sincerity and honesty. The projection of sincerity
and honesty is a reflection of their own desire for personal truth.”
Their sense of humor is really evident as soon as you meet her, and if you try to catch her, you better be prepared for giving them a lot of freedom.
They usually form relationships with foreign people or with those who travel often or they find a job or a profession that allows them to travel. When they don’t physically make the journey, they do it mentally, by becoming teachers or professors or travel agents, for example.
The mutable signs: Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius as well as the other fire signs: Leo and Aries will feel the effect of this position of Venus more strongly, so these are times for focusing in pleasure, your physical appearance, creativity and relationships. Being affected by Venus, makes us pay more attention to the way we look and our loved ones. We spend more money in beauty treatments, make up, perfume and clothes. Creative activities becomes more appealing and we may find ourselves going out to see performances of dance and theatre.
So enjoy these days and be careful with your credit card if you have one and if you can afford it, go for it and be the Goddess.


2 comments on “Venus in Sagittarius

  1. If we understand deeper and deeper the soul do we restore the godly powers within? What did you find out so far. How do you know such things?


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