Full Moon in Gemini – December 2nd

Tomorrow and Wednesday we have a Full Moon in the sign of Gemini, which means that the Sun is in Sagittarius, just as Venus moves to this sign of the Centaur as well.
As with any Full Moon the feeling is that of having arrived to a pick situation which started at the time of the New Moon, this time on November 16th.
Try to remember what was happening in your life then and you will understand what it needs to be addressed and sorted.
The Gemini-Sagittarius angle deals with how we express (Gemini) our inner truth (Sagittarius)
Are we channeling, communicating, processing our ideals, our aspirations?
When we speak, are we saying what is in our heart or are we just talking from our head?
Are we studying what we’d really like to study? Are we writing what we really want to write about?
Things change. And at the moment things are changing fast. Perhaps we all travel more, we all speak more languages, we all watch TV and use Internet.
Information is at our fingertips and knowledge has been democratized but are we learning anything?
James Hillman in The Soul’s Code, tells us that we all come to this life with a “calling” and it is our privilege and our obligation to develop that calling and own up to it.
What kind of further development will help us truly express the essence of that calling?
The Moon is in trine to Saturn at the time of this Full Moon and the Sun to Mars. There’s a kind of contradiction that it isn’t such. There is an impulse to act first and think later, yet the waves coming from Saturn reminds us that there is always someone we have to answer to. And it is only when we develop inner discipline and authority that we may not encounter them outside of us.
This Moon is a reminder that the power struggles with people of authority has an inner meaning that we need to learn.
We may learn from those who face us with our inadequacies even though it may enrage us in a first instance.
Saturn tells us that there must be some kind of order, some kind of law, some kind of limits in our lives to be able to learn about real freedom.
In Greek mythology, Saturn severs Uranus (his father) testicles and throws them into the sea, and from the foam that they create, Venus is born.
Perhaps we need to separate from the ideals and desires of our father to be able to find our own, for our own creativity to emerge from the sea of our unconscious.
Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is coming to the exact conjunction to Chiron, the symbol of Sagittarius. This should bring our ideals closer to earth so that we may have the chance to find a middle ground where it should be easier for us to accomplish and live up to them.


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