Mercury retrograde – December 26th 2009

Although Mercury retrogrades 3 times a year more or less, this is the fourth retrograde this year. (Read my other articles on Mercury retrograde in this blog).
This time Mercury will station retrograde on December 26th until January 15th when stations direct right at the same time of the Solar Eclipse, and 2 days before Jupiter moves into Pisces after a whole year of transiting Aquarius and forming the triple conjunction with Neptune and Chiron which brought a clear awareness of the need to face up to global warming, as well as the connections through the Internet via Twitter, Facebook, etc.
You may have your own ideas about these Internet communities but one thing is certain and is that they allow us to become aware of collective issues pretty quickly and connect and voice our opinion in a way that we wouldn’t even thought possible few years ago.
This Mercury Retrograde falls in Capricorn, you know, finances, authority, institutions, career, parents, father, obligations, limitations, etc. So, time to review financial transactions you may be involved with. Contracts, business deals, communication projects. They should be re-evaluated taking into considerations your financial reality. What sounded great to begin with, might not be the ideal situation for you now.
Review your bank balance before you take any major decisions. You might be forced to go back on your word or someone might do that with you.
All the cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries) will be affected the most, best way is to see where these angles fall on your birth-chart, for you to understand where you will be most confronted by this retrograde.
Most of us, shrink at the thought of a Mercury retrograde, mostly, because it means delays and confusion of some sort.
Since this year it coincides with the Holidays, it’ll seem more normal, the possible delays, but truth is, this Cosmic event, will give you the opportunity to think things through, enabling you to make a better decision in whatever you need to.
Finances and career are in focus. This is the nature of Capricorn and Saturn.
Mars turns retrograde on the December 20th until the March 10th, 2010. Being in Leo at the moment, if you have any association with people of this sign or are Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo yourself, be aware of your
emotional demands, or you’ll be blaming others for whatever goes wrong in your life.
Scorpio and Taurus have been more irritable at the moment, you must confront yourself and try to understand what is that that is making you so upset.
Always remember, that it is your ego, that is upset, not your Soul. These apparent difficult times, are here to enrich you life by allowing you to analyze and discover the secrets hidden in your unconscious.
This retrograde happens in signs and degrees similar to that of 1930, which also had a similar T-Square like the one we are about to experience in July 2010, involving Pluto-Saturn-Uranus.
IT was the times of the Great Depression, as it was called that crises, and look where we are now.
As you may have read in countless astrological blogs: These are real changing times, where we are ALL going through great moments of change and awareness, which can only take us to better things, even if it gets rough for a while. We are becoming more conscious and that is the only way to improvement of any kind.
Be prepared, be aware and do what you can.


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