New Moon in Sagittarius – Dec 16th, 2009

Here comes the last New Moon of the year and since is December, falls, of course in the sign of the Sagittarius, Archer, the Centaur, shooting his arrow to the Heavens as if trying to pierce it to find out what is out there. As if, trying to obtain from it, the answers to the questions that trouble his soul. Who are we?, where do we come from? where are going to? what is the meaning of life? Is there a meaning to any of this or is it just a random experience?
This is a true symbol of the spirit of Sagittarius, a fire sign that never stops questioning, no matter what. The search for truth is the main characteristic of this sign, even if it takes going around the world to find it.
Although they enjoy traveling and they often do trot the world, like Siddhartha, their journey takes them to the center of their soul, where they can really find the answers.
Yet, in order to get there, we need many teachers, many faces, many lives, to understand this truth.
Through the centuries men have looked to the Heavens for the answers and many times, it does it unconsciously, as if by a simple reflex of the posture. Like when tennis players or any other sportsman score. Their first look is up. What or who are they communicating with? Is it God, is it Gods and Goddesses? is it the Planets? Do they know? Do we know?
Truths is we don’t know, it is a mystery, and like most mysteries, a potential fascination for Sagittarius.
The other aspect of this sign is the Teacher. In their intensive search, they learn, and they love to pass it on.
This New Moon carries with it the potential for questioning. With the help of Pluto and Venus, which are very close by, the spirit of this moon change, is to direct our questioning to our relationships or rather to ourselves within the relationship.
Whichever situation we find ourselves in with or without a relationship, we need to find out or analyze a little further what is that we expect from the other. What do we expect of ourselves with the other? Why do we argue? Why do we feel we don’t get enough? why do they ask for things we cannot give? what are these forces we cannot control?
This moon invites to journey through our emotions to understand that without these answers, we simply blame the other and sort nothing out. When we get involved in power struggles, what are trying to gain? to be right? and then what? to be powerful? and then what?
Mars stations retrograde in on the 20th until March 10th, 2010. But at the moment it is close to a trine to the Sun and the Moon will form the trine to Mars before approaching the Sun. This will fuel our emotions and will allow us to enjoy the feeling of power, even if, for a fleeting moment.
The most important aspect of this Moon though, is the square to Uranus, which is one of the most powerful of squares. Especially when it comes to understand that there are things we CANNOT control in this life and that it is vital that we respond to the impulse to be ourselves above everything else. Uranus does no care for social rules, cultural background or parental expectations. It needs to be what it is. It needs to create out of nothing. Unexpected, is an Uranian word. Unexpected encounters, unexpected situations, unexpected events are under the rule of this planet. So be prepared for this, if ever possible.
Finally, this New Moon happens just couple of degrees away from the Galactic Center, this apparent black hole at the center of our Galaxy, which emanates all kind of magnetic force and that we know so little about. What we do know is that things that happen near the 26º of Sagittarius, which is where the Galactic Center finds itself at the moment, take on a powerful force which we will be able to experience one way or another.
So if you thought that all New Moons are more or less the same. Think again


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