Mars retrograde from Dec 26th, 2009

>Here we go, Mars goes retrograde today, until March 10th, 2010 in the sign of Leo, which has been transiting since October 16th.
From the 19º where Mars finds itself today until 0º of Leo, when it will station direct again.
So what does that mean for us humans?
Since Mars, the planet of our self assertion, the way we act, the way we express ourselves physically, sexually, heroically, when we want something, when we are angry, when we simply need to channel our energy, when we claim what is rightfully ours, etc., is in Leo, we do all this in a big way. Leo is about finding a way to express whatever we carry inside, out into the open. Our creativity, our need to say, HERE I AM, THIS IS ME, THIS IS MY TERRITORY.
Mars in Leo expresses itself in a very generous way. Grandly and with a lot of charisma. For many people, their way is a bit too much. But this does not worry Leo, who simply needs to do it this way. It is their own personal way and that it what matters.
Since Mars entered Leo in October, there has been an impulse to do and express our heart in a creative way. A newly found confidence has helped us plan our way forward, planning big things for ourselves and trusting our talents more than ever. The problems has been, that perhaps not everyone around us has agreed with it, and the challenge has been not to argue, not to give in to a battle of Egoes.
Yet, the energy has been forward and positive. But now, Mars goes retrograde and as with all other retrogrades, is time to Re-view, Re-think, Re-consider, RE-evaluate our actions, our projects.
The reality of our decisions, begins to creep in and we are forced to consider the other people involved, if any, the timing, the dimensions of our scheme. We will be forced to WAIT, become aware of developing PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE. Never a bad thing.
What it seemed to work well, now slows down, and we may find ourselves becoming impatient, frustrated and angry.
With Mercury also going retrograde as from December 26th, the Holiday Seasons will seem like a good excuse for slowing down if not right down stopping the activity. Except that this time, may seem longer than ever.
I am not saying that we will feel frustrated until March the 10th, but the fulfillment or our adventure, may have to wait a little.
The only way out to avoid frustration, might be to become aware of how much we can control, and how much we can’t. Our limitations.
Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo, especially those born within 0º – 19º of those sings, will feel it more dramatically and avoiding arguments and confrontation could prove to be a real challenge.
For Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra the challenge starts as Mercury goes retrograde in Cap. Especially closer to the end of the year, as the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer takes place.
Be aware, be very aware. Realize your limitations and be humble and patient.
At the end of all these, you’ll realize the positive side of it all, as you will be better prepared to make your dreams come true.


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