Jupiter in Pisces – January 18th, 2010

Jupiter has a 12 year cycle, which means that every 12 years, comes back to the same point and sign, where it was when we were born. It’s what we call in Astrology, a Jupiter return. It also means that it spends about a year in each sign. It is now moving from Aquarius where it has been since January 2009, which got us all communicating through Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social internet communities. It made a triple conjunction to Neptune and Chiron, bringing the attention to healing within the group. It brought the 5 Rhythms of Gabrielle Roth into my life.
If you think for a moment of what happens in the first Jupiter return, when we are 12 years old, it is normally the moment where most women get their first period, opening a series of possibilities, for us women and of course for men, which are often quite overwhelming. It also coincides with the time that we leave primary school to start Middle and High school, also a pivotal time in our education and development, impulsing our intellect to a whole new way of studying and learning.
The second Jupiter return happens at 24. This is a time when many of us venture to another country or simply out of one’s neighborhood. Moving to a different environment is common. Getting married and experiencing a complete new way of living. More often than not, if you have been studying or training at something, you begin to teach or to work independently. The urge to expand to new horizons is very strong at this point.
Think back at those turning points in your life to see how Jupiter affected your life.
The position of Jupiter in your birthchart will be an indication of the sort of experience or the area of your life which gets enhanced at the time of the returns.
The last time that Jupiter entered Pisces before now, was in February 1998. If you are reading this article, you were most likely alive then, so you may ask yourself: What was happening in your life then?
The time before that was in February 1986. Can you remember what was going on then?
Jupiter brings the opportunities for expansion and development, but it is one that must act upon it.
With Mars we begin the action. It is the red planet that gives us the first impulse to move, to get up
and go, to obtain what we need or want. But it is with Jupiter that we dare to expand and venture a bit further on. Our neighborhood is not enough anymore, we need to see how people live in other places.
The adventure starts in the mind, the moment we begin to question: who am I?. Who are we, apart from being the daughter/son of so and so? What are we doing here? What is the meaning of life? These are all Jupiter’s questions. Expansion, joy, optimism, are also Jupitarian words.
Jupiter isn’t necessarily profound or very analytical, it will not take us to psychoanalysis. It is more interested in concepts, ideas, beliefs.
Pisces is the sign where we understand that we are but ONE, with Nature, with others. The concept of the “Drop in the Ocean” is a Piscean concept. Everything that erases the limits between us all, is a Piscean experience. Music, religion, the collective unconscious.
Pisces’ real challenge is to define itself as separate from the rest. To draw limits. Not an easy task for Pisces.
It is the Piscean in the family that becomes the carrier of the family shadow. The victim, the black sheep, the scapegoat. Of all the siblings, it is Pisces the one who will look after the old or sick parent.
Truth is, they can really feel the pain of other people as their own. It is quite unbearable for Pisces to watch the suffering of others and not be mortified. The impulse is to do something about it but quite often they don’t, unless they have some Aries in their chart.
Re-hab clinics are full of Pisceans, since quite often, the pain of such an “unjust world”, needs a little numbing in the shape of alcohol, pills or something else. Anything that will stop the pain. Think Michael Jackson (Moon in Pisces) and many others.
Jupiter rules Pisces, in traditional astrology, so this is quite an important transit for Jupiter. It will be the impulse we need to take responsibility for our world.
We have now become aware of global warming and its effect, the hunger and how many children die a day, because of it, the financial abuse of banks, bankers, business men.
We now know. Are we going to do something about it? As a unit? as ONE? or are just going to sit one more day at the pub, or the café, commenting how terrible everything is, and then go back to our routine, as if nothing was happening?
Jupiter in Pisces will open those questions once more. It is up to us to do something.
Jupiter will transit Pisces quite quickly to begin with, so much so that it will enter Aries on June the 8th, where it will have its first encounter with Uranus, a conjunction that will repeat 3 times. First one in Aries, second and third one in the last degrees of Pisces.
On July 24th will station retrograde and will dip back into Pisces in September 23rd. It will go back to the 23º of Pisces until November 19th, when it will station direct when it will start its forward motion, and it will finish 2010 at 26º of Pisces.
At the end of July, it will be part of the Great T-Square, in conjunction to Uranus at Aries 0º, Opposing Mars and Saturn at Libra 0º, and all in square to Pluto at Capricorn 3º. Charming!
What does it all mean? That is the question! I don’t know what is going to happen, but I do know that these are some of the most important moments of our (all of us alive at this point) lives, not necessarily individually, but as a collective.
These are major change and re-adjustment times. We are being called to act, to put an end to whatever is not working anymore in our lives. This is a T-Square in Cardinal signs, which call to ACTION! Natural disasters where we are needed to collaborate, is also a possibility.
We are being made aware that YES, there is something we can do, if we all act together.
The last time Jupiter conjuncted Uranus was in February 1997, in the sign of Aquarius. It was the year when “Dolly” woke us up to Cloning, and to the possibility of Human cloning. It was also the year when divorce became legal in Ireland. Great Britain gave Hong Kong back to the Chinese. But of course, it was also the year when Diana, Princess of Wales, died.
Jupiter-Uranus, scream: “Freedom”, from unwanted self-inflicted chains, from habits that stop or prevent us from progressing, from evolving. Freedom sometimes means death. So it is quite common to see Jupiter by aspect or by transit when someone dies. Death as freedom from form.
For those Pisceans lucky enough to be in the creative world, this could certainly be a fantastic year, full of possibilities, where the issues of immigration, religion, will be seen in film, dance and other works of art.
For the rest of us, if you are Cancer or Scorpio, this could also be a year when you see your efforts rewarded, if you have been working hard at something.
For those born in the middle of the 60th, which have been affected by the Satun-Uranus opposition, during the end of 2008 and all of 2009, the 2nd and 3rd encounter of Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces (September 19th and January 4th, 2011) should mean a true step to individuation, when we finally come to our senses and decide to follow the path that our soul requires.
These are Aquarian and Piscean times, and the need to work for a common goal is what is required of us.
We don’t need anymore jihads, we need to work together towards greater ideals and Jupiter in Pisces, will pave the road for what is to come when Neptune finally moves into Pisces, in April 2011, and February 2012, where it will remain until 2025.


3 comments on “Jupiter in Pisces – January 18th, 2010

  1. Some very thought provoking comments about Jupiter in Pisces. I’d like to learn more about the astrological aspect. Thanks Diana!


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