Annular Solar Eclipse In Capricorn Today!

This is a New Moon and an Annular Solar eclipse, when the Moon is in its apogee, its furthest point from the Earth. A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, and an annular eclipse is when the diameter of the Moon is seen smaller than the Sun, therefore leaving a sort of ring around the Sun, partially covering it.
I’m not going to get into the Astronomical side of this Eclipse since you can get that here:
From the Astrological Point of View, this is an interesting Eclipse since the Sun and the Moon are alined with Venus, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Money, at 25º of Capricorn. Cancer, Aries, Libra are going to be hit stronger than other signs, but Virgo and Taurus will also be affected in a more subtle way.
Whatever has been going on in the past 3 o 4 days, even a week, should tell you about the issues you need to work on.
Unexpected spending, relationship upheavals are a possibility, but in a deeper level, the confrontation with some hidden aspects of our psyche could bring opportunities for growth.
At the time of the Eclipse, the energy of the Sun, is blocked by the Moon, stopping the radiation of the electromagnetic energy coming from the Sun.
An opportunity to see the dark side of our nature, is there, for us to embrace and learn from it.
Mercury is also stationing direct at the same time, to re-initiate its forward motion.
Paper work, legal matters, communication in these areas should be restored from now on.
Since its all happening in the sign of Capricorn, our finances are an issue, as well as our relationship with people of authority, like our boss, our father, our spouse, especially if he is older.
None of this should be interpreted as something negative, on the contrary, this a golden opportunity, for us to see what needs to be done during this year, as part of our development.
Don’t throw away this lessons, as you will appreciated later on, when it all makes more sense to you.
On January 15th, 1991, there was an eclipse in the same degree as now, if you were alive then, you may ask yourself what was happening then in your life, and see if you find any correlation with what is going on today.
Saturn square to Pluto is almost exact now, with Mercury going direct alined with Pluto. These are not superficial times. These are times to contact you most private secrets and bring the out into the light to purge yourself of unnecessary guilts and emotional torment. Good deep conversation with friends or your shrink will be of great benefit.
Discover the Goddess inside and be it. Men and Women.


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