Venus in Aquarius

On January 18th, Venus entered the sign of the Aquarius, a day after, Jupiter moved to Pisces. One of the differences between these two cosmic events, is that Jupiter will stay in Pisces for a year, whereas Venus will stay in the sign of the Water Bearer, only 23 days.
In spite of having a symbol that represents water, Aquarius is a very Air sign, in fact, i would venture to say, the most Air of the Air signs, in some respects.
Speak to an Aquarian about relationships and you will see what I mean.
So, what does the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Money convey in this sign?
For one thing, she won’t be seducing like she normally does, let’s say in Taurus, or Cancer for example, since Aquarius’ sensuality or emotional world are slightly different to most other signs.
In fact, Aquarius IS different in every possible sense, to all the other signs. Mainly, because that is their purpose in life. TO BE DIFFERENT.
There is nothing more terrifying for Aquarius, than to feel they are like most people. They spend most of their energy trying to differentiate from whatever might be the NORM. Whatever society repels, they will happily explore. This is very especially with Venus (our values) in Aquarius.
This people are not interested in the conventional set of values of society at large. They want to develop their own. When they are young there’s seem to be the sensation that everything they like or makes them tick, is not acceptable. Not NORMAL.
Most Aquarians end up leaving their nest to find other lands where they might feel less weird.
Yet, what they don’t know in their young times, is that this sensation will accompany them all their lives. It’s part of who they are.
This feeling comes from the fact that they can connect with the future, very easily, therefore, if they are in a very traditional environment, they can always see, how things will be in the future, something most people can not do.
In their struggle to be different, which is almost a compulsion in Aquarius, they often forget they are also human. There is an arrogance and sense of superiority sometimes in Aquarius.
Truth is, they find it easier to connect with people at a mental level, than at an instinctual level.
“When you let the emotions take over in a relationship, then that is the end of it”, an Aquarian once said to me.
Me, being a water sign, I asked him:, “so, how is a relationship without the emotions being involved?”
But, that is Aquarius. They can easily be called: detached, cold, aloof.
Barack Obama with his Aquarian Ascendant comes to mind or even better, David Bowie, also an Aquarian Ascendant.
The Punk Revolution of the 80’s also comes to mind, when Saturn ( the traditional ruler of Aquarius) was in Libra as well as Pluto. The early 70’s and the “free love” generation when Uranus was in Libra is also a representation of the Venus in Aquarius archetype.
Venus in Aquarius, has something else to do, other than just taking her clothes off, to seduce, in this sign.
Airs of Pallas Athena and her intellectuality also come to mind.
Aquarius is interested in humanity at large, but not necessarily in individuals. Yet, they are great listeners and invaluable friends.
Friendship is Aquarius favorite relationship. It suits them well, since involves the understanding, the affection and yet the freedom of being themselves, without judgement. That’s what friends, real friends, do.
Aquarians feel attracted to bisexuality, homosexuality, simply because is not the “normal” thing.
Whatever is different will tempt them. Often they may be inclined to the freaky side of things.
They make excellent artists and musicians. Electronic music is their speciality.
But we are now talking about the transit of Venus through the sign of Aquarius, which lasts only 23 days.
So, the encounter with people described above is possible. Experiencing your freak side may be the case. Since Venus also rules money or rather spending money, you may indulge in buying yourself some electronic (Aquarius) device, or spend some money repairing a damaged electronic device, or, an Aquarian ex lover, might turned up, to say hello.
These are some of the infinite possibilities of this period of time. But what is sure is that we will encounter one way or another, often unexpectedly, the archetype of Venus in Aquarius.
If you have any Aquarius in your birth-chart, I’m sure you know what I am talking about.
Be Aquarian, and turn your freak on.
I would love to thank Hakon Soreide, for letting me use his wonderful painting of Aquarius. You can visit his work in:


4 thoughts on “Venus in Aquarius

  1. Hello, Christina,

    I do not recall getting a request from you about using my painting in your blog. Perhaps it got lost in the email?

    Anyway, you can keep it there if you like, but preferably there should be an image credit somewhere saying something along the lines of “painting by Hakon Soreide –” =)

    Best regards.


    1. I can’t imagine how I would forget to ask permission to use your wonderful painting. Perhaps I assumed that people would read your signature, I don’t know.
      I thank you for your kindness to let me use it. I have edited the article to add your web site in it, so that people can go to it.
      Thank you so much. I love your work!!
      I understand how you feel, I also share my work, but i like it when people ask me before they use my articles.
      Thank you and sorry.


  2. as an aquarians aquarian with venus conjunct my sun and both of them opposite uranus… i can say that:

    LIKE SCORPIOS have issues with SEX,
    AQUARIANS have issues with Friends
    and Humanity


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