Full Moon in Leo – January 30th, 2010

After finishing the year with an Annular Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer, on the 31st of December, starting it with a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn, January 15th, here comes the Full Moon in Leo, the first Full Moon of the year.
What makes this Moon special, is that the Moon in Leo is 1º away from Mars also in Leo, as we know, and the Sun is at 4º away from Venus, meaning, that not only the Sun and the Moon are opposed as it happens in full moons, but Venus and Mars also are.
Whenever we speak of Mars and Venus we immediately think of man and woman and their relationship, especially their love and erotic relationships. That is OK, except that Venus, apart from being the Goddess of Love and Beauty, represents also our Values, our Ethics, and Mars, our actions, our assertion, our reaction to crisis, especially when defending what is ours, our territory.
So, when the Moon, which reigns over our instincts, our emotional world, our feelings, often unconscious, is near Mars, we can expect reactions to feelings that come from the depth of our being, in a very assertive, often violent, at least, aggressive of ways.
On the other hand is the Sun, next to Venus, and this is a much more calm and diplomatic combination. Venus helps the Sun to BE gentle, charismatic, seductive, and since this is happening in Aquarius, unconventional and detached.
What a great opportunity to resolve, in an unemotional way, issues that have to do with defending what is ours, even if this means a part of ourselves, or of our personality that is being attacked by others or by circumstances, involving people that deep inside we feel like strangling them, yet, being able to sit down at talk. Even, in cases, just simply walk away, without giving in to our anger and frustration.
What an emblematic situation, representing Reason vs Beast! Diplomacy vs War.
I am thinking of all these people in Haiti, with homes and families destroyed and having to “queue” to get water or food!
There must have been a lot of this, during last week in everyone! Depending of each personal situation.
Since there is the Saturn (in Libra)-Pluto (in Capricorn) square becoming exact for the first time, at the same time, the situations and issues to be affected have to do with themes that have started 6 or 7 years ago, or, 13 or 14, 20 or 21, 27 or 29, 56 to 58 years ago, coinciding with Saturn’s cycles. Pluto’s cycles are longer than that.
Think what is being moved in your life at the moment, that has started in those periods of time and that your are now called to face up to.
Think what needs to be defended, fought for, re-structured, right now, that has been made evident during last week. Is it your job, your family, yourself?
Business reunions, legal issues, meetings with lawyers is a good one, situations with your partner, which require that you neglect a side of your personality, in order to keep the peace. All of these and more are possibilities triggered by this Full Moon.
Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio are the signs most affected, but since most of us have some of these in our birth-chart, we can safely say that it is a collective situation which we must respond to.
When these big bodies dance together their cosmic tango, we, little creatures on the surface of Earth must respond to the music and move accordingly.
Feel free to comment and share your story in this blog, so that you help me build an astrological conscious community, so that we can all grow up and take responsibility for what happens in our backyard. If only we did that, there would be less wars, there would be less need to fight violently and we could redirect our Mars energy in a more positive and creative way. We need to become aware of the Cosmic Dance, so that we may understand our helplessness but also, our power.


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