Venus in Pisces

Venus will enter Pisces on Friday the 12th, just before the New Moon in Aquarius.
It ends the Venus in Aquarius period of 23 days and starts a new one, this time confronting us with the archetypal images of Love and Beauty of Pisces.
How would the Goddess of Love communicate through this water sign, probably THE most water sign of them all.
The concept of Universal Love comes to mind. Love for all living creatures on Earth and the inspiring knowledge of God’s love for Humanity.
Pisces is interested in romantic love, yet this kind of love i not chief in this signs scale of values.
To learn TO LOVE in spite of imperfections, accepting human faults and above all, forgive one’s own faults, seems to be the Piscean’s song.
Any planet in Pisces has difficulties in defining itself. Finding a personal value system, as opposed to society’s or our family’s value system, is a challenge. In other words, learning to live with one’s own value system seems to be a difficult task for Pisces.
Learning to define oneself is already a challenge for this sign. So, it comes as no surprise that the creative world is full of Pisceans. Actors, actresses, painters, musicians are all good representatives of the Piscean struggle for self definition.

Learning to live with one’s own imperfections and acceptance of one’s body rings a bell for most Pisceans.
The story of Afrodite (Venus) comes to mind, who was forced to marry the ugliest goldsmith of the Olympus, Hephaistos (a rejected son of Hera, Zeus’ wife), in spite of being in love with Ares, a beautiful and strong warrior. Some stories even suggest that the symbol of Pisces, are Afrodite and Ares who turned themselves into two entangled fishes, to be able to stay together for eternity.
The story of Afrodite and Hephaistos, is the story of Beauty and Beast, all over again. Don’t forget that Beauty had to fall in love with the BEAST, before he could turn into a beautiful Prince again.
There is an element of victimization in this story, since Beauty and Afrodite are forced by their fathers to such Fate. A hard way of leaning to accept one’s Destiny.
We always hear about Pisces’ creativity, and we only have to look at people like Michael Jackson (Moon in Pisces), Joaquín Cortés, James Blunt, Drew Barrymore, Johann S. Bach, J. Strauss (Sun in Pisces) and finally Penélope Cruz, Barra Streissan, Billie Holiday, Diana Ross (all Venus in Pisces) and so many more, to understand this to be true. But we must not forget the other fish in the equation. The victim, the emotional manipulator, the lazy, inclined to depression, and addictions.
What is most difficult for Pisces, is to find out where their rights end and where other people’s rights begin. The delineation of limits is a real challenge for this sign, but many wise and greatly spiritual people have developed the higher self of this sign which is the true philanthropist, and often spiritual leader.
Is very easy to see the seduction of Venus in Pisces in films, through these Goddesses of the big screen, namely: Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johannson (Venus conjunct Neptune), Angelina Jolie (Sun opposed Neptune). But the true meaning of this short transit of Venus through Pisces, is an invitation to bring to our collective conscience, the need to develop Universal Love, for all of Earth Creatures, and especially us, Humans, without concentrating in our differences of raze, creed, colour or gender. It is time to begin to use the word WE, rather than THEM and I, or THEM and us. There is only US.
If we think of the size of Earth in the immensity of the Cosmos, to think that its inhabitants are divided and fighting against each other, is almost a ridiculous thought.
This is an extremely mellow, creative, musical, passage of Venus through the sign of the fishes, make the most of it, by thinking, that if there is nothing you can do about your present situation, may be there is something you can do, to help others.
Most of us will enjoy this period but Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio will feel the warm breeze of the Goddess more intensely.
On the 17th, Venus will link with Jupiter, and we could have 2 or 3 beautiful days of inspiration and amazing Love. Enjoy!


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