Full Moon in Libra 29th-30th of March, 2010

Here we go again! A Full Moon that is also a Supermoon, (as explained in the Full Moon in Virgo article), and we have the suicides bombers in the Moscow Metro. 40 people dead. This was followed today by more suicide bombers in another town, where 12 people died.
This Full Moon happened in the angle Aries (the Sun)-Libra (the Moon) and it makes a square (90º) to Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, Lord of regeneration, death, rebirth . This is a combination that reminds us of the issue of War (Aries) and Diplomacy (Libra) and what happens when the balance between these two does not seem to happen.
Pluto brings to the surface whatever is “unjust and unsustainable”.
From Capricorn, sign that Pluto entered in January 2008 and it has “coincided” with the Financial (Capricorn) crises, which started with the fall of Lehman Brothers right on January 2008, Pluto will have a pivotal, long awaited effect on big institutions and governments that have walked a path of non spirituality and ethics.
This is also the first Full Moon of the astrological year, which starts at 0º Aries with the spring or fall equinox depending on what hemisphere you find yourself in.
Aries and Libra rule the first and the seventh house of the birth chart respectively and they confront us with I and YOU, with I and US, with the balance or unbalance of the energies invested in I and in US.
Curiously, I have two couples coming for therapy within the last 2 weeks.
This Full Moon in Libra forces us to confront the dark side of our personal relationships. Not just love relationships, but also business partners, therapist-client, most one to one relationships that we might be involved in. These are times to put cards on the table and examine whatever we keep inside, that makes us unhappy. Time to address issues that prevent us from growing together, but rather separate us.
Think back to the time of the last New Moon on March 15 and see what was set in motion then. It will have something to do with what is going on now.
This is the time of the year when the changes that are taking place, mark an important turning point in our development. Is time we speak out, reclaim our power, and do what our heart tells us to do.
There is nothing more powerful than doing the right thing, whatever that might be in your case. There is nothing less powerful than blaming others for what’s wrong with us.
There is a compulsion with Pluto to analyze the reasons why we are feeling the way we are, and if we don’t do it, then someone else will question us and confront us with parts of ourselves we prefer to ignore. Power struggles become tiresome and the need to find solutions to our predicament will lead us to seek professional help. And why not?
When we become so confused that we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, someone else can help us re-find our path.
This Aries-Libra Moon also help us see what do we really want from our personal relationships, and where we have been going wrong.
Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn are the signs going through the biggest changes, and this Full Moon is a reminder of the inevitability of it


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