Venus in Taurus

Yesterday around 5:30 pm, UT, Venus entered the sign it rules par excellence, Taurus.
Although this planet also rules Libra, is in Taurus where we can see the Goddess of Love and Beauty really express herself fully. Very specially her creativity and sensuality.
Is in Taurus that we get to understand that seduction is something else, other than sex, that it involves a something, often indescribable. When you look at a Venus in Taurus or Taurus Ascendent person, is hard to pin down what is that exactly they do, that is so sensual. They just are. Never mind the shape of their body, the color of their hair, their age. (Lady diana, Johnny Depp are good examples of it)
The sensuality of Taurus is obvious even for those who know nothing about Astrology.
When in the Ascendant, it gives beautiful thick, brown or black curly hair, which is the envy of everybody, thick meaty lips, like Jessica Alba, and generally a very sensual figure.
In Taurus, Venus has very developed senses, which allow her to enjoy the beauty of scents, beautiful materials, like silk or cashmere, for instance, listen to beautiful music, colors and beautiful objects. Beauty, beauty all the way. They often possess a fabulous voice (Ella Fitzgerald, Barbra Streissan, both Taurus) so many well known singers are born under the the influence of this sign.
They always manage to be surround it by it. They are very good at decoration.
In a more profound level, Taurus has a strong value system which makes it difficult for them to relate to people with a different set of values.
This is the most fixed of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and changing habits is not the easiest thing for them.
To find the real value within themselves is a Taurean journey. It is through their own creativity and with the value that people place on their work that they find their own.
We can use this transit of Venus through Taurus, which lasts until April 24th, to indulge in decorating, cooking, painting, making ourselves more sensual and attractive, than usual.
Overspending is a danger, so if you can’t afford it, leave your credit cards at home.
Most of the fixed signs will be the most affected, but Virgo and Capricorn should enjoy the ride. Since most of us have some of these signs in our birth chart, this promises to be a good three weeks. So let’s enjoy it, if we can. Let’s add some sensuality to our lives!
Some celebrities with Venus in Taurus are: Diana Spencer, Johnny Depp, Salvador Dalí, Jessica Alba, Juliette Binoche, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jannik Noah, Bono, Charlie Chaplin. Not bad huh?



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