New Moon in Aries – March 14th, 2010

Here comes the New Moon in Aries and in true arian fashion, another earthquake shakes the earth in China with more than 600 people dead and many homes lost.
This is a very powerful New Moon since there are many important aspects happening in April. Mercury is going retrograde on the 17th, and Saturn and Uranus meet in opposition for the last time in the Pisces-Virgo angle on the 26th. They will oppose each other again in Aries (Uranus)-Libra (Saturn), in July.
We must think, what was going on a year and a half ago, when the opposition between these two planets started on November 4th, 2008, when Obama became the first Afro-american President, expressing ever so wonderfully the archetypes of this opposition. Obama, the new, the innovator, himself with Aquarius ascendant (Uranus) and McCain, older, part the establishment, a war hero, Saturn.
We must also think what was going on in our lives at that point and what kind of decisions we took that we might be now suffering or enduring the consequences.
This opposition has shown us the path to follow, in order to free ourselves of unwanted restrictions, self inflicted emotional chains, that need to be dealt with, to be who we really are. Have we done that? Have we had to compromise with the system in order to be able to work, to create, make some money, sort problems up, or have we remained true to ourselves?
Although this opposition has affected greatly the generation born between 1963-1966, all of us have been dealing with it, as a society and individually.
The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), have been particularly shaken by this aspect but many of us have, in our birth-chart, some of these signs.
The quincunxes between Mars and Pluto and Saturn and Neptune continue within orb, and Chiron is finally moving to Pisces on the 19th, something it doesn’t do since the 60’s.
All in all this New Moon represents new beginnings and is a kind of gateway between the old and the new.
Many of us are changing things around us: jobs, houses, countries, relationships and this is quite a turning point.
Cardinal signs (Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn) are the ones making the moves and making the jump to something new, which no doubts will enrich our lives. Yet this Moon can be disconcerting for Cancer and Capricorn, especially.
Leo and Sagittarius should benefit from this Moon. Things are definitely happening.
Eris, the Goddess of Strife, aspects this Moon from her remote place in the Solar System, beyond Pluto. She was the one who produced the golden apple that was to be given to the Fairest Goddess of them all, between Hera, Afrodite and Pallas Athena. Event that led to the Troyan War. She was the uninvited one. She connects us all with that part of ourselves that feels uninvited. But this is a great opportunity to remember that how ever insignificant, what we have to offer may seem to us, is always UNIQUE. Remember, there is only one of YOU.


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