New Moon in Taurus, today!

As we get into May, the whether gets warmer, and the Spring, in the Northern Hemisphere, begins to let itself be felt, even when it rains. Mother Earth recuperates her daughter Persephone from the God of the Great Below, Hades, and in her happiness, she goes into a mad tantrum, producing flowers and magical colours, with all the fresh and tender leaves craving maturity, for all of us to enjoy. Even in the Southern Hemisphere, as they move into Autumn, Mother Earth in her sadness to say goodbye to her daughter for another 6 months, she can’t help but to cry in wonderful yellows and reds. If you take the time for a stroll in the mountains, or by the sea or even in your closest Park, you’ll be able to enjoy the Beauty of May spreading along this beautiful planet we live on, we call Earth.
I have travelled quite a bit, and May seems to be a great month, wherever you go.
Taurus puts us in touch with the beauty of Earth and its produce, some people even say, that the real ruler of Taurus is the Earth, instead of Venus. I am no so sure of this, although it makes sense, but what I am sure of, is that Taurus enjoys this planet like no other sign, perhaps Sagittarius can relate to that. In their creativity, they enjoy working with clay, with wood, vegetables, ecological products, they love cooking with them, smelling them, touch them, paint them and eat them. They really enjoy cooking! They’re great cooks too. Think of Ferrán Adriá, chef extraordinaire! And all those anonymous Ferrán Adriá-s I know of!
Taurus enjoys not only cooking, but decorating, painting, dancing, singing, sculpting, making money, so that they can buy all these beautiful objects, which will help them turn our everyday reality into an experience of Beauty!
These incredible talents they have, can become their worst enemy, at times, as they can get chained down by materialism and shopping addictions.
The list of creative Taureans is so large i can only attempt to mention but a few: Barbra Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Dali, Joan Miró, Umma Thurman, George Clooney, AL Pacino, Natasha Richardson, Shirley Maclaine, Jack Nicholson, George Lucas (Star Wars), Orson Welles, Sigmund Freud, Penelope Cruz, Sofía Coppola, Bono, Robert Pattinson (Twilight Saga), Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Hepburn, Daniel Day Lewis, Shirley Temple, William Shakespeare, Elisabeth the II, Michael Moore, Tony Blair, Cate Blanchett, Kelly Clarkson, Janet Jackson,Tchaikovsky, Jean Paul Gaultier, Donatella Versace, Honoré de Balsac, Sid Vicious, Kirsten Dunst, Steve Wonder, Eva Perón, Robespierre, Malcolm X, Krishnamurti, but of course so were: Karl Marx, Hitler, Jim Jones, Sadam Hussein and Madoff. Need I say more?
After this list, you may agree that Taurus has a natural, effortless charm, difficult to resist, and although they can be very stubborn and head strong, you can’t help but being seduced by them over and over again. This is when I feel they are ruled by the Goddess Venus herself.
Emotional and financial security is vital for Taurus, and they are willing to work for it. Although slow, they generally get to where they want to get to.
This New Moon in Taurus makes a contact with Neptune, the planet that puts us in touch with the “ineffable”, with our longings, with our imagination as well as with the collective unconscious, and therefore, with everything we know, even when we don’t know how we know it.
Therefore with our extra sensorial knowledge, with our compassion, and our believes.
Neptune in Aquarius since January 1998, together with Uranus in Pisces, have brought to us no only the Internet, but Facebook, MySpace, Sonico and all these social networks, which have helped us to get in touch with the world in the comfort of our sitting room.
Just a week ago, I went to see Oceans, a French documentary, and I was reminded, of the Beauty of this planet and OUR responsibility towards it! And above all, the fact that this Beauty is due to the diversity of species, not only animal, but plants and people.
Imagine a world with only one culture. Everyone dressing the same, eating the same, speaking the same language, enjoying the same things at the same time. Probably my idea of Hell!
There is also a contact to Chiron, which just moved into Pisces, where it will spend the next 9 years. It’s gift to us all, is to help us recognize the collective wound and help us find ways of healing it.
Mercury, still in Taurus, has just stationed direct couple of days ago, so we should see things moving and going back to their normal rhythm, slowly but surely.
There is a trine to Saturn, as well, so anythings that begins now, should have the Saturnian solidity which will help us build what we need to build, in the next few months. If you have been waiting for the right time to start a project, this is a good opportunity for it.
As Venus, is on her way to form a contact with the famous T-Square of the moment, as soon as it moves to Cancer, perhaps this is also the perfect time or “Kairos” to eliminate self imposed chains, that prevent us from creating and achieving. Uranus with Jupiter (next article) from Aries, will help us realize the path to ourselves, and find out what is really stopping us from expressing our creativity. The keyword is CHANGE, and for Taureans this is NOT an easy prospect. Yet, the alternative is much worse.
The Beauty of this planet and our wellbeing, are exclusively on our hands.


One comment on “New Moon in Taurus, today!

  1. Thank You Cristina Laird !!!

    I like the way You Relate to Ancient Gods !!!!!!!

    Thanks for the insights This new Moon falls 1° from my Sun in Taurus and i am having a Beautiful sextile to Uranus and Jupiter !!!

    I am hoping for some solutions to come Maybe Uranus is going to bring some surprises !!!!!

    Best Regards !!!

    Blessings !!!


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