Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer – July 10th- 11th

Much has been said about the Saturn (in LIbra)- Uranus (in Aries)- Pluto (in Capricorn) T-Square, which is reaching its climax at the end of July.
We already know that this planetary formation has never happened in the lives of anyone alive today, only 1929/30’s, there was a similar situation although NOT identical, since Pluto was then, in Cancer.
Yet, the similarities in these two moments in history are quite astonishing. You may read all about it in my article “Uranus in Aries” in this blog-page.
We know that the last time Pluto was in Capricorn and in square to Saturn in Libra, was in 1776, when the United States’ Independence took place.
Meaning, these are important times, from the Astrological stand point, and for everyone alive, it is obvious we have reached a point of no return, and things are finally changing.
For those of you who still think that “things never really change”, I suggest, think again.
Many modern thinkers are finally writing relevant books, and exposing the way many institutions and educational systems, albeit, right at other moments in history, are now irrelevant and decadent.
If you are interested at all in Education for your children, I strongly suggest you read Malcolm Gladwell’s book: “Outliers”. What an Uranian name! (Gladwell, himself has been born with a Sun-Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo) so, I’m sure he has felt an “Outlier” through out his life. The funny thing is that in spite of arriving to a conclusion that people born at certain months of the year and in certain years, have more possibility of success in their lives, he affirmatively disregards Astrology, I wonder for how many years he has investigated this “coincidences” before arriving to such conclusions.
Still, his book is very interesting.
Back to the eclipse, this is a very suggesting New Moon in Cancer, and it presents us with the
archetype of mother and the Great Mother.
This will affect most relationships where this archetype is alive and well, like in the obvious relationship between Mother-Daughter, Mother-Sun, Mother-SonLover (toy-boys), Female Boss, Female Teachers and in particular all those of us, walking the face of the Earth with a Mother Complex.
So many of us!
These are times of real change, of scrutinizing our actions, our decisions and decide what we are doing wrong and right. Is time to understand the difference between mothering and smothering, at home or at work. Where we have to draw the line and create some limits.
Many of such relationships will come to an end or will endure if changes are allowed to take place.
Cancer falls in love with the artist, as if through this relationship, discovers his or her own creativity.
July is the month of creativity all over the world, when most of the music, art festivals take place. Cancer is a creative sign and creativity becomes the focus of Cancerians lives.
Becoming a mother is the ultimate creation.
Juno, Zeus spouse, in Greek late mythology is the archetype of the WIFE, being herself sister, mother and wife of the King of the Gods.
The asteroid Juno is involved in this incredible Solar Eclipse and the struggles between remaining a wife and mother and freedom is an issue for women of the Cardinal signs (especially Cancer), but also Aries, Libra and Capricorn.
But, many of us have some of those signs in our birth-charts, so it affects us all.
The changes taking place now, will have a resonance for many years to come, so in a way all of us will benefit from it.
Far from being a negative time, this is an extraordinary period of time in History, when many good things could take place, especially for those who have been working hard at something.
The archetype of the Mother applies to Mother Earth as well, so the Oil Spill in the Golf of Mexico is a clear situation by which we must all get really mad and shout: enough is ENOUGH! to these big companies and institutions which don’t care about the state of this planet, as long as they make money. The politicians who make nuclear test, not caring what happens to the rest of the planet or the countries.
We must all look beyond our borders, even our neighborhood and see what is going on and get involved in what happens in the world.
If you write, write about it, if you speak, speak out, WE must all take the fry-pan by the handle and make the changes.
We must all stop expecting THEY, whoever They might be, to do the job, it is US, all of US, who must speak up and get involved and get our voices heard.
How many more Spills do we need to get mad enough to take action?
What can you do?
You can recycle, you can leave a healthy life and teach your children to do the same, you can get involved in your children education and not accept everything that the schools tell you, without question.
We can all demand of the politicians what we think is necessary in our communities.
But above all, do not think is OK to cheat, because others do it.
If each of us don’t do it then may be, we can turn this world around and live in prosperity and peace.
Yep! There is a lot WE CAN DO.
May the power of this Eclipse bring the best in your lives and for all the difficult situations that it might create, LEARN the lesson.
IF you are going through a difficult situation then think what decision you took in the past, that has taking you to where you find yourself at.
WE must correct and correct all the time. So what?
There is always that possibility fortunately!
Have a nice eclipse and pay attention to yourself!


3 comments on “Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer – July 10th- 11th

  1. Thank You CristinaLaird Great Insights !!!

    Hope This Solar Eclipse put Thruths like Oil Spill in the Public so changes start happennig !!!

    Blessings !!!


  2. thanks so much for the comenta about the eclipse. It gives me so much. I also lided the picture. I give message with wisdom, love and carining. God bless your ways with more and more of that…


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