Julian Assange’s birth chart

The Mountain Astrologer Magazine published this chart of Julian Assange, yet we are not sure of the time of birth.
In any case the spectacular Sun-Uranus square agrees with his character and the fact that Venus in the 8th house is square to Pluto, has a lot to say for the charges he’s been indicted for in Sweden. It actually makes him more prone to have been sexually molested and to engage in secret love affairs. It does not make him necessarily, a sexual pervert, though. Saturn in the 7th shows a propensity to find frustration and disappointment in relationships, and his 9 house Sun would’ve taken him to live abroad and find realization away from his birth place.
There are other aspects incredibly private which I am not prepared to discuss in a blog, not when he is at the point that he is, and when he hasn’t authorized it! But that Mars in Aquarius in the 4th house, square Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio, speaks volumes of his relationship to his mother, same as his Moon in Scorpio. The Sun is also square Chiron, may he find his way into the realization of his own soul.
There something very Promethean about that Mars in Aquarius Square Jupiter and in trine to Venus in the 8th house, which reminds us that the Fire of the gods is now information. And he has surely stolen that from Modern Gods.
If you know about Astrology have a look at this chart is very eloquent!


One comment on “Julian Assange’s birth chart

  1. A cancer, asc. scorpion, I know 2 people like this very well: one has the sun in the 9th house, the other has the sun in the 7th house, they’re both a disaster, using people/women (cancer)and being very dominant and rude(scorpion)to everybody who disagrees with them.
    The sun in the 7th house uses friends to get money, the sun in the 9th house uses friends to get shelter.


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