The new Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter in Aries and the crisis in Egypt.

If you read carefully my previous article on the Moon in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius, you will see that I was talking about the possibilities of people coming out onto the streets to protest and try to get rid of outdated corrupt government figures.
This is exactly what happened as the New Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct (0º), this time in Aquarius and with the proximity of Mars (God of War and Sex) in this most revolutionary 11th sign of the Zodiac. First was Tunisia (just as Mars moved to Aquarius by the time of the Cancer Full Moon) and two weeks later, Egypt, and today people were out in the streets of Albania too.
There are several elements at play here, that have made this possible. Since Pluto moved into Capricorn at the beginning of 2008, when the Lehman Brothers fell and the financial crisis officially started, there has been one after another, cases of Heads of State either dying or being assassinated or being forced out of their position of power. Like Fidel Castro who officially announces his resignation as President of Cuba on February 19th, 2008, the president of Mauritania is deposed in a military coup d’état in August, and Musharraf resigned as President of Pakistan also in August; Prime Minister of Japan Yasuo Fukuda resigned and so did President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, in September. Barack Obama won the American Elections in November, and is elected the 44th President of the United States of America, the day of the exact opposition of Satun to Uranus, which marked the end of the Bush Administration and the beginning of the Presidency of the First African American President in the USA. That was great!
In 2009, in January, Prime Minister Geir Haarde of Iceland resigns, in March, President of Guinea-Bissau, Joao Bernardo Bieira is assassinated; also in March The president of Madagascar is overthrown in a coup d’état. In April former president of Peru, Alberto Fujimori is sentenced to 25 years in prison for ordering killings and kidnappings by securty forces; former President of South Korea, Roh Moo-hyun, under investigation for bribery commits suicide. In June, President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras is arrested and forced to exile.
In 2010, after the terrible devastating earthquake in Haiti, 2 days before the Longest Annular Solar Eclipse that inaugurated the year, Tandja Mamadou, President of Niger is overthrown, in February. Also for the Full Moon of the 27th of February an earthquake followed by a tsunami in Chile devastated the region killing almost 500 people. In April, the plane carrying polish President Lech Kaczynski crashed in western Russia, killing everyone on board. Nestor Kirshner, ex-president ( and probably the next)of Argentina died unexpectedly in October. All of this without counting ex presidents and head of state that have died out of the media focus, who were no longer in power.
But as the famous T-Square of July 2010 became more exact, the mood has become progressively more revolutionary as Uranus from Aries and Pisces, made the first square to Pluto in Capricorn, with Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) also in the equation from Libra. Enormous earthquakes have happened and thousands of people have died during 2010.
With Jupiter well established in Aries since the 22nd of January, and with Uranus coming into this sign and getting closer to the square to Pluto again, the winds of Freedom are blowing strong. Mars is the ruler of Aries, so with Jupiter in this sign, the natural tendency of Jupiter of the searching for truth beyond one’s boundaries is filled with martian strength and need for freedom of action. Mars in itself does not seek war, but if you try to stop it, or put an obstacle in its way, then it will.
And of course let’s not forget that Jupiter is still in conjunction to Uranus (THE revolutionary energy per excellence), and both in square to Pluto in Capricorn, so the winds of freedom are blowing strong especially over all those areas where freedom has been repressed by dictators. This is happening not only to countries but also to individuals with planets in the first degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cáncer, Libra, Capricorn).
Jupiter is the largest planet of our Solar System and the biggest broadcaster of electromagnetic energy and it impulses us to move out of our neighborhood and investigate what is beyond our borders. It fills us with optimism, sometimes too much of it. What is wonderful to watch about the crowds in Egypt is that they don’t seem to be afraid anymore to voice their opinion, and get out there and shout it out! It could only be with the help of Jupiter in Aries, that we can do that and not worry about the effect that it might have.
The last time that Jupiter was in Aries was in 1999, when the Euro was established, we had the Kosovo was at the time, and in this year The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Nato sing a peace treaty! Also the first version of the MSN Messenger was released by Microsoft.
What were you doing 12 years ago? and what was happening in your life? Jupiter will be joined in Aries by Uranus on the 11th of March.
Jupiter will remain in Aries until May 10th when it will move to Taurus!


4 comments on “The new Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter in Aries and the crisis in Egypt.

  1. It is great for you to provide an astrological viewpoint of events in Egypt. Hope to read more about other social-political realities. @Peta_de_Aztlan
    ~Scorpio Sun Sign


  2. My mother and father both passed away within seven months of each other. My husband lost his job. My personal life was in shambles.

    Then the miraculous started to occur.

    Our son was born the next year. My husband found the job of his dreams. I cannot say that I could ever replace my parents but I did make a radical shift in my own psychic makeup.

    Fast forward 12 years. Once again my husband has lost his job BUT is going after the ultimate dream. An entrepenurial company with several comrads (that will generate some lucrative income)’ my son has finally established himself in a school environment that he enjoys, and best of all, I am following my dream of painting which I had put on the back burner for years.

    I would like to add, all of this has not occurred without some major growing pains. But, being a Virgo and all, and going through a 12th house Saturn transit, it was either do or, well, almost literally, the opposite. Both times (12 years ago and now) some deep introspection and huge upheavals took place. It seems to me the theme is: Clean your plate off yourself, or the universe will do it for you. These are definitely some interesting times we are living in.
    Loved your article, and the best to our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters. Hope their changes are beneficial and productive too!


    • Thank you Adela! for sharing your story! You have inspired me to continue writing in English.
      I was slowing down, simply because my Spanish Blog seems to have more echo and people respond to it much more.
      But my intentions is to keep them both going. Thank you so much for reminding me of this.


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