Mars in Pisces 2011

Tuesday 22nd of February, Mars left the sign of Aquarius (groups, communities, anti-establishment feelings) where it was since the 15th of January, transit which had a lot to do with the demonstrations all over the Middle East. It has now entered Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac which relates to the idea of ONEness, religion, music, philanthropy, our connexion to the ineffable.

Mars which rules over our desires, has difficulties in Pisces. Is not a sign that carries the Martian energies with ease. Pisces is a mutable sign and prefers that others take the lead and Mars rules a cardinal sign and believes in action. Mars in Pisces would sing a song rather than go out into the battlefield. Still, other people’s pain and sorrows are experienced by Pisces as their own. The capacity for compassion of this position puts Mars in a very strange situation, since it will take the side of the victims and of those who suffer. Mars in Pisces would rather die as martyr than as a warrior. Curiously in his speech, Gaddafi said just that, that he would die as a Martyr in his own country, rather than surrender.

Mars in Aquarius was in a way responsible for the masses going out into the streets to protest against years of corruption and abuse of power, it would be interesting to see how would we resonate to the energies of Mars in Pisces. It is possible that Gaddafi, will fulfill his own prophecy and die as martyr, him, and many others.

The New Zealand earthquake also happened on Tuesday as Mars entered Pisces, mobilizing many countries which rushed to help new zealanders. Aid came quickly and from many of its neighbors, as well as from England. When there are communities in need of aid and victimized by a Natural disaster, there is often Pisces around. We have seen a lot of this, through out 2010 with Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius. It is in those moments when we all become ONE forgetting about racial and social differences. Let’s see if we all take a position on the Libyan drama.

Mars in Pisces says: “If I must sacrifice myself for another, I will”

For those with Mars in Pisces at birth, working in any creative or helping profession is a good idea. Yet, there is also a Dionysian side Mars in Pisces and self undoing, over drinking, drug abuse, depression, are also common.

The other mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius will be the most affected by this transit of Mars in Pisces, with all the characteristic reaction to it, like: uncontrollable explosions of bad temper, skin rushes, fever for no reason, problems with the car, arguments with loved ones or anybody on streets, for that matter, injuries at work, etc.

Feelings of discontent, self-pity, desolation, are common and a tendency to see life more difficult than ever. For Cancer and Scorpio, it would feel like a breath of fresh air, after the transit of Mars through Aquarius. If you are in any physical activity, this would feel better than ever! An increase in physical exercise is probably a good idea, even if it means going out for a walk. If you are doing any kind of activity that requires concentration and precision, you must double check your work more than twice, since silly errors will happen. If you are planning a project that requires long ours of concentration, perhaps you should wait until Mars moves to Aries on April 2nd.

Visits to the hospital are also a possibility, not necessarily for you, but to see a family member or a neighbor.

As with everything, there are positive and negative aspects to this cosmic resonance, the best way to express Mars in Pisces is to do something for somebody else, without expecting anything in return.


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