Full Moon in Virgo on March 19th, 2011

So here it comes THE Full Moon of the year! Not only because is another SuperMoon (Moon at perigee or point closest to the Earth), second one of the year, but because it happens right at the Spring equinox or 0º of Aries and in conjunction to Uranus at 0º Aries, which means that the Moon will oppose Uranus, right after the Full Moon picks, and then the Sun will make a conjunction the following day.

It probably would not have meant much in another time in history, but given the situation in Japan, the Nuclear Plant out of control, the coastal towns hit by the tsunami still in a mess, it just sends a cold feeling down my back. Especially for the high tides that this moon will send to the coast, especially now after the tsunami probably erased most the coast.

Although we do not know if there is a relationship between the energies of Uranus with Uranium, the fact remains that there is danger of more explosions in the Fukushima Nuclear Plant, and there is a lot of Plutonium and Uranium in it.

I could not imagine a more literal expression of Uranus in Aries than all this Uranium about to explode.

Do we really need this lesson to pay attention to the dangers of nuclear power? or to realize the dangers of not having the whole thing under control in case of accidents like this?.

This Full Moon becomes full at 29º of Virgo-Pisces which form a Grand Cross with the Lunar Nodes, another important point if we take into consideration that when there is a New or a Full Moon in conjunction with the Nodes we get an Eclipse. The last degree of any sign brings with it the idea of a transition, a turning point, a moment in time when we realize that something is coming to an end and something new is about to be born.

I imagine that with everything is going on at the moment and with the advantage of all the media coverage as it happens and the technology involved in it, we now have the privilege of becoming aware of it all in a massive scale, so that we ALL see what is happening and have no excuse to remain ignorant.

And if you think there is nothing we can do about it, think again. Just becoming aware of it and making moves to question these big companies and governments is a lot. A good opportunity to stop being driven like cattle.

As it happened in the Golf of Mexico, once again our arrogance becomes obvious. We can build these big plants but what happens when mother Nature sneezes? We can´t manage! So we need to think again.

If WE could vote around the world to see if we want nuclear energy, the answer will probably surprise everyone. Do you want it? Do you want the risks involved in getting energy that way?

We tried it, but the price to pay is too high. isn’t it?

Saturn in Libra opposes Jupiter and Mercury in Aries, speaks of the awareness of the high price to be paid for our technological advances and the risks we take, and Ceres, in exact conjunction to Neptune at 29º Aquarius, with Chiron at 2º of Pisces, reenforces this feeling that we are ONE with the Earth, and unless we respect it and stop risking so much, we will not be able to stop these terrible events, when so many people die.

Everything seems to indicate that the electromagnetic force of this Full Moon will be overwhelming!

In our stubborn insistence in finding a correlation between what happens in the Cosmos and how it manifests down here, it is very difficult not to worry about what it might happen this week end.

For those who think that the end of the world will happen at the end of 2012, tell that to a japanese person of the affected area, when all his/her life has been swept away by last friday’s tsunami. For many of them, that was the end of their world, not something they will forget anytime soon.

I am quite tired of listening about 2012, as if the BIG CHANCES will happen then. Look around, they are already happening NOW. We don’t need to wait until December 21st, 2012.

We can help in the process if we just spoke up and loud about these matters.

We need to have more regulations about when it comes to Nuclear Power and Energy.

We can ALL do it. We are already doing it. Let’s continue doing it!

The dignity and wisdom that the Japanese people have shown to the world is overwhelming. What a message to the rest of us.

I have actually lived in Sendai, about 30 years ago, for a about 6 month. What it was a coastal town is now a city with 1 million people. Why do we have to build towns and nuclear plants in Earthquake’s risk areas?

It’s beyond me!

This Full Moon is a attention call for many of us and especially for those with planets in the mutable (Gemini-Virgo-Sagittrius-Pisces) and cardinal signs (Aries-Cancer-Libra -Capricorn). Whatever happens this week end ahead, don’t discard it as just a simple good or bad week end, read between events and feelings and learn. This is an important one! It might open doors in you mind that will help you and us.

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