Full Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Taurus MAY 13, 2011 and the alignment of Mercury-Venus-Mars in Taurus

Full Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Taurus MAY 13, 2011Full Moon in Scorpio and the alignment of Mercury-Venus-Mars in TaurusPosted by Cristina Laird Add Comment
First of all I’d like to invite you to look at this Nasa’s video, so that you know what this article is partly about. You can do that here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__RLPmenKeo&feature=player_embedded

As these planets including Jupiter from Aries, are aligning in the sky for all of us to see, we have had a 7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Singapore, a double earthquake yesterday in Murcia, Spain, something that it hadn’t happened in over 5 decades and the floods in Mississippi have reached levels which had not happened since 1927, when Uranus and Jupiter were also in Aries. (Read my article on “Uranus in Aries” in this same section).

Mars entered Taurus the day before yesterday and Mercury and Venus will do so hand in hand on the night of May 15th. By the 20th-21st-22nd they will be around 8º of Taurus, event that does not happen since 1979 and even then was not as exact as it is now. They have been in Taurus before, but not aligned this way. So, for most of us this is a unique and new experience and like with anything else in Astrology, a blessing for some and a predicament for others. In May 2002 there was an alignment of planets in Taurus similar to this one, where were you and what was happening in your life?

They are leaving the Fire sign of Aries where they acted in a faster and more confrontational fashion to move into this most sensual, stubborn, slow, earthbound sign of the Bull. If you ever looked at a bull or a cow for a while, you often see flies around them, truly bothering them, from our point of view, and all they do is to swish their tail, non stop, trying to flick the flies away, which invariably come back. They do not move away to a more fly free area. They stay put and continue swishing their tail, never in a hysterical fashion, but instead in very relax manner, and continue eating.

This is for me, an image of Taurus. They stay put until somebody or something really powerful inside of them tells them to move on, which they will do but not happily.

With Mercury in Taurus our mind will move slower, as if to understand that the pioneering, extraordinary ideas that invaded us, during the Mercury in Aries period, now need to be grounded and expressed in a more practical way. We’ll have to discard some of these ideas if they do not seem financially rewarding or feasible for practical purposes. Those of us born with Mercury in Taurus, learn at a slower pace. Experiencing, smelling, touching is more important than just reading. It has to involve the sensorial experience for Taurus to really understand and learn something. The body is never left behind the learning process. Those with children with Mercury in Taurus, should learn to be patient with them, when helping them with homework. They simple need more time, is not the case of not being “academic” enough, as some people are quick to explain. This applies to most of the fix sign but in particularly to Taurus. They have very fixed ideas and get hooked into habits pretty quickly, simply because habits make them feel secure and safe.

Venus accompanies Mercury in this transit through Taurus, and although Mercury stays here until June 2nd, when it moves into Gemini, for a very short transit through its own sign, Venus will linger in its own sign until the 9th.

Venus is said to rule Taurus and the Goddess seems to feel completely at easy in this sign of the Bull. This is a position that teaches us about pleasure and to solidify, to ground, to turn into matter. Where do we find pleasure, how we provide ourselves of pleasure and security, are Venus in Taurus issues. Is in this sign that the Goddess can do what she does best, which is give into pleasure. Years ago, while living in London I had the opportunity to see a wonderful version of the Opera of Offenbach ”Orpheus in the Underworld”, which was designed by the English cartoonist Gerard Scarfe. In it, Aphrodite (Venus) was portrait appearing symbolically from the Underworld, by a little door which suddenly opened from the stage floor, and out came a woman’s arm which placed a red stiletto, a half empty bottle of champagne, a silk scarf before emerging herself, dressed in vey sexy short skirt and a tiny top. I never saw such a wonderful creation of the sensuality of Venus again in an opera. It wasn’t the way she was dressed or the red stiletto, but her attitude that exuded sensuality. I often see this in Taurus women and men, or Taurus ascendent, or Venus in Taurus. It is that part of ourselves that seduces without we even realizing it. This is a very profound subject, since often our culture or family can thwart this quality in the child, which will be hurt for ever, as Chiron in Taurus expresses.

Nevertheless, we should use this transit to make ourselves more attractive, enjoy decorating our house, ourselves, our office, wherever Taurus falls in your birth-chart is what you should be beautifying now. Long massage sessions are a good idea. Buying new clothes, perfumes or simply gathering fresh flowers for your sitting room, sometimes will do the trick. Creative events abound. May is the month when the weather, Spring or Fall, becomes very agreeable and pleasant.

Mars in Taurus speaks of sensuality big time. Personal contact becomes essential. Foreplay is what Mars in Taurus enjoys most. Beauty is what turns him on, even the promise of pleasure turns Mars in Taurus on.

In the dance world, Mars in Taurus abounds. Madonna, Michael Jackson, even Rudolph Nureyev are all Mars in Taurus, and I know many dancers with Taurus in the Asc and you can immediately see it in the way they dance. It’s all about sensuality.

Financial security is a strong need for Mars in Taurus people and they look for it, through out their lives.

This transit of Mars in Taurus, especially around the 20th and 21st when Mercury, Venus and Mars align in Taurus, in trine to Pluto, is when the need for pleasure may become very strong indeed and the impulse to go out there to get it, even to obsess about it, too. So, if you don’t know what is happening to you, suddenly finding out that you are feeling this way, now you know. This will not happen again for many years, so enjoy the ride if you can, and allow yourself to feel pleasure and enjoy beauty, which is all around us. Food, cooking, good wine, is all about pleasure Taurean style. It is rare to find Taureans which don’t enjoy food and wine. Great chefs and singers are Taurean, prime example, the spanish chef, Ferrán Adriá, is Taurus, Barbra Streissand, but there are many of Taureans in the creative world.

On the 17th, the day after, Mercury and Venus moved to Taurus, we have a Full Moon in Scorpio. Already the Taliban have been retaliating for Osama Bin Laden’s death. Today they had 2 or 3 explosions by suicide bombers and 70 people died. There will be more through out the days of the Full moons surely. Bin Laden was killed for the New Moon in Taurus, whatever is initiated in the new moon reaches its climax at the following full moon and this one is in Scorpio in a T-Square to Neptune in Pisces, which could mean the death of innocents for religious reasons and also the sacrifice of the suicide bombers for what they believe in.

Let’s hope is not like that, but it is very possible, if anyone would want to retaliate, for the killing of their hero, this would be the time. The cardinal sign will be the most affected by this Full Moon, so those of you with planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, must practice self control and patience above all.

This is a good opportunity to find out how we can give ourselves pleasure without emptying our bank account. Both Taurus and Scorpio (2nd and 8th house rulers) deal with money. Our financial situation, our debts, become an issue, by the time of this Full Moon.

What we eat, where do we get our food from, our responsibility with our Earth are all part of this moment in time. It will be quite a strong Full moon, people will drink more, (Neptune), there could be more traffic accidents, Uranus and Saturn are still in opposition.

Whatever you do, do it with conscience and awareness. Enjoy yourself, without risking your life, or that of others. Give in to pleasure in a healthy and sensuous way! It is possible! and free if you are creative!


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