The Mars-South Node conjunction in Gemini and the events of past week end, plus the charts of Amy Winehouse and Anders Breivik

What a week end we just had! wonderful from the point of view of sports, with Uruguay’s football team winning the South-American cup. Evans, the Tour of France and Hamilton, the race of Formula 1.
Yet, we had a lot of death in many different situations.
The attacks and shooting in Norway shocked the world. Once again, one of us ( by this I mean, somebody from the human race) flips and goes out on a killing rampage. It has happened before, but not in Norway.
As always i had a look at the ephemeris hoping something dramatic would jump at simple view of it, that I hadn’t noticed before. But it wasn’t that simple.
Taking into consideration that it had all started with a car bomb, i logically thought Uranus-Pluto again, but it had all taken place at a Youth Camp, so Jupiter, had to be part of the equation, I thought. Mercury would have been there too, since is Hermes, who delivers the Souls down to the Underworld, as we saw in the charts of the September 11th attacks.
Looking at Noruega’s birthchart drawn for Independence day on June 7th 1905. Coincidentally, in this birthchart we can see Uranus by transit and in retrograde motion in the 8th house in square to itself in the 4th.
But that has been going on for a bit, so what could have detonated this terrible events, this particular week end?
The actual conjunction of Mars-Lunar Node at 22º of Gemini, falls right on the Sun-Pluto conjunction of the Independence chart.
The Moon in Taurus in square to the Sun in Leo, on Friday, made a square to the Moon-Chiron Opposition in the chart. The Sun in Leo also made a quincux to the Saturn-south Node conjunction in Piscis, which does speak of inocent victims.
But when the Mars-South Node conjunction really begins to emerge as the major influence is when we have a look at Amy Winehouse’s birthchart and Anders Breivik’s chart, the perpetrator of such hideous killings.

What immidiately jumps from the charts is the Neptune around the 22º of Sagittarius, hence being opposed by the Mars-lunar node conjunction and in both charts in aspect to the Moon. In Amy’s case, in conjunction in Breivik’s case in square. The latter has being undergoing in the past few years a transit from Neptune to his stellium of planets in Aquarius (Mars-Sun-Ceres-Mercury-Vesta), which explains to me at least, the fact that he has become confused about his role in the world, becoming in his fantasy, the chose one, to carry out such revengeful act. Mars has been by transit now, making a square to his Moon-Saturn conjunction, which speaks volumes of his own resentment being projected outwardly to a particular group, reinforced by his Sun-Mars conjunction in Aquarius.
In Amy’s case, her wellknown self-hatred, expressed in her addictions and self-destruction, is evident if we bring our attention to her Sun-Mercury conjunction in Virgo as part of a T-square to the Moon-Neptune in Sag and Vesta in Gemini, around the 20º.
Anyone with some knowledge of Astrology and/or important aspects of Neptune, know that this planet confront us with the difficulty of being incarnated and being human. In fact, Neptune’s voice whispers in our ears: “You are special, not of this Earth, above human needs, in league with the Gods”, which could be great if you have any creative outlet, but even then, as in the case of Amy and Anders, difficult to manage in the real world.
If you were born with Neptune in Sagittarius or any planets for that matter, around the 20º of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces, feel free to share your experiences of this past week end, in this space, to shed some light in this debate! Thank you!


3 comments on “The Mars-South Node conjunction in Gemini and the events of past week end, plus the charts of Amy Winehouse and Anders Breivik

  1. Hi,
    I have the jupiter, neptune and venus konj in sag as I was born in 1971.all planets square to my moon in leo.
    I do understand very well what it means to not fit into this material world.What happened in Oslo chocked me so much as I know this country so well and would never had thought something like this could happen there.So sad and terrible to see young people loose their lives su quickly.


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