New Moon in Virgo and musings on Mercury retrograde – August 2011

Having gone through the second Mercury retrograde period of the year, which started on August 2nd and 3rd, and ended on the 27th, it seems refreshing to encounter a Virgo New Moon.
Many Mercurian things have happened, chief among them, the fact that most of the Northern Hemisphere celebrated their holidays, with many people traveling, cars being rented, people moving around, the stock markets trembling and a very Mercurian dictator and regime, brought down. I am referring of course to Libya and Muammar Gadhafi or Gaddafi (born June 7, 1942), who in his birth chart has 5 planets in Gemini, and in the chart of the regime or the revolution, built for September 1st, 1969 has the Sun in Virgo. It only seems appropriate that it should come down on a Mercury Retrograde period. Not underestimating the other extraordinary aspect, like the Cardinal T-square (Uranus-Saturn-Pluto), which is changing the world as we speak. These are glorious historical moments for Astrology, since we are getting the opportunity to see what happens when these powerful planets aspect each other in such fashion. It reminds us that it is all about angularity, in Astrology, as it is in Physics, o well, may be not all, but a lot.
I will not indulge on the subject of the Cardinal T-Square, since I and many others have written a lot about it. Search this blog, for articles on Uranus in Aries or Saturn in Libra or Pluto in Capricorn , and you’ll be able to read about this.
Still, I would love to share some of my experiences on this Mercury retrograde period, just ending. Positive and negative aspects of it, which they ALWAYS end up being positive at the end, leaving us with the feeling of: “Ok. Now I know what I have to do” having gone through a lot of soul searching and the revising and re-analyzing of certain situations that need our attention and resolution.
The concept of Mind comes to mind, if you’ll excuse the repetition, as in many philosophies and religions, this seems to be a bad word. I have heard: “when the mind starts acting, then it ruins it all” WHAT?!! Without my Mind I, for one, would not be here writing this, nor would I have gone through all the years of training and studying to arrive to where I am today. And although I understand what they mean, I think that many people repeat these concepts without really knowing what they are saying.
IT is true that if I am sitting in front of a beautiful sunrise or sunset, I do not need my Mind, but I would definitely need it if I want to share it, or tell it to someone else. I need my mind to be able to find the words to express and appreciate such beauty, to be able to talk or write about it. Mercury, this little planet almost suffocated by the Sun, rules the concept of Mind, and we don’t know exactly to what extent.
During this process I found myself reading The Theory of Everything by Ken Wilber, which reminded me that functioning just from the Mind, or the Soul, or the Spirit or our Instincts is not the complete experience. It is when we find the harmony and alignment of all these aspects that we can SEE, with clarity and understand what’s going on. This Mercury retrograde happened in the angles of my second-eighth house, and some money I am owed , that was suppose to be paid out to me, during August, didn’t happen.
But here we are now on a Virgo New Moon, at the end of the holidays and a feeling of being back to normality is beginning to creep in, this time with a wonderful comforting feeling of: “Right!, must do this and this and this………” if I want my finances and my professional life to amount to something that I can be content with. Virgo rules the 6th house of our daily work, among other things. What we do, everyday, for work even if it isn’t our vocation. But the real work of Virgo is that of Service. Barack Obama comes to mind, who in spite of being a Leo, has Sun and Mercury in the 6th house, who before becoming a Senator or a President, worked in Social Services most of his life.
This lunation has the Sun-Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo in a grand trine to Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus. It sound great! and it probably brings loads of positive possibilities and projects for many people, especially those with planets in Earth signs.
But it receives an opposition from Neptune retrograde in Aquarius at the moment and next to Chiron. Mars in Cancer is still in square to Saturn, which indicates that there must be some obstacles on the way, that one must overcome. Obstacles are often on the way, not just to upset us, but to push us to be ever so clever and resourceful in whatever we do. It is in our ability to surpass them that the lessons are learnt and our self-steem becomes stronger.
This is a positive New Moon, where the subjects of work, health and money are pivotal. This is a good time to get a medical checkup if you feel you need one. It is also a very good time to feel the impulse and study the situation before you jump into it. Are you doing what your soul is asking you to do? Are you expressing yourself and your spirit through your work?. Do people benefit from your work? Do you? Are you looking after your health properly? Are you exercising enough? Do you feel strong to deal with your life at the moment. All of these questions need an answer at this time. Only for yourself and not for anybody else.
Virgo confronts us with the need to find meaning in our work, with the understanding, that whatever work we do, must be of some service to Humanity, one way or another. The need of a healthy body is also a Virgo them, and this case in particular, with Venus being part of the New Moon, we are reminded to let our beauty flow, to do everything according to our most inner values and the concept of Beauty should be part of everything we do, from the inner landscapes of our soul.
Enjoy this impulse and do what you have to do, with love and beauty.


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