New Moon in Sagittarius and partial solar Eclipse – 24-25 November 2011

This upcoming New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on November 24th and 25th, will be seen only from the Antartic region in their long summer days and also in New Zealand in the evening.

In this new moon, the Sun, the Moon and the North node, Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius, forming a strong constellations of energies from this sign. Mars, now well into Virgo from November 11th, makes a square to the lunación and an opposition to Chiron in PISCES, thus forming a T square with the new moon. What does Mars and Quirón in opposition say?, it’s a bit as if a cosmic finger poking into the deeper wound and confronting us with the need of healing it..
Chiron is an asteroid that moves around the Sun between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, therefore it is generational. Chiron speaks not only of personal, individual wound but also the transgenerational, meaning the madness or daimon we carry, without realizing it, unconsciously keeping true to the family madness. As the choices of profession, partner, health, etc. And I am not speaking only of the cultural conditioning, though this is also very relevant, but of the collective family unconscious, as Jung would call it. Although Freud was the fist one to say: “the archaic heritage of human beings, comprises not only disposition but also subject matter, – memory traces of the experience or earlier generations”
Therefore Chiron in our chart, especially if in contact with the Sun, the Moon, Saturno, or the 4 or 10 or 12 House tells us how we express the family wound.
In the eclipse, the Moon for a brief moment hides the Sun’s rays, leaving in darkness some part of the Earth, as if to give us the impulse to seek within ourselves, with the lantern of instintual wisdom, what are the areas that we must heal, to keep progressing in our journey.
At times, even when everything is going very well, there are moments of melancholy that we can’t explain. We say: “I don’t have any reason to be unhappy and still, I am” usually Chiron is at the base of these feelings to help us explore our family memory, in order to understand our pain, bring it into consciousness and this way, dispel it.
Fortunately this new moon in Sagittarius gives us impetus to expand, to search, to overcome obstacles like no other. It whispers in our ears: “Go on, if you look, you’ll find,” “If you ask, you’ll get”. There is much life and wonderful things happening out there, all the time”.
Sagittarius is an optimistic sign and a tireless seeker, “If happiness is not here, I will seek somewhere else for it”, says Sagittarius.
Sagittarius and Chiron are represented by the Centaur, half man, half horse. The man’s struggle with his part beast, and especially the lower half of the man, his sexuality.
We must not forget that Sagittarius is the sign that comes after Scorpio, where we face our sexuality in earnest.
Sagittarius invites us to study, to investigate, it lifts us spiritual and philosophically, it shows us that there is something else in our nature apart from the beast.
If you want to know more about the transgenerational memories, I invite you to read: “The Ancestor Syndrome” of Anne Ancelin Schützenberger (don’t know the name in Spanish) or do a session of family constellation.
This is a great opportunity to find out what lurks in our past that stops us from being fully ourselves.
This is also the perfect time to travel for artistic reason or do projects with a foreign input, wherever we are.
Mercury stations retrograde on the night of the Eclipse, forcing us to introspection especially on matters we have been neglecting. Perhaps not the ideal time for financial decisions but as Venus moves to Capricorn this will change, and we’ll get the chance to face up to our real possibilities to improve our financial situation.
Eclipses make things happen, except that perhaps not the way we had planned it. Still, enjoy the Sagittarian optimism keeping your feet firm on the ground.


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